Male Extra Results After 90 Days – Can You Expect Permanent Results?

male extra results permanent

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Are these Male Extra Capsules worth your money & your time?

Know the Truths and Highly Exaggerated Claims about Natural Male Enhancement!

Few people believe size isn’t everything, but many of them disagree and say, size really matters.

Having a larger penis, increased stamina and high sexual drive is crucial in aiding performance in the bedroom.
Although it’s rare to find such a product which tackles all three areas, that’s what the Male Extra manufacturers claim.

Male Extra – A Powerful Male Enhancement That Really Works and Gives Guaranteed Results

Often called over the counter (OTC) Viagra, these penis enlargement pills have amazingly worked for over 15,000+ people that have tried them and got male extra results permanent.


Product Overview

 Product name: Male Extra
Official website:
Price: $64.95 1 bottle (Discount Excluded)
Notable Features
Harder, Stronger & Bigger Penis
Longer Erections, Safe & Natural
Guarantee: 60 Days Money Back If not Satisfied



In this blog, we will help you understand what the product is all about, how it works to deliver the fruitful results and what customers (around the globe) has to say about this supplement.


Here’s What You’ll Find in This Blog:

  1. What is Male Extra?
  2. Male Extra Ingredients
  3. Does Male Extra Really Work?
  4. Core Benefits
  5. Male Extra Results
  6. Reviews & Testimonials
  7. Male Extra Living up the Claims!
  8. Where to Buy Male Extra?
  9. FAQ
  10. Conclusion


Let’s dive in!

Male Extra is a leading and trusted product that works to:

  • Produce harder erections
  • Fill more blood on the head of the penis
  • Enhance the size of your penis

In our research we found Male Extra to contain 100% ORGANIC and NATURAL INGREDIENTS with a 99% success rate for adding up to 2.6 inches to your penis size while increasing bedroom performance and stamina.


What is Male Extra?

Male Extra pills is one of the top male enlargement and the most popular herbal supplements that can increase your penis size, making it bigger, longer and firmer.

 Male Extra has recently voted the No. #1 Male Enhancement Pills on the market by our team of researchers. 


This natural male enhancement pill also promises to have a progressive effect on your bedroom performance, sexual drive and stamina.It’s 100% natural and 100% safe, needing no prescription. When making Male Extra Reviews we noticed something interesting.

On the bottle of Male Extra it says:

“Male Extra for Bigger, Harder Erections and Your Best Performance Ever!”

A quite impressive claim made by its manufacturers.

That’s got our attention and we decided to carry on our research to know more about this product!

If you’re interested in what we found out about the Male Extra ingredients, how they work? – then read on.


The Ingredients in Male Extra Male Enhancement Pills

The product website ( lists these ingredients:

• Pomegranate 40% Ellagic Acid 500mg
• L-Arginine HCL 600mg
• L-Methionine 100mg
• MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) 100mg
• Zinc (as Citrate) 14mg
• Niacin 18mg (vitamin B3)
• Cordyceps 25mg


Ingredients Working Mechanism

#1: Pomegranate 40% Ellagic Acid 500mgPomegranate male extra

Pomegranate packs high amounts of antioxidant-rich ellagic acid, which is very active at boosting blood circulation. In a study, it is found that people drinking pomegranate juice everyday showed a 17% increase in blood flow in just 90 days.

In an another research, after 8 weeks of drinking pomegranate juice noticeably get better erections, while yet another study showed that this ingredient delays fatigue during physical exercise.

What’s more?

The antioxidants in pomegranate formula have been proven to protect nitric oxide against free radical damage, which truly enhances its effects on blood flow.

#2: L-Arginine HCL 600mgL-Arginine male extra ingredient

L-Arginine is an amino acid that is converted into nitric oxide in your body, and several researches have confirmed its effectiveness on male sexual performance as well as erection quality.

In a research conducted by health experts, it is found that 37% of men having erectile dysfunction reported a major enhancement in their ability to gain as well as maintain an erection after taking l-arginine on a daily basis for just over a month.

