Why You Should Never Buy Male Extra at eBay/Amazon/GNC?

Male Extra at eBay

Is it worth to Buy Male Extra On eBay? Think Again!!

When it comes to health products and male enhancement supplements, eBay, Amazon, and GNC are the most popular online ‘E-Commerce websites’ & ‘brick and mortar’ stores in the UK, USA and all around the world. They’re leaders in the health industry and sell millions of products each year.

With so many online shops, it’s surprising when they don’t stock a particular product. Recently, our team of researchers went in a search for a new and best male enlargement pills – Male Extra.

Our first trip to get hold of Male Extra was to visit eBay and Amazon online shopping sites. You can imagine our surprise when we discovered that the product was available at these sites but unfortunately those were counterfeit supplements.

Now talking about GNC, our team visited this local store too, but surprisingly the staffs of this store hadn’t even heard of Male Extra!

We had to find out why?

After some research, we found out the real reason behind this. Read our next section to know…


Why is Male Extra not selling in eBay, Amazon or GNC Stores?

Male Extra is distributed by the VOBUE LIMITED which has control over customer support and has their own dedicated channel which is responsible for shipping you the product.

Third party sources like GNC, Amazon, eBay or Walmart, there’s no customer support available for each of their products.

The company VOBUE LIMITED has a huge customer support department by which you can have extra information about Male Extra – natural male enhancement.

Also as most male enlargement pills are searched by men every day, chances are scam products are getting higher as well. Which is why it’s your responsibility to buy the respected product from the original source only.

Although there’re a number of fake male enhancement pills in the market, what if we tell you there’re any penis enlargement pills that can change your sexual life by increasing your penis size and boosting your sex drive in a most effective way.

Male Extra is the latest innovation in the male enhancement industry which can fulfill your dreams of achieving a BIGGER dick and spice up your sex life once again.

So now let’s take a quick overview of Male Extra supplement and find out about possible before & after results and pros & cons.

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About Male Extra

Male Extra is a sexual health supplement specially designed for men that works by increasing their sexual desire and penis length & girth.

Due to age or health complications, numerous men are unable to sustain or have erections. Usually, such type of condition is named as Erectile Dysfunction. This situation can be very embarrassing for many men and can even cause depression.

Many men might wonder, does it really work?

Well, the answer is YES!

The Male Extra pills target the penile cell and primarily works to improve blood blow into the penile veins. This cheap male enhancement pill is only effective where there’re performance challenges.

Male Extra is science backed and has been found to be effective and with virtually zero side effects. The supplement is to be used by persons who suffer from erectile dysfunction as a consequence of various medical conditions. Physically each person is different and therefore the directions used as better prescribed by a doctor.


Male Extra Before and After Results

male extra results


Male Extra reviews, as well as researches, have indicated that there’re noticeable changes in penis length and girth within a period of 3 months. When used according to the manufacturer’s usage direction, users will see an increase in their penis size of about 2.6 inches after the said period.

The Male Extra user has to be patient and follow the directions as given on the label of the bottle. Sticking to the direction over time will optimize the potential male extra results.

Many users will start seeing the results soon after taking the supplement. However, the pill just like other male enhancement supplement works with incorporating penis enlargement exercises and foods.

This sexual enhancer has to be used in a way that it gets to blend with the user’s body perfectly for optimized results.
Male Extra organic male enhancement pills are by no means a magic product, but it aimed at improving overall male sexual health.

The result of using Male Extra vary in different men depending on their physical ability. The consequences are affected by health conditions such as diabetes as well as exercise and diet habits.

Thus it’s important to be aware that Male Extra is a natural male enhancement that works well with a healthy lifestyle and cannot solve all the sexual problems overnight.

Apart from the increasing penis size, the users will definitely realize improved libido and stamina while having sex.

Note: At this point, no Male Extra side effects have been recorded when taking this supplement. In addition, theirs is no such record of any harmful drug interaction with the product yet.



Pros and Cons of Male Extra

Male Extra organic male enhancement pills have a number of pros and cons allied with it. However, the pros far offset the cons. These pros put this male enhancement supplement way above other alternative supplements in terms of results and effectiveness.

The major pro of the supplement is the use of 100% natural ingredients that means it does not pose any side effects. Other pros of Male Extra include:


    • Boosts nitric oxide levels in the body.
    • Improves blood flow
    • Enhance your sexual pleasure during intercourse.
    • Increases penis length and girth
    • Enhances stronger and sustained erection.
  • Comes with very minimal side effects if any.
  • Scientifically proven and 100% safe to use.
  • Male Extra is available with 60 Days money back guarantee.


  • Male Extra is available only on its Official Website.

Now let’s take a quick overview of eBay. We’ve dug out some information about eBay which we are going to discuss next…


eBay Overview

eBay (www.eBay.com) is a prominent online E-Commerce website that has been in existence since the mid-1990s. It’s a well-known and one of the most popular shopping platform that’s based in San Joes, California.

