Penomet Before And After Results, User Reviews [Video Inside]

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Do penis pump like Penomet Permanently Enlarge Your Penis? Does it really work?

Well, to find out answers to these questions, I have decided to write a blog on Penomet Results.

Penomet is a revolutionary penis enlargement pump conceived by industry experts – specially designed to offer a powerful, proven and unique method of enlarging your penis.

Don’t take our word for it, just see the Penomet Results with before and after pictures yourself.


Penomet Before And After Results

In this section, I’m going to explain to you the permanent gains.

According to Penomet customer reviews, temporary gains of a man’s penis are about 0.6 inches in length.

However, they usually last many hours after the bath. Before using the Penomet penis pump, the initial length of a penis was 5.8 inches.

According to the Penomet Official Website, a man can gain up to 1 – 3 inches with long-term usage, of which the first inch will grow within 1 to 3 months. On using this best penis pump for at least 2 months, the users experienced permanent gains of 6.5 inches.

However, it’s always easy to increase the penis length up to an inch.

The new Penomet penis pump users will be able to achieve the gains without putting in much effort.

But, it’ll be a bit tricky to increase the 2nd inch. The numerous customer reviews suggest that after using this penis pump for 8 months, the size of their penis was 7.2 inches (with an increase of 1.4 inches).

The dick size mentioned above is the lengths at the erected position. Besides, the flaccid size was even more than this but the measurement is a bit difficult.

This penis enlargement process was easier since the Penomet pump was used more or less daily, which according to me is the fastest progression so far. When using this penis pump you don’t need to rush or perform any penis enlargement exercise.


Achieve A Permanent Increase In Penis Size (Length And Girth) With Penomet



Based on Penomet customer reviews, this water penis pump was the solution to men’s problems.

Here’s a look at what the users have said after using the product.


Penomet Testimonials

Penomet is a very popular and best penis pump that has been featured in many out handles. Its general user ratings are positive and thus, I have included some of the real customer reviews and testimonials.

Take a look…

“I have used other pumps before and they have been either a bit too small in girth or way too big in length and hard to get good suction. With the Penomet, it fits perfectly and I get such good suction. It is still early days using the Penomet but I am already seeing a positive effect on my penis size. Also after using, my penis looks bigger than ever! It has been a great purchase so far and I cannot wait to see more positive results with repeated use. I wish I found out about the Penomet sooner as I can only imagine how big I would have been by now!”

Seral – Essex, United Kingdom


“I need to keep this short and sweet because I truly believe that’s the only way anybody can accurately describe this… this… I don’t know to mean to sound cliche, but this life-changing product. Actually, I originally purchased this to surprise my girlfriend. Much to her dismay, I’ve found myself enjoying my time with ME almost as much as my time with HER. Take my word for it. If you use this even somewhat frequently, the results will below (both of you) away.”

Kemlan – CA, United States


“Yes, I love my Penomet! I was sufferring from self-esteem since my teenage years, yet still got married with this problem. When my Penomet had arrived I experienced rapid growth, about two inches in a few weeks. Now I feel confident knowing that my wife has something larger to catch in her hands. Despite the fact that I do not have a regular routine, my results were very satisfactory. My wife already feels the difference when I regularly use the device and I recommend everyone who wants to change the sex life and start getting compliments. Get yours as soon as you can!

Marcelo – Brazil


“This is my testimonial of the Penomet Premium package. I have tried quite a few competitors and so far none have even come close to what the this best penis pump has given me. There are other options out there offering and delivering some measurable results but Penomet is by far the best. My length and girth have both increased which of course is extremely important but I also want to point out the increased vitality. I am faster and fuller when it comes to my erection, something my wife is really appreciating. I would recommend everybody to try it out. It is going to be worth it.”

Joakim – Sweden

Undoubtedly, this Penomet water penis pump did its best. This is the only penis enlargement pump device that you can trust with your eyes closed.

I know there are a number of brands available for penis enlargement but, after using Penomet, the user says – nothing could match the safety, quality, and effect of this product.

The product has gained immense popularity in a very short period and considered the best solution for the large penis size.