Meanwhile, in another study, 31% of men with erectile problems reported a great improvement in both their sexual performance and erections after taking l-arginine for six weeks.

#3: L-Methionine 100mgL-Methionine male extra

L-Methionine contains an essential amino acid that is thought to work by blocking the conversion of histidine into the hormone histamine.

In addition, Histamine plays a crucial role in obtaining climaxes, the higher the level, the more quickly you’re more likely to ejaculate, this is the reason why high levels of histamine have been connected to premature ejaculation.

By reducing your histamine levels, L-methionine can aid you in getting last-longer in bed by delaying ejaculation.

#4: MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) 100mgMSM ingredient

MSM is a biological form of sulphur that is crucial for your cell and tissue health – including those in your penis.
Without an adequate amount of MSM, your cells can become weak and your body cannot build healthy and strong new cells.

The sulphur rich Male Extra penis enlargement capsules reassure the growth of your penis by stimulating the growth of new and healthy flexible cells that can hold more blood, helping you achieve bigger, harder and firmer erections.

#5: Zinc (as Citrate) 14mgZinc ingredient

Zinc plays a crucial role in your testosterone production. One research found testosterone levels in men on a low zinc diet dropped by a massive 75% after 20 weeks.

The research also showed testosterone levels nearly doubled after increasing zinc intake in a different group of men.
Low level of testosterone can cause chaos with your erections and your libido, yet most men don’t get enough zinc in their diet.

Zinc deficiency can actually reduce your libido and your sense of smell as well.

The amount of Zinc in Male Extra male enhancement supplement keeps your testosterone at healthy levels and helps protect you against zinc deficiency.

#6: Niacin 18mg (vitamin B3)Niacin ingredient

Niacin is also named as vitamin B3, vitamin B3 that boosts blood flow by helping blood vessels relax and expand.
A research showed that men with erectile dysfunction reported a dramatic improvement in their ability to maintain an erection when taking a daily dose of niacin.

On the other hand, other men taking a placebo pill experienced no difference at all to their erections. This ingredient also helps reduce fatigue and tiredness, which means more stamina in the bedroom!

#7: Cordyceps 25mgCordyceps ingredient

Earlier Cordyceps was used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years in the form of a natural aphrodisiac. The researchers suggest that, this formula has the ability to increase sex drive and sexual function.

According to the scientists, the two chemicals present in cordyceps namely – cordycepic acid and cordycepic acid seems to have a direct effect on the area of our brain responsible for controlling sexual desire.

In another study, 64% of men taking it noticed a significant improvement in their erections, compared to only 23.8% of a placebo group.


The proprietary of 7 ingredient formula is said to offer the following benefits as well.

• Natural aphrodisiac effects.
• A boost to your libido (sexual drive.)
• Zero side effects with all 100% natural ingredients.
• Helps the user achieve better penis health
• Stronger, firmer erections through increased blood flow.
• Increases your strength and stamina.

Well, sounds good so far!

Now you might be wondering “Does Male Extra Work?

Here, we’ve seen all the ingredients and including their benefits, but do they actually work!





Does Male Extra Really Work?

That’s a million dollar question and the answer is YES!

Male Extra pills work to helps improve men’s sexual health by increasing their penis size. At the same time, it also aids in boosting one’s sexual desire.

The supplement promises to work effectively in order to give permanent results.

The product contains a combination of pure ingredients which works by increasing the flow of blood to your penis, improving your sexual interest as well as boosting your semen amount and ejaculation power.

The reason why this male enhancement pills certainly seems to be booming the marketplace because of the mixture of substances used in the product.

Niacin and Pomegranate are the ingredients which are clinically proven to tackle the issues associated with your sexual health including erection issues, by improving the firmness of the penis.

Basically, they do this by managing the tissues around the organ as well as minimizing the tiredness from which an affected individual has been struggling.

Looking at numerous Male Extra reviews by customers, 150,000+ Satisfied Customers are happy with Male Extra Results.

