How Does SizeGenetics Penis Extender Traction Device Work?

sizegenetics extender

Are you thinking about buying SizeGenetics penis extender but not sure if this is worth your money?


Do you keep wondering, “Does SizeGenetics work as advertised”?

Well, then it’s good that you’re here as you’re about to finally be able to make a confirmed decision of buying this device after reading my post.

Seriously, guys, that was the question I was trying to find an answer to – “Does SizeGenetics Work”?

I’ve set up this blog to share my experience with SizeGenetics penile traction device.

I’ve gone through a lot of information and SizeGenetics customer reviews, both positive and negative, and I believe that this product has worked well.


SizeGenetics the most The Most Comfortable Device in the World!


If you would like to find out what exactly is a penile traction device, read on as we take a closer look at this new male extender.


What exactly is SizeGenetics Extender?


SizeGenetics Extender


SizeGenetics is a device for penis enlargement which can increase the length and girth of your penis permanently.

It is one of the most recognized penis extender devices in the market!

With certified and medical approval, this penile traction device is much more effective and safer than any male enhancement pills or surgery for penis.

SizeGenetics is basically designed to quickly extend your penis by inches and to give you all the support you can get a successful penis enlargement.

When you get the SizeGenetics penis stretcher, you’ll also get free access to the Penis Health exercise program which is basically designed to help you improve the effectiveness of penis extender for faster and greater benefits.

It’ll be able to:

  • Help extend your penis easily by INCHES
  • Improve your CONFIDENCE between the sheets
  • Aids in controlling your ejaculation
  • Deliver free exercise to help you STRENGTHEN YOUR ERECTIONS

It’s important to note that SizeGenetics results do vary on an individual basis.

SizeGenetics is easy to use and is considered as the #1 selling penis traction device!

Now the thoughts start swirling round in your mind… what benefits can I get by using this device?

So let’s check this out!


5 Amazing Benefits of SizeGenetics Extender

SizeGenetics has been conclusively proven to add inches to your penis.

If you cannot believe it, just have to read the customer feedbacks and testimonials of its users, watching the SizeGenetics before and after pictures will tell you just one thing that it really works!

Moreover, this penis extender is also classified as a Type 1 Medical Device. It’s a device of great quality and really worth buying.

Using SizeGenetics gives you all these benefits…


#1. The device has the 58 WAY ULTIMATE Comfort System

4-way system or 2-way system… who cares about those sub-standard products? Don’t end up suffering because you can’t get the comfort, which you can get only with SizeGenetics.

Remember, you’ve to wear this penile traction device and if you don’t feel comfortable, you’ll never use it.

Every device comes with 2 exceptional headpieces with numerous ways of fitting the device!


#2. SizeGenetics offers a massive 2,800 grams of tension and uses the ONLY clinically proven method

Yes, you got it! That’s almost 50% more compared to other leading devices!

What does more tension mean?

It means you’ll add extra inches to your penis SAFER and FASTER than any other penis enlargement device.

Here maximum tension means you’ll get maximum results, because of SizeGenetics Work.


#3. SizeGenetics penis extender device has 3M advanced comfort plasters to give you most of the comfort

The manufacturer of this device has teamed up with globally trusted healthcare leaders 3M and took benefit of their unique technologies in order to develop their UNIQUE 3M advanced comfort plasters.

These plasters are worn under the device to prevent slippage & rubbing and are basically designed to make SizeGenetics experience so comfortable you’ll hardly notice you’re wearing it.


#4. SizeGenetics is RECOMMENDED by doctors across the globe

Of course, doctors back traction devices in general as a non-surgical way to stretch your penis.

But other manufacturers will have you believe their penis extender device is endorsed by the medical community. But it’s NOT.


#5. SizeGenetics comes with an AUTHENTIC medical device certificate

There’re a number of sites who are using crafty wording to get around this. Don’t fall in such scams.

Ask them to show their medical device certificate instead.

One particular company has been in an argument with the authorities for falsely claiming their penis extender device has a medical device certificate.

But this is not the case with SizeGenetics.

SizeGenetics has had over 20 successful years in the marketplace and is actually the most comfortable device on the market.

order-sizegenetics from official

Now here comes the most awaiting question you have been looking for…

Does SizeGenetics Really Work?

Absolutely YES…

SizeGenetics has been designed to not only to improve your penile length, increase the penis size but also boost your sexual performance.

What’s the best part about SizeGenetics?

Well, this device completely safe to use and doesn’t require any male enhancement supplements and add at least 1 to 3 inches to your penis naturally.

The size of your penis matters as it can affect different aspects of your life including sexual performance, confidence, and self-esteem.

And guess what! SizeGenetics promises to give all that.

This penis extender is designed to stretch and increase the girth of the penis over a period of time. The users are advised to use it as instructed and you’ll notice a huge difference in a very short time period.

In research, it is found that the SizeGenetics device uses the principle of traction. When you wear the device, it gradually and constantly stretches your penis and over time the new cells are developed thereby increasing the penis size.

