Does Male Extra Really Work – See How It Increases Size Permanently?

male extra pills

There’re many men who ask the question: Does Male Extra Really work?

The answer is YES!

If you’re using Male Extra – natural male enhancement, all you’re doing is increasing the blood flow to your penile area and getting the most out of what is there.

This male enhancement pills make your erection BIGGER and improve your sexual performance.

If you use the product as directed by its manufacturer you can actually increase the number of cells in the tissues of your shaft.

As a result, you’ll get bigger, harder, longer lasting erections and more intense orgasms.

Male Extra works – it worked well for 150,000+ Customers – and there are countless others that have touted the best male enhancement as helping their manhood grow.


Does Male Extra Increases Size – Best Results

Often called over the counter male enhancement pill, this supplement has worked wonders for over more than thousands of men that have tried Male Extra.

As you know there’re so many more that are reluctant to let the world know that they wanted a bigger, harder, long-lasting erections.

Men who have a small penis don’t want to let the rest of the world know about their problem – size is a part of a man’s pride.

Male Extra is the ultimate solution to get a bigger dick naturally. It’s a leading and trusted product that works to:

  • Produce harder erections
  • Fill the penile area with more blood
  • Enhance the size of your penis

We’ll be talking about the product in this blog soon, but let’s see what you can expect from Male Extra and when!


100% Guaranteed. 100% Effective. The Most Powerful Formula Ever!



How Much Will Your Penis Grow?


male extra permanent results


Just bear in mind that this cheap male enhancement pills claim to provide a harder erection on the first use, but what makes this product unique is that Male Extra also boasts about penis growth with continued use.

Just imagine how much more you could satisfy and please your partner if your penis size will be 0.8 – 2.6 inch longer.

For most men, the 2.6 growth of penis is 50% more penetration length. This means you’ll be able to hit her harder with greater ease, leading to intense orgasms and more fun in the bedroom.

And when you take off your pants, it will grab the attention of your partner.


Gain Harder and Firmer Erections in 3 Simple Steps

With Male Extra, you can not only attain firmer and harder erections but also can achieve better performance in bed, and increased libido in three easy steps.

  • Take Male Extra capsules on a daily basis. It is recommended that you take 3 pills once a day.
  • Experience the benefits. After 90 days, you get to enjoy the benefits of harder and firmer erections enhanced libido as well as of enhanced libido, sexual health and performance.
  • Provide your body with all purely natural ingredients. With taking this best male enlargement pills, you’re providing your body with the right ingredients for increased stamina, enlarged penis size, and harder erections.

With these 3 simple and easy steps, you’ll definitely improve your performance in bed and achieve your sexual goals. You can satisfy your partner and get to control your premature ejaculation.

You’ll be satisfied with your sexual performance and you’ll take pride in knowing that your partner enjoyed the same satisfaction so as you did.

Moreover by applying these three steps, you can take your performance in bed to a whole new level.

Alternatively, you can perform penis enlargement exercises to improve the erections, while it take time to get the result and thus you’ll need to be consistently done in the routine.


How Long Does It Take for Male Extra to Work?


male extra results


Men start experiencing a harder erection just after a few weeks of using Male Extra pills.

Researches and comprehensive studies have been done by the makers of this male enhancement supplement that shows when the best results are experienced:

1 Month: 0.8” growth

2 Months: 1.6” growth

3 Months: 2.6” growth

As you can see from the chart above, Male Extra results amplify the longer you take these pills. In our research, we haven’t seen any other penis enlargement pills boasting much more growth than what’s listed above.

Moreover, you’ll get Male Extra results permanent when doing penis enlargement exercises once you started taking the supplement.

And when you’re using top male enlargement pills, you’ll need to take 3 capsules per day. It’s recommended that you take these capsules with a larger meal to help with digestion.

The potent ingredients in Male Extra are what will cause more blood to be forced into the penis to allow for a long-lasting erection.

notepadWhen you stop taking these pills, you’ll lose the enhanced sex drive and also the gains of your penis size, over time. According to a customer review, they noticed size difference once they stopped their initial trial.


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How Does Male Extra Works For Harder Erections and Sexual Performance?

This is the best male enhancement pills on the market for supercharging your sex life and increasing your bedroom confidence.

When you want a harder erection or just an added growth, Male Extra is the choice for you.

But knowing how the supplement works will provide you with a clearer picture of how do male enhancement pills work.

This supplement is comprised of 100% natural ingredients which offer you a number of benefits.

Male Extra Ingredients are:

POMEGRANATE 40% ELLAGIC ACID: This ingredient is a rich source of antioxidant that boosts blood circulation, allowing your penile area to fill more blood. In a study, the consistent use of these pills shows a 17% increase in blood flow in less than 90 days.

L-ARGININE HCL: A powerful component that has shown up to aid men with sexual health issues like erectile dysfunction. Studies show that 13% of men suffering from ED experience positive results with this ingredient in just one month.  Filled with 600mg of this amino acid, this particular ingredient gets converted to nitric oxide and improves sexual enhancement and erection.

