Volume Pills VS Semenax: Side Effects, Ingredients & Benefits

Semenax VS Volume Pills

Semenax VS Volume Pills???

Which one is best Semen Volume Pills for Bigger Loads and Bigger Orgasms?

It is a question a lot of men (across the world) are asking when looking for the best semen enhancer/climax enhancer to help them increase semen volume and orgasm intensity!


To answer this question on Semenax VS Volume Pills, I’ve written this comparison blog to give you a detailed breakdown of both climax enhancer.

This full comparison review of Semenax and Volume Pills brings you everything you need to know so that you can make an informed decision about which product is best.

I have done complete research on both male enhancement supplements including their working mechanism, ingredients, benefits, side effects, and pros and cons.

Remember! A quality semen enhancer can help you experience better orgasm control, enjoy longer orgasm and achieve BIGGER, thicker, longer erections.

So, just read through and find a semen enhancer/climax enhancer that is effective and also safe to use.

Here, I am going to focus on the following five aspects that will help you choose the best semen enhancer.

  • About the Product
  • Ingredients
  • Benefits
  • Side Effects
  • Pros & Cons

So without any further ado, let’s get started…

Semenax and Volume Pills both have certain differences and similarities. Here is a deeper look at each one of them:



What is Semenax?

As the name suggests, Semenax is a product related to the seminal fluid.

It’s an all-natural climax enhancer that helps with premature ejaculation, and also gives you longer lasting orgasms, plus increase your ejaculation volume.

Basically, it’s a popular product that claims to boost your semen health through high-quality herbal ingredients that suitably work for all age groups.

Semenax also promises to offer other benefits like better confidence in bed and unprecedented orgasms.

This volume enhancer is a formula manufactured for every man who long to revive his virility.

Semenax pills were actually put through a rigorous clinical study named – a double-blind study in which it was proved that this supplement has the potential to increase ejaculate volume and orgasm intensity.

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All in all with Semenax climax enhancer you’ll be able to:

  • Enjoy a LONGER orgasm
  • Achieve an Awesome VOLUME plus
  • Have a better CONTROL of your orgasm
  • Attain MASSIVE LOADS of semen
  • Experience great Orgasm INTENSITY
Semenax pill has been manufactured and promoted by a company called Leading Edge Health since 2004.


What is Volume Pills?

Volume Pills is another trusted brand for Bigger Loads and Bigger Orgasms.

It’s a natural semen enhancer that claims to help you pump out some of the biggest loads of cum you’ve ever seen.

According to the manufacturers, the supplement plays a crucial role in increasing the quality of your ejaculations, erection size, frequency, and orgasms!

Moreover, it boosts the ejaculation load and supports orgasmic strength and quality erections.

It is interesting to note that better sperm production is essential for both pleasurable orgasms and healthy sexual life.

With it, you can feel more manly and better impress your girl in bed.

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Volume Pills claims to offer you the following results:

  • BIGGER, harder, thicker and longer erections
  • Better CONTROL over erections
  • BIGGER and improved motivation for sex
  • ENHANCED blood flow to your genitals
  • INCREASED testosterone levels
  • BOOSTED semen volume

The effective and reliable Volume Pills ingredients help you increase the volume of semen for a better orgasm.

The supplement is also produced and indorsed by LEADING EDGE HEALTH since 2001.

So these were Semenax and Volume Pills, climax enhancers offering a glut of benefits for cheerful and energetic sex life.


It’s time to consider the key ingredients of both the supplements to identify – which is the best semen enhancers for increasing ejaculation volume!


Semenax VS Volume Pills: Comparison of formulations

Both Semenax and Volume Pills uses a variety of natural ingredients which helps improve your sex life.

However, the major differences you can see in these amazing semen enhancers that they both use different sets of ingredients.

Keep on reading…


Semenax Ingredients

Semenax includes exclusive active ingredients combined with potent herbal concentrates (from Europe, China, and South America) and 100% natural amino acid. Each of the ingredients in Semenax pills has been specifically picked for two main reasons.

  • Its scientific track-record
  • Long used in traditional societies

Although, according to the official website, many of these ingredients have been discovered by the modern scientific community where it has been used for HUNDREDS of years to increase sexual wellness!

Here’s the list of Semenax Ingredients, take a look…

L-Arginine HCL – The recent study has shown that L-Arginine HCL is capable of doubling sperm and semen volume. Moreover, it also improves fertility (men having low sperm counts or poor sperm motility), and sperm health.