Even some of the online sites carry impressive Male Extra before and after pics to show that the product really works as it claims to.

Since your sexual health is associated with your overall performance, Male Extra offers you a number of great benefits which we have discussed next.



Core Benefits of Using Male Extra


health benefits

Good sexual health plays a crucial role in keeping up your self-esteem and confidence, high!

What’s better than having a partner who loves being intimate with you and enjoys your company?

Well, Male Extra aims to make that possible!

To help you recuperate your sexless, boring life in a healthiest and safest manner imaginable!


The Male Enhancement Pills Enhance the Quality of Erections

Yes, the supplement is scientifically proven to do that. Most common! Who does not wish to last longer in bed?We all! According to the research, harder erections are more enjoyable for women as compared to longer erections.

Nevertheless, if you wish to last longer with rock hard erections, Male Extra pills you must simply go for. The penis enlargement pill will simply give you complete hold on your erections.

It Increases the Length and Girth of the Penis During Erections

Men who believe their penis size are not good enough for more fun and pleasure during sex can also get benefited from Male Extra. The product is scientifically proven and clinically tested to increase the length by inches, while your penis becomes erected.

However for this cause, users make sure that they continue taking Male Extra for a period of 3 months!

Male Extra Improves Sexual Performance

This male enhancement supplement works on every particular aspect to male your sex life more happening and appealing! It helps increase your sex drive so that you can make your partner feel more and thus double your pleasure in bed.

Moreover, Male Extra also works to strengthen your sexual stamina and give you a solid control on erections. With boosted sex drive and all night staying power, you can simply take your sexual performance to the top most level!

Male Extra Capsule Enhances Virility

Women find masculinity to be the most attractive factor in men. So, besides offering you’re a healthy sexual life, the product helps you work on this aspect to become more magnetic for the opposite sex. The supplement is also best known for improving masculinity!

Allows You to Feel More Orgasmic Pleasure

Male Extra pills is not just a product with restricted paybacks to offer. Besides, it’s a complete set that works to improve your overall sexual health and bedroom performance.

The supplement also works to strengthen your penile which is necessary for enjoying a powerful orgasm!

With all these benefits Male Extra has been #1 choice for having BIGGER, HARDER & LONG-LASTING erections that supercharges the sexual experience.



Male Extra Results


In this blog, we will be talking about what result you can expect with male Extra!



Results after Using Male Extra for 90 Days

Well, according to the back of the bottle, you are recommended to take 3 male extra capsules a day to achieve the best results.
But if you skip or miss the dosage, you won’t get the desired male extra results.

After analyzing thousands of male extra reviews online, we have concluded that you will be able to get big results just after 3 months of use.

According to the official website, results may vary for different people, but most of the male extra users start seeing results within first few weeks of taking the product. Moreover, the longer you continue to take this supplement, Male Extra pills work to deliver better and faster results.


Male Extra Results


This is the conclusion of male extra reviews we have gone through. So, let’s check out what it says:

Month #1: [30 Days]

Comprehensive studies have been done by the makers of Male Extra that shows an instant result after using the product and you will notice then growth in your libido in the first couple of days.

In the first few weeks, your erections will start growing in size and you will start walking up like rock solid every morning.

Month #2: [60 Days]

Male extra delivers the best results during weeks 4-8.

Most of the men reported the increase in their erection size and also states that their penis started hanging bigger when flaccid.
Moreover, they felt that their sex drive became high and their sexual performance is increasing fast.

Month #3: [90 Days]

Finally, after 90 days (3 months) of regular intake of male extra results in the penis growth of “0.8” to “2.6” inch.

Guys from all around the world, using this male enhancement pills stated that they felt like they are back in high school; they never expected such amazing result.


male extra official


Don’t just go with our words, see male extra results pictures & videos and read user testimonials shared online over the web which helps you decide whether this male enhancement product worth your money and time.

A Male Extra user sharing his sex life stated…

I’ve never heard her moan so loud – male extra really worked. I went from “5.8 to over 7” in length in just 3 months. Thanks to Male Extra, that gave me such confidence. My girlfriend and I had some great sex and she was very satisfied every time.”