L-METHIONINE: L-Methionine is just another amino acid that’s linked to climax control. When the level of amino acid is too high, a man will prematurely ejaculate. This element reduces the histamine levels, which will allow you to last longer in bed and helps prevent the dreaded premature ejaculation.

MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane): It supports blood flow, tissue and cell growth. This ingredient assists new penile cell growth and allows you to have stronger, firmer erections.

ZINC: This ingredient actually plays a crucial role in testosterone production. Studies show that low Zinc results in a man’s testosterone levels to fall as much as 75% over a 20-week period. If you’re deficient in Zinc, it may cause you less interested in sex and your libido may suffer.

CORDYCEPS: This ingredient had been using in Chinese medicine as a natural aphrodisiac for thousands of years. According to a study, this fungus leads to an increase in a person’s sex drive and function.

NIACIN: These Male Extra ingredients is commonly called vitamin B3. It boosts blood flow through the relaxation and expansion of blood vessels. This ingredient has proven to be an essential element in curing erectile dysfunction, and it’s also great for your libido, confidence and erection hardness.

All in all, when you take this supplement, blood flow to the penis is promoted and increased. Your erection can be held for longer, and MSM will help tissue repair and growth so that your penis grows over time.

With a boosted libido, increased penis size and improved sex drive, you’ll be able to satisfy your partner and gain the confidence in bed that you always wish you had.

Nothing speaks louder than those Male Extra reviews from previous and current users of this male enhancement supplement. They’ve made the decision to give this product a try and gained benefits that this powerful supplement has to offer.


The pros & Cons of Taking Male Extra Supplement

Like other male enhancement supplements, Male Extra has its two sides, advantages and disadvantages.

However, there may be cons to consider, but it is important to take note of the benefits, as it generally outweighs the disadvantages of this supplement.

  • Most users who have used Male Extra have observed fast gains.
  • The natural ingredients in this male enhancement product are known to help increase blood flow in penile area.
  • Changes will be seen within 90 days after taking the supplement.
  • Its natural ingredients promote healthy hormonal changes in men.
  • The use of Male Extra results in improved sexual health and stamina.
  • The supplement lasts longer and helps gain more control over their ejaculations.
  • One of the best thing about Male Extra is that it does not poses any side effects, which means this is safe to use on a daily basis.
  • The company offers FREE & FAST Worldwide shipping.


Do you want to know more about the product effectiveness?

Read the positive reviews by a customer who experienced real results by trying Male Extra.



Male Extra Reviews by Customers


male extra reviews


The customers who tried Male Extra – male enlargement pills know that this product really works and they are satisfied with its results too.

What are customers saying about Male Extra? Find Here!

  • I have managed to increase my penis size by 1.9 inches.
  • Male Extra has really made a difference to my sex life, ejaculation volumes and overall penile health.
  • I’ve never heard her moan so loud – it works.
  • I can’t believe how fast my penis has grown: 2” of growth in just over 6 months.
  • It permanently boosts my penis size by 1.7 inches in over a month.

The best part?

Male Extra does not pose any side effects. In fact, most people who have used this supplement never experienced any side effects at all. This is because of the natural ingredients used in Male Extra.

  • All natural ingredients allow for real results
  • No chemicals or drugs included
  • Holistic approaches allow for a natural increase in penis length and girth

And in case you don’t see the results coming, you can send the unused bottle of Male Extra back as the company offers a 60-day money back guarantee.

No one offers a money back guarantee until or unless their product really works. This is a level of confidence that many companies can never offer.


Where to Buy Male Extra?


male extra GNC - Buy From Official Website


Male Extra is only legitimately available on its Official Website. Although we’ve seen it being re-sold by top e-commerce websites like Amazon or eBay, they are outrageously overpriced.

The product is also being sold by third-party sellers like GNC, Walmart, and Walgreens. However, the supplement offered by these local stores seems to fake or counterfeit.

So, it’s suggested to purchase this male enhancement pills only from its manufacturer’s site.

If you are, for any reason, not satisfied with the results delivered by the product, you can return any remaining capsules along with original packaging for a full refund. (60-day money back guarantee).

Now take a quick look at Male Extra price and packages:

The company offers the best prices for the sexual enhancement supplement compared to other stores.

Male Extra Price + Package

  • One bottle of Male Extra Costs $64.95 that usually last for one month.
  • Buy 3 Male Extra bottles for $197.95 and get an extra for FREE. (3 BOTTLES + 1 FREE + FREE PRO ERECTION GEL) that’ll be enough for four months.
  • You can also purchase 4 bottles at a cost of $249.90 where you’ll receive 2 bottles FREE that last for six months.

No other company will offer you such multi-buy savings and this level of buying confidence.

Order Male Extra to improve your sex life now and start feeling better about yourself.



 male extra order online




Male Extra is just one of the most effective solution for Erectile Dysfunction, sexual performance, penis growth because it is 100% natural and that is why the supplement is totally safe as well as quite reliable! Besides, this male enlargement pills is more affordable compared to other prescribed sexual enhancer. Moreover, it does not only increase blood in the penile area but also increases your libido naturally.


TRY MALE EXTRA RISK-FREE! You Have Nothing to Lose, and So Much to Gain!

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  • No Side Effects
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