Erectile Dysfunction: Myths, Causes, Age Effects, & Best Treatments

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Erectile Dysfunction: Myths, Reality, Solutions

The signs of a real man are the ability to control the cup at a table, with weapons in combat and with a lady in bed.
But for all these skills this day depends not only on personal self-esteem but also to various other factors. The most terrible nightmare of fearless men is the loss of the ability to satisfy a woman in bed, or, as doctors call it – erectile dysfunction, or simply impotence.

Erectile dysfunction is one of the major issues that occur in male sexual life. Erectile dysfunction – a very sensitive problem, and not every man decides to tell the doctor about that. And believe us, such bad erection often can become a real trouble for the stronger sex. Imbalance in family life can lead to a serious decline in the quality of life, the appearance of problems at work and even the development of severe depression.

First, let’s understand how the erection process goes through. Strangely enough, an erection occurs in a man … in the head. In the brain, a trigger mechanism of the sexual mood is born, which through the nerves, through the transfer of impulses, causes a reaction leading to the release of nitric oxide. It expands the vessels of the penis, while male dignity increases and hardens.

What can cause failures in this, at first glance, a simple mechanism?
The answer is in the process of sexual arousal involved and nerves, and blood vessels, and hormones.

We will tell you about it, but before that, let’s go through some of the myth about erectile dysfunction which often turns out to be irrelevant to reality.

9 Erectile Dysfunction Common Myths

erectile dysfunction myths

 It’s time to expose all that falseness 


Myth 1 : If He Has An Erection, it’s All Right

In fact, if he got up, it does not mean that the problem does not exist. Erectile dysfunction is associated with both a complete lack of erection and the ability to maintain it to complete the sexual act.

Myth 2 : It Happens Only in Older Men

Unfortunately, doctors note that this problem “becomes younger every year,” and about 15-20% of men aged 20 to 39 suffer from erectile dysfunction. The difference is that people with age deteriorate blood circulation and the heart is not able to pump enough blood into the genitals, that is the reason in the physiology.

And in youth impotence is more often psychological, for example, it is connected with constant viewing of pornography, self-satisfaction, unsuccessful sexual experience, etc.

Myth 3 : The Cause of Impotence is in The Head

Indeed impotence can arise due to psychological trauma, childhood trauma, complexes, and constriction, but taking help of the only psychologist is not enough since the problem lies in the plane of physiology and requires medical treatment.

Myth 4 : After 40 Years, The Potency Decreases

In fact, the quality of potency depends not on age, but on health, as well as on socio-psychological factors. There are both 20-year-old boys who do not have an erection, and 70-year-old grandfathers, who do not have any problems with sexual intercourse. If a man has a strong sexual constitution, that is, a high level of hormonal activity, then he can not only live sexually but also conceive children before old age.

By the way, American researchers found that the higher the social status of a man (and, as a rule, men achieve the greatest success in career by the age of 40), the more confident they are in themselves and more watch their health, and accordingly, the more active their intimate a life.

Myth 5 : The Problem is Below The Belt

Some believe that erectile dysfunction is associated with diseases of the genitals. In fact, it often becomes the result of other diseases. It can be diseases of the cardiovascular system, diabetes, hypertension, hormonal failures, etc.

Myth 6 : The Way of Life Does Not Matter

Sedentary lifestyle, malnutrition, stress and bad habits can contribute to the development of impotence. For example, everyone knows that smoking narrows the blood vessels and worsens the work of the heart. People who parted with a cigarette, in 25% of cases a year later notice an improvement in the situation with the erection.

Myth 7 : All Drugs for Improving The Erection Are The Same

Before making a decision about taking any medicine to improve an erection, it’s very important to consult a doctor. Uncontrolled intake of these drugs can harm not only your sexual sphere but also “ruin” the heart.
In addition, not all drugs work equally and their selection is best entrusted to a specialist.