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Top 5 Reasons Why Penomet is the Best Penis Pump For You!

#1: Product Versatility

Penomet penis pump can be easily used in the bathtub, shower or as a conversional pump. Its revolutionary AquaPressure system delivers the optimal vacuum which is essential for achieving the best Penomet results regardless of how you use this penis enlargement pump.

#2: Build Best Quality

The main Penomet cylinder is made from polycarbonate plastics the highest and toughest quality plastic ever made by man. It’s also virtually shatterproof. Also, the gaiters are made from medical grade silicone.

#3: Product Details

According to the official website, each Penomet cylinder has an accurate measurement scale both in inches and centimeters, stamped into the plastic directly. Although the 3600 pressure release controller makes regulating the pressure of your Penomet a breeze.

#4: Replacement warranty

The manufacturers of Penomet are so confident about the durability and quality of this penis pump that they are offering every customer a lifetime gaiter replacement warranty. You’ll get shocked to know that no other penis pump on the market is giving such an offer.

#5: Money Back Guarantee

Penomet works wonders and is manufactured under the highest standard labs. This is the reason, it’s the only penis pump in the world that offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the product, the manufacturing company will give you your money back!

If you want to enlarge your penis size (length + girth) or have already a penis pump before which haven’t given you the desired results you were hoping for, Penomet water penis pump is the best solution!

An effective, safe and guaranteed approach to penis enlargement that will allow you to effectively and permanently increase the penis length and girth with less effort and minimum time.


How Penomet Works?

For the best Penomet results, its manufacturer recommends using the device with water.

Besides this, expand air, conventional air and vacuum pumps compress without enlarging the penis equally result in enlargement of some areas but not others.

Penomet penis pump resolves such an issue by using water. It provides equal pressure and volume within the cylinder.

Due to the product’s unique design, when the pump’s compression stops, the non-return regulator at the end of the cylinder closes, and the gaiter expands. This results in immense pressure being applied to the penis.

Compared to other penis pumps on the market, Penomet is different because of its genuinely unique design that offers 5 interchangeable gaiters allowing you to safely and gradually increase the device pressure.

By using this water penis pump, one can achieve gains in his penis size 65% faster when compared to using a pump with a fixed, one gaiter setting.

Now you must be wondering… how to use a penis pump like Penomet?

Well, at first, using a penis pump may seem a little awkward to you, but it’s a fairly simple penis enlargement device to operate.


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How To Use Penomet Device?

Penomet – a revolutionary new penis enlargement product that has been created to be simple and easy to use. Here I have provided 6 simple steps that will help you use this penis pump in less than 60 seconds!

Take a look…

1: At first pick a detachable pressure gaiter – I would like to suggest starting off with the one you have amongst the lowest settings or begin with the purple 60 gaiters.

2: Now in the next step attach the chosen gaiter to the main Penomet cylinder.

3: Apply the device over your penis either in the shower, bath or on its own. After that gently pump the Penomet penis pump a few times until and unless the vacuum seal is created.

4: Take a break and re-pump every few minutes as according to the official website, the pumping is required for a period of 15-20 minutes.

5: To release the pressure and remove the Penomet, gently press the valve at the end of the penis pump cylinder to the side.

6: When you are experienced enough, you can change the gaiter size and use the stronger gaiters to increase pressure.

When following these 6 simple steps one can visualize the growth in penis size (length and girth) after continuous use of one month.



Penomet water penis pump is a scientifically proven penis enlargement pump. It helps to make your dick look BIGGER in minimum time durations and less effort.

The product has been praised by thousands of men across the world, as there are no side effects and it’s completely safe to use.

If you are seeking a solution for increasing penis length and girth & already have tried a number of devices, but not pleased with their results, Penomet pump is the best and reliable solution for you.

The penis pump has a wide range of gaiters. And the best part is – they have a workout schedule for your manhood. If one uses it for a minimum of 10 weeks, he will experience permanent results.

Penomet pump can increase your penis length by up to 3 inches and 30% in girth.

You can find more information about Penome best penis pump at their official website.

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