The muscle of the penile area grow naturally and improves blood circulation. Also, the device is packed with 16-way comfort system, which quarters different penis size.

The main aim of the manufacturer was to give comfort and provide a better performance and that’s exactly what they have done all the way to provide with the best.


Safe, Comfortable Penis Extension Is Now Really Possible In The Comfort Of Your Own Home!


Looking for more evidence that you should order SizeGenetics?

Here it is…


SizeGenetics A Clinically Proven, Medical Device

SizeGenetics has undergone extensive clinical studies and scientific research by US and Danish scientists. In addition, the device has numerous medical endorsements by doctors and has been proven to extend your penis.

As a registered and certified medical device, SizeGenetics has been approved for use by strict FDA regulations. Every single device is developed or manufactured to the strictest standards in high-grade facilities by utilizing medical-grade components.

This means that you can use SizeGenetics with 100% confidence as it is risk-free and safe to use. This penis extender keeps your health and safety in first priority. Overall this device will work for you.

Don’t choose to resort to a risky, unproven or inferior device, painful surgery to enlarge your penis.

Thousands of men across the globe just like you have used the science-backed clinically proven SizeGenetics device to effectively and safely extend and straighten their penises.


sizegenetics testimonials


So stop wasting time and…

Order your SizeGenetics device today and you too can increase your penis size!

Penis size matters and it can make a world of difference to your sex life, self-esteem and confidence.

Indeed, for men, the thought of ‘that moment’ can be nerve-wracking when they feel lacking certain desirable traits, and the worry of how it feels and looks for both man and his partner can be enough to put the man off sex altogether.

So if you want your confidence back in the bedroom, buy SizeGenetics online.


How do SizeGenetics work to give results permanent?




Have you ever imagined how a weight trainer lifts the weight? Yeah, just like that, SizeGenetics Work!

As he does so, with progressively heavier weights, he trains and stretches the muscle he is lifting with.

This significantly causes cell duplications and small micro-tears to occur along the muscle. As soon as the muscle heals, it becomes firmer, larger and holds more blood as it gets bigger.

SizeGenetics device work in a similar way.

By simply attaching this penis extender to your penis, it supplies a constant, gentle and steady stretch along the Corpora Cavernosa (the penile area that holds the blood during erections).

This effortless, moderate, painless stretching causes the cells within the Corpora Cavernosa to pull away and split.

Just like muscle building, throughout the cell healing process, it produces healthy new cells, allowing your penis to become larger.

And with a bigger Corpora Cavernosa now your penis can hold more blood, meaning you’ll enjoy bigger and harder erections!

The higher the traction a device can give, the quicker and bigger your results.

With the SizeGenetics device giving a massive 2,800 grams of traction tension, you can easily enlarge your penis faster with better results compared to any other device.

The SizeGenetics penis extender is 100% safe, painless, and results are lasting!

Meanwhile, I have met guys who told me they bought penis extender and it didn’t work for them.

In some cases, I’m guessing this is because they bought fake or inferior products but in other cases, they were using their extenders in the wrong way.

Therefore I want to leave you with a few tips and tricks to ensure you get the most benefits…

Read the instructions below to use this device in the right way.


buy sizegenetics online


How to Use SizeGenetics?

To get visible results, one needs to wear SizeGenetics Extender for at least 3-5 hours daily, for more than 6 months. If you wish you can take a break for 1-2 days in between when the penis feels soar.

Use today and know-how does Does SizeGenetics Work?

In the beginning, you may feel uncomfortable but after 2-3 weeks it becomes easy to use. You need to adjust the elongation bars according to your placid size so that the penis feels the tension but bear in mind, it would not be too tight to be uncomfortable. In initial days, most of the time you can get the right tension amount by error process and trial.

Therefore it’s important that you need to carry on with the initial days of discomfort.

The more time you wear the device, the faster you can notice your grains.

The SizeGenetics penis extender kit comes with a DVD that contains straightforward instruction on how to use the product.

Here are the simple steps on how to use the extender.

  • Properly fit your penis on the base ring.
  • Put the elongated bars.
  • Double-check to make sure you have inserted the head of your penis in the headpiece.
  • Pull the bands on the comfort straps.
  • Make necessary adjustments to use the right size for a comfort fit.
  • At the initial stage, be slow in the amount of usage, starting at only 1 hour a day until you feel comfortable wearing it.
  • You can wear the device with ease underneath loose clothes.


Where Can You Buy SizeGenetics?

The only place you can find SizeGenetics for sale online via its Official Website. Right now, the SizeGenetics Value Edition costs $199.95, and the SizeGenetics Ultimate System costs $299.95.

Do you know what’s more awesome?

You will get a risk-free money-back guarantee for 180 days.

Here you have 6 whole months to try out the device – this time duration is enough to see significant gains in length and girth of the penis.

If you want to save money on SizeGenetics extender, this is the perfect time to buy.

Visit SizeGenetics Official Website and regain your confidence in the bedroom.


order sizegenetics online


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