There are many different types of sellers working on eBay in which some are store representatives that are selling items for their businesses.

However, there aren’t any limitations regarding what people can or cannot sell or auction off on this framed e-commerce website.

Here, it’s very important to note that certain categories of items are banned by eBay. This means people aren’t permitted to sell any illegal items via eBay.

Typically sellers sell a wide range of items on this website including used clothing, old movie posters, dishware, antique furnishings and many more.

eBay has the distinction of being among the world’s most reputed internet shopping platforms.


Although eBay definitely has a very wide section of items for sale, men cannot buy Male Extra – organic male enhancement supplement through it. If an individual happens to find this product while surfing eBay, odds are very strong that it’s not authentic. You can exclusively buy Male Extra via the Official manufacturer website, which is maleextra.com.

If you’re a smart buyer then you must be thinking about the ways to spot a counterfeit product.
So, to ensure that you won’t get the fake one, here are some ways on how you can avoid scam Male Extra online.


male extra where to buy

Male Extra eBay: How to Avoid Scam Supplements?

#1: Unverified Testimonials
First off, user testimonials are difficult to distinguish whether they are just invented or true.

But there’re certain ways on confirming if a particular Male Extra reviews or testimonials are an authentic or just hoax. At first, you need to check out the photos if it’s from stock photo sharing sites.

Unless with regards to a success story type testimonials, what you can do is to research the name of the individual. If you found his social media profiles, then the chances of it being fake are quite less.


Nowadays, searching for people is not that difficult. You can either look for them on several social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, or you can take the help of search engines to specifically locate people worldwide.
Once you verified a particular person’s success story from social media profiles, you know that they are telling the truth.

But it failed to find them online, then they are likely fake. Last but not the least, if you’re looking for video testimonials, again you verify if those videos are just copied on video sharing sites.

#2: Missing Contact Information
The most common sign of a fake product is having a no customer service or contact information.

As you know, this is an important aspect of e-commerce and if a popular brand doesn’t have one, it’s a red flag for you.

Always remember that it’s not exactly the same as having no website. The product that doesn’t have their own official website doesn’t ineludibly mean scam as some of the brands truly don’t have websites.

So a male enhancement supplement without contact information means that they are hiding something fishy or either they don’t want to be contacted for any kind of inquiries or complains, or they are just avoiding refunds.

Either way, missing contact information should be on the top of your list when shopping online for Male Extra.


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#3: Fake Male Enhancement Pills Reviews Websites
There’re a number of review websites that comes in handy if you want to learn more about a particular male enhancement supplement. However, most supplement review sites are built to lure you on purchasing their chosen product.

In short, they try hard to uplift their brand while giving other supplements rejected conclusions or lower ratings. Moreover, what makes review sites hard to assess is that sometimes they are also the producer of the supplement they used to promote.

This means that product manufacturers don’t just make the pills but they have their own review website. This is one of the best kept secret schemes by most health companies today.

One thing you can do is to examine thoroughly if the website is truly transparent or not. Some common characteristics of fake review sites include limited content, questionable claims, only uplifts a particular brand and many others.

#4: No Money Back Guarantee
Online shopping sites like eBay and Amazon don’t offer money back guarantee which increases the chances of their brand being hoax or fake.

Remember, an honest company that sells male enhancement supplements are highly confident with their products, hence they offer a guarantee. Just in case with Male Extra, the manufacturer offers convenient 60-day money back guarantee.

#5: Free Trials
Free trial offers are tempting and an indisputable way to get people notice a particular brand. Free trial offers are used by scammers to lure customers into believing that their brand is legit.

For example, free trails ask for your financial details which include the information of your credit card or Paypal. Though “FREE”, you are already “Subscribed” to the scammers’ monthly penis enlargement pills supply without your approval.

The Result?

Your Paypal or credit card receives unwanted online purchases and most of the time, these products are highly expensive. Ultimately, you won’t save money by purchasing via eBay or Amazon, plus you won’t be able to get a genuine product.

Moreover, you won’t be able to benefit from any guarantee or support.

Our advice?

Stick with the Male Extra Official Website to get the extra support and help; you’ll be totally worth it in the long run.


If you’re serious about improving your sexual performance and increasing penis length & girth, Male Extra is a great product to help you do so, and yes you may find it cheaper on other retail stores like GNC, Walmart, Amazon or eBay buy buying from the official website will guarantee a genuine product backed by many benefits.

We have covered almost every necessary and relevant information in this blog and we would like to recommend you to go to Male Extra manufacturer’s site and buy this male enhancement supplement through the official seller rather than buying Male Extra on Male Extra eBay.

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Male Extra


Size Growth






Longer Erections





  • Bigger, Stronger & Harder Erections
  • Best Performance Ever
  • Upto 2.6 Inch Growth in Size
  • Clinically Tested To Be Natural
  • Sex for Longer Time


  • No Side Effects
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