Male Extra User Reviews & Testimonials


male extra testimonials


Increased orgasms

Hey! I tried Male Extra pills only a month ago and I cannot stop sharing about it. I wasn’t expecting such amazing results and so many benefits, but within days of trying this penis enlargement pills and penis health exercises I noticed that my erections with harder and firmer, my stamina has increased but more surprisingly my orgasms lasted twice as long.
And you what! My wife loves the new me as not only has my penis increased in size by an inch, but she too is experiencing much more satisfying orgasms.

– Phillip Reagon, Property developer, Australia

Bigger penis

I’ve never been happy with my penis size. Even as an adult I have felt miserable and self-conscious that my size have often wrecked relationships with my paranoia. Then I take the help of Male Extra and believe me it really helped to change that all that. I tried this male enhancement supplement 6 weeks ago and I have already noticed a significance difference in my penis size. Even my sex drive and ejaculations volume have doubled which has been great for my sex life.


– Tim Wilks, Account Executive, USA, Chicago

Harder erections

In the last 3 years I have found it gradually harder to maintain an erection. Mid-performance my penis would always unexpectedly become flax and 60% of the time I wouldn’t be able to recover it. Fortunately my wife understood my problem, but unpredictably this has dented my confidence level.
Then I heard about Male Extra from mate at work and figured I hadn’t got much left to lose, but the change this dual action system has made to my erections incredible. The penis enlargement exercises in particular helped me to train my penis, triple my sexual performance and harden my erections.

– Ryan Mills, Store Manager, UK, Edinburgh

Increased stamina

When In started taking Male Extra organic male enhancement pills, I never expected more than to boost my penis size. Yet an extra advantage of their penile training exercises has to be the power it has given me to control my 2.6 inch increase and whole night staying power. I have no problem giving my girlfriend multiple orgasms now or ever going for round two.

– Richard Bells, Stock clerk, Australia


Male Extra Results After 3 Months – Watch Video

Guys, in this Video you can find that Male Extra has changed the lifestyle of this guy named Justin.


Read Justin’s Success Story to Know How Male Extra Changed His Life

Hey there! I am Justin and today I want to tell you about a male enhancement product that changed my life. You can watch my video given above.

But first, let me tell you about the journey it took to find it. Even when I have been erect, I haven’t been satisfied with my size or my performance or even my orgasms so, I’ve tried pumps, I’ve tried pills, I’ve tried supplements, exercises, stretching devices, but nothing worked like a supplement I found called MALE EXTRA.

Male Extra came to me in the mail after I purchased it from the company and I started taking 3 pills a day which is the recommended dosage and it’s been about 3 months & I’ve grown a whole inch and a half, hard and It’s noticeably bigger.

This is a top quality product. From what I understand from other users of male extra, you grow anywhere from 0.8 to 2.6 inches depending on your size, diet and how many pills you’re taking between 3 and 6 months.

I can tell you first hand I’ve been taking the supplement for 3 months now and I‘ve seen amazing results and so of my partners. Now I’m having harder orgasms ever, a bigger peace and I am going longer than I ever have before. Male Extra really did change my life. I am bigger, I get harder and I go longer.

Thanks to Male Extra…!!! 


As he said that he has got Male Extra Results Permanent and now he is very happy with his sexual life. So Why Don’t You Try???

 Note: If you take Male Extra sexual performance enhancement pills for longer than 3 months, the results will be even better. 




Male Extra Living up the Claims!


Male Extra Results


The producer of Male Extra claims that you can get a growth in the erect penis size of between 0.8 inches to 2.6 inches in the span of 3 – 6 months.

As per the real male extra customer reviews, the use of this male enhancement supplement for 3 months is indeed going to deliver better results.

In fact, within a month or so of using the product, you will notice the unexpected growth of your penis size up to an inch.

Apart from this, you will feel positive to continue the use of the product and would add a further half inch to the size of your penis.
Furthermore, people who normally suffer from erectile dysfunction will notice firmness in their erections when in bed with their partner.