Myth 8 : Impotence Can be Treated With The Injection of The Male Testosterone

In fact, firstly, studies show that the deficiency of male hormones does not always affect erectile function. Secondly, no hormonal drugs can not be used without consulting a doctor, otherwise, you risk not only your sex life but also your health!

Myth 9 : Getting Rid of Impotence will Help The Reception of Testosterone

Only if the cause is the hormonal imbalance. But even so, one testosterone may not be enough. It is better to see a doctor who will decide on the treatment strategy. Take care of yourself!

It’s erectile dysfunction or simply impotence. But, in our enlightened time, this phenomenon is full of stories, anecdotes, myths, and legends.

In fact, there are many reasons for erectile dysfunction. And if this phenomenon is repeated repeatedly then it’s too late to go to the doctor. So, better to not pull it for later. In fact, there are many reasons for erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction Causes

what causes erectile dysfunctions

When it comes to the reason of erectile dysfunction in male, it is divided into two categories based on the nature of the issues. These are:

  • Organic Nature

  • Psychological nature

 Let’s reveal the secrets of the cause in Details 

The causes of erectile dysfunction of an organic nature are:

  • Concomitant diseases and conditions – influenza, diabetes, hypertension, chronic renal failure (CRF), liver disease, Parkinson’s disease (Parkinsonism), atherosclerosis;
  • Complications after surgery and traumas of the testicles, penis, pelvic organs or spine, large blood vessels;
  • medications used for depression; use of beta-blockers to treat high blood pressure; diuretics; hormones, etc.
  • Smoking; excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages;
  • Usage of drugs
  • Obesity or being overweight
  • Lack of testosterone (hypogonadism), hyperprolactinemia syndrome with adenoma (microadenoma) of the pituitary gland, dysfunction of the thyroid gland.

The causes of erectile dysfunction of a Psychological nature are:

Most often, Erectile dysfunction has a mixed character, and the psychological causes of the disease are mostly secondary.

Elements of psychogenic erectile dysfunction are as follows:
  • A conscious desire to avoid sexual arousal;
  • Feeling of fear and fear of impossibility to commit (complete) sexual intercourse;
  • Depression; intellectual fatigue;
  • Lack of sexual interest in the partner.


How Does Age Affect Erectile Dysfunction?

erectile dysfunction based on age

The commonness of Erectile dysfunction increases with age. According to the Massachusetts Male Aging Study, Erectile dysfunction affects:

39% of men over 40 – Erectile Dysfunction is very common which is mostly seen over the age of 40. Even 39% of this age group of people are affected by it.

67% of men above 70 – Erectile Dysfunction prevalence increases with age. And 67% of this age group of this people are suffering from this.

No doubt, Erectile dysfunction risk increases with age. Erection gets a little bit difficult to be generated as you age. But, the healthier you are, the better your body will work sexually.


How To Cure Erectile Dysfunction?

how to cure erectile dysfunctions

Home Remedies For Treatment

This can be done with the help of the same methods that are applied inside the walls of the medical institution, with the exception of surgical intervention and other invasive effects.

 If you are concerned about the problem of how to improve an erection at home, then definitely the following ways will help you the most: 

-> By Changing the Diet – Food To Cure Erectile Dysfunction:

  • Depending on the season, in the menu for increasing the erection, you can include pumpkin, nuts, green onions for potency, melon, honey, parsley and other foods rich in nutrients.
  • If a man loves seafood, the menu can include oysters, rich in zinc and other substances that stimulate sexual activity.
  • Pistachios are useful for male strength for potency. This product contains arginine, relaxing blood vessels and increasing blood flow to the penis.
  • But by using food, rich in simple carbohydrates, it is better to abstain. It is necessary to minimize the proportion of white bread, sugar, and confectionery in the diet.

-> Using Honey:

  • A mixture of walnuts with honey for potency in equal proportions contributes to the enhancement of sexual desire. It is enough to take 2 teaspoons of the mixture half an hour after eating twice or thrice a day.
  • A similar effect has a mixture of carrots and honey. It is recommended to take it on a tablespoon twice a day.