Swedish Flower – Also known as Pollen, the male fertilizing agent, has a well-deserved reputation for volume, vigor, and vim. This particular ingredient provides all the bio-factors that are sex hormones pioneers. Its micro-nutrients are essential for healthy reproductive systems.

Epimedium Sagittatum – Often called “horny goat weed”. This ingredient increases testosterone levels, boosts libido and helps in sperm production.

L-Lysine – Researchers find that zinc and this amino acid stimulates testosterone production, increases sperm count as well as improves semen quality.

L-Carnitine – This amino acid is proven to significantly increase the percentage of highly motile sperm. According to the studies, it’s also found in high concentrations in healthy sperm.

Butea Superba – Also considered as Aphrodisiac. This herb is grown in Thailand and significantly used by Thai men to boost libido and sexual performance.


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Volume Pills Ingredients

Just like Semenax, Volume Pills also includes a combination of 100% natural potent herbal concentrates and natural amino acids.

Each and every ingredient in the supplement has been clinically proven and chosen for its use in traditional societies.

In fact, according to the studies, many of these constituents have been discovered by the modern scientific community.

Moreover, the study also revealed that they have been used for HUNDREDS of years by ancient cultures (across the world) to boost libido and increase sexual wellness!

Now, take a look at Volume Pills Ingredients…

  • Ku Gua: This ingredient is essential for semen proven and it’s also proven to boost your testosterone levels.
  • Solidilin: Increases the feeling of sexual pleasure and motivates you to have more sex.
  • San Guo mu: Beneficial for bedroom performance and control during sex.
  • Xi lan rou gui and Hong hua fen: Helps increase the blood flow to the genital area for bigger, harder, longer erections.
  • Dong Chong Xia Cao: Improves testosterone production and sexual motivation.
  • Xian Mao: It’s an ancient Aphrodisiac which is also considered as a natural alternative to Viagra.
  • 4, 5, 7 Trihydroxy flavone and Embilica officinalis: Helps improve the health of all your sexual organs.
  • Zinc Gluconate: Boosts sexual vigor.
  • Drilizen: Improves the ability to attain an erection and increases testosterone.
  • Tian Men Dong: This particular ingredient is helpful for men suffering from impotence.
  • Ling Zhi: Helps increase male’s sexual stamina and overall energy.
  • Fucus Vesiculosus: Excellent for sexual health and penis enhancement.

All these components listed here are essential to boost your reproductive energy and drive your sexual stamina as well.

Now, I would like to emphasize, in this Semenax VS Volume Pills ingredients comparison, both male enhancement supplements comprise 100% natural ingredients to increase sexual wellness.

So, if concluded, it can be observed that both Semenax and Volume Pills are the winner in this category as both the supplements contain advanced mechanisms to boost sperm count, testosterone and libido.


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Semenax Side-Effects

To use Semenax pills you literally don’t have to be a rocket scientist. One bottle of Semenax contains 120 capsules and I think that’s enough for one month of ejaculations with increased semen volume.

According to the official website, you have to take 4 pills a day. Two in the morning and the other in the evening.

The best thing about this climax enhancer is you won’t have to wait too long to see the results. You’ll start to notice the Semenax results during the very first week of use.

However, for the best results, you have to take the supplement for a long duration and then only you’ll be able to benefit from it.

As I already said, Semenax is formulated with natural ingredients and that’s why there are no side effects. The product will help you and your partner experience sexual power, pleasure & performance.


Semenax Vs Volume Pills: The Verdict

Both Semenax and Volume Pills have been in the market for a while. During the past few years, they have stood out as the top semen enhancers/climax enhancers of all time. The similarities between both the male enhancement pills are easy to identify as such…

  • They both use amino acids and powerful natural stimulants to provide bigger, thicker, longer erection and experience better orgasm control.
  • The extracts in their supplement are great for sexual power, pleasure & performance.

Since all the ingredients of both Semenax and Volume Pills are safe for daily use, each of them can be used as a general health supplement, without even the need for sexual enhancement.

Both the supplements also come with full money-back guarantee which makes your purchasing decision easier.
Semenax and Volume pills are made of 100% natural and safe ingredients which are clinically proven to provide the most powerful and voluminous ejaculations.

So what are you waiting for?

Bigger orgasms and thicker, longer erections are just around the corner with both Semenax & Volume Pills!


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