If you are looking to increase your penis size and beat erectile dysfunction, Male Extra – penis enlargement pills are one of the best options by far.


So, why not pick up some Male Extra today?



Male Extra Pros & Cons


  • You don’t need a prescription to buy this male enhancement pills.
  • The formula works – the mixture contains some powerful and clinically tested ingredients that can help with better erections and longer penis.
  • You will experience the effects quickly – Male Extra starts working from the very first day. You should see the benefits in a couple of days and after a couple of weeks, you’ll see the full potential of the pills.
  • Powerful Results – If you take Male Extra capsules regularly on a daily basis you’ll experience some extraordinary changes with your erections.


  • Individual results – Results somewhat vary from person to person. Some people need more time and some need less in order to notice the difference.
  • Price – Yes, some say the price is a bit higher compared to other supplements, but I completely disagree, for the price you’ll get the best product available. But some people consider this a drawback.
  • Available on Official Store – The only source to place your order is the official website of Testogen, and none!



Where To Buy Male Extra – Amazon, GNC, Walmart Or Official?


buy male extra from official website


Don’t forget! You can’t find Male Extra in retail offline or online stores such as Amazon, GNC, Walmart, Walgreens or eBay.
Male Extra can be purchased for the lowest price directly from the manufacturer official

The product is backed with 60 days money back guarantee and all the orders include free worldwide shipping plus a host of discounts which are currently running on its official store.

People looking for Male Extra Amazon deals, Male Extra GNC deals, won’t find any as there are no such offers available by the makers.


Now, take a look at the pricing details…


Male Extra Price Details
As far as price and packages go, the male extra official website provides multi-buy saving options for you to choose from:

Buy 1 Bottle for $64.95 ( 1 monthly supply) >> Savings: $27.00      | Buy 1 Get 50% Off 
Buy 3 Bottles for $197.95 (4 Month Supply) >> Savings: $187.00   | Buy 3 Get 1 FREE
Buy 4 Bottles for $249.90 (6 Month Supply) >> Savings: $318.00  | Buy 4 Get 2 FREE


Don’t wait until it’s too late!

So, stop being average and male extra buy online to start the journey to MAGNIFICENT SEXUAL PROWESS



Male Extra FAQ

Male Extra – male enhancement supplements are so interesting that thousands just couldn’t get enough of their curiosity. So here are male extra frequently asked questions and their answers that we gathered here.

Take a look…

Are the effects of Male Extra long-lasting?
Well, when it comes to size gains, then YES! However, when it comes to quality erections, the effects only lasts to the point you use this supplement. The longer you use male enlargement pills, longer will be your quality of erections.
The actual reason behind this fact is that male extra ingredients used to formulate the product are clinically proven to increase the supply of blood to the genital regions. This is what enables an increase in the sex drive and lasting & firmer erections. Of Course, the discontinuation of the supplement would result in seizing the effects right away.
Can I use Male Extra with my prescribed drugs?
Male Extra – natural male enhancement comes in handy for men who have poor sexual health and experiencing problems like premature ejaculation, men virility, small penis size and erectile dysfunction. This male enhancement pills help to enhance a man’s sexual performance for the better so they can boost their performance in bed and satisfy their partners.
Even though, the usage of Male Extra male enlargement pills is pretty much safe, yet, when it comes to its usage in combination with prescribed drug, we cannot give a conclusive statement. For that, it is better to consult with your doctor or your health care provider.
Is Male Extra equally effective for aged men?
Undoubtedly, YES! The Male Extra formula contains some high effectual and powerful ingredients that are scientifically proven to enhance your overall sexual performance and sexual health, no matter of what age you are. Although, if you are going through any kind of serious health issues like cardiovascular disease, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, High Cholesterol Levels or are undergoing some treatment, then we would recommend you to consult your doctor, before considering the usage of Male Extra – penis enlargement supplement.
Don’t forget – You’re Never Too Old to Enjoy Great Sex. Male enhancement pills comes in handy for men of all ages who find it hard to satisfy their ladies they need to be taken with caution. So, if you are taking this supplement to make sure that you take (usage) it as recommended by its manufacturers to get a bigger, harder and long-lasting erections.
What will happen if I stop using Male Extra?
The very simple reason why Male Extra work is because this male enlargement pills enhance blood supply to the penis. It allows proper circulation of blood in the penile area. This is talking about the penis’ capability to increase the penis size during erections. More blood supply expands the walls of the chambers in the penis area. In turn, your penis stretches.
If you stop using Male Extra your body won’t be getting the healthy nutrients that are responsible for increased sex drive and bigger, harder & long lasting erections. In layman’s terms, you’ll achieve the results as long as you keep using this male enhancement supplements.
But you don’t worry, you can gain and better your results if you accompany male extra with proven penis enlargement exercises that’ll boost your manhood and give better results year after year.
Are Male Extra safe?
Without any doubt, YES! This male enhancement supplement is safe for use as the product is composed of 100% natural and organic ingredients and there are no side effects of the report. Male Extra includes 7 active ingredients namely Pomegranate 40% Ellagic Acid, L-Arginine HCL, MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane), Zinc (as Citrate), L-Methionine, Cordyceps and Niacin (Vitamin B3).
All these are science-backed ingredients, documenting their effectiveness with many clinical studies and trials. The supplement is completely safe and the results are guaranteed as one dose of this male enlargement pills provides the body with enough nutrients to give you orgasmic pleasure and intense erections.



Closing Thoughts

The results and reviews from the real customers speak for themselves – Male Extra really works.

If you opt for a solid male enhancement pill that is going to work for you, Male Extra is the one you can get.

The Male Extra capsules are backed by clinical proof and its 7 powerful ingredients are well known to be very beneficial for male sexual health.

Moreover, the product delivers proven results and is highly recommended as it comes with no side effects and no risk.



buy male extra online

Male Extra Results After 90 Days – Can You Expect Permanent Results?
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Male Extra


Size Growth






Longer Erections





  • Bigger, Harder & Stronger Penis
  • Increases Blood Flow in Penis
  • Safe & Natural Ingredients
  • Proven To Work Quickly
  • Longer Erections


  • No Any Side Effects
  • Available on Official Website Only
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  1. What’s your story and experience with Male Extra? Share it to help others.

    • Rodrich Cheg says:

      I was really looking for herbal medicine for Penis Enlargement and then found this supplement as Male Extra. Within 2 weeks of it, I began to feel the Enlargement of my penis, “and now it just 6 weeks of using his herbal medicine my Penis is about 10 inches longer, and I had to settle out with my Ex (Girlfriend) I was surprised when she said that she is satisfied with my sex and I have got a large penis, Am so happy. The all because of Male Extra pills and its awesome permanent results.

    • rodrick cheg says:

      Thanks, Harry, and

  2. Robert Devin says:

    Hi, this is Robert Devin and my personal experience with male extra pills are awesome. I am very much satisfied with the male extra pills results as I got harder and bigger penis with longer erections. My GF was blaming me for sex but now she is very much satisfied with me. I started getting results from the very first week.

  3. Joe Picao says:

    Really a working product with a great offer at best price…

  4. Nagaraj says:

    I was in doubt that will male xtra work for me or is it safe or not? I wondered so much around the internet and seen many male extra results before and after pics. And then I found it as best and natural male enhancement pills for this era. I started using it and you guys won’t believe how much big penis and the longer erectile I hold… It’s just amazing.

  5. JAMON Solomon says:

    Where can I get one to use

  6. Matthew says:

    What happens if i were to stop using the pills after 12 months and I’m happy where I’m at from the success. Does my penis stay where its at? Or does it start to change.

    • admin says:

      Don’t worry, you will get a big penis for permanently by taking male extra for 12 months. Sometimes what we see that when u caught any severe health diseases or your body weight get too much down then the girth may be lower but the size will be longer.

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