-> Using Vitamin Teas & Medicines To Treat Erectile Dysfunctions:

  • Promote the potency of tea from green leaves of cherries, strawberries, currants, grapes, linden, blackberries. These plant components can be used both separately and in a complex way, brewing a useful photo Tea.
  • In folk medicine, to enhance sexual desire, celery juice is used for potency, which must be taken twice or thrice a day for 1-2 teaspoons, preferably half an hour before meals.

Other Methods For Improving Erectile Function

To address the issue of how to improve an erection in the home, only a change in diet will not be enough. It is necessary to change the whole way of life in a complex, get rid of bad habits and use special techniques to increase potency.

Erection enhancement is effectively promoted by the following methods:

-> Provide sufficient physical activity: It is necessary to organize your regimen in such a way that to spend in the sitting position no more than 5-6 hours a day. Even mental workers can do part of the job standing up, and also regularly give time to a little workout. In addition, it is advisable to walk a few kilometers a day – this will activate the blood circulation in the pelvic region and eventually strengthen the potency.

-> Implementation of special exercises: Physical stress on the press, regular squats are very useful and effective exercise.

-> Yoga and meditation for men: There are special techniques designed to awaken the extinct sexual desire and strengthen the erection.

-> Maintain A Regular Sexual Life: Ensuring a regular sexual life. As excessively frequent intimate relationships and too long breaks negatively affect the male libido. The result can be a temporary or even a permanent reduction in erection. To restore normal sexual desire, it is necessary to normalize the frequency of intimate contacts, while focusing on the individual characteristics of your body and your desires.

-> Walking Barefoot: This method of physical activity allows you to activate points on the soles of your feet, responsible for metabolism and increase blood flow to the penis. It is not necessary to walk barefoot on city streets – it is enough to refuse at home from room slippers if the floor in the apartment is not very cold.

-> Wearing comfortable underwear: Too tight underwear can make it difficult for the blood to flow to the penis, cause irritation and even diaper rash. Men are extremely undesirable to wear thongs, tight trunks and other similar underwear, squeezing the genitals. Much safer than the usual “family” panties, providing a normal air exchange in the intimate area.


Modern & Best Method To Cure Erectile Dysfunction – Herbal & Organic Medicines

erectile-dysfunction causes

When choosing a method how to cure erectile dysfunction at home, you should not use any questionable techniques associated with direct effects on the skin of the penis. So, it is strictly forbidden to insert any objects under the skin of the penis, perform stretching of this organ and other dangerous manipulations. In addition to harm, such actions cannot bring anything more.

Additionally, modern possibilities of therapeutic and surgical treatment make it possible to make a person come to the reception with erectile dysfunction healthy. For today among urologists, it is believed that a man suffering from a decrease in potency is just a lazy person. There are no other options because this disease is treated!

Modern methods provide an opportunity for successful treatment of Erectile dysfunction, but rarely allow it to be completely cured. Exceptions are psychogenic, posttraumatic and vascular Erectile dysfunction in young patients, as well as Erectile dysfunction caused by hormonal disorders (eg, hypogonadism and hyperprolactinemia) and induced by the reception of drugs depressing erectile function. In these cases, eliminating the cause of Erectile dysfunction can only quickly lead to a complete cure.

Although, there’re a number of successful and reliable ED treatments available on the market today. But, one of the most successful treatment is by using Male Extra – Erectile Dysfunction Pills.

Now you must be wondering how Male Extra help fixes Erectile Dysfunction!

So here is the answer…


Male Extra – Natural Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction


Male Extra bottle


Male Extra is a popular male enhancement supplement that has undergone through FDA’s (Food and Drug Administration) norms requirement for quality in its efficiency in curbing Erectile Dysfunction and other sexual afflictions.

As per the most recent scientific study, the company behind this product keeps on upgrading their ingredients.

Male Extra contains ingredients such as L-Arginine HCL, an amino acid that easily gets converted to nitric oxide which gets your cell walls within your arteries to relax thus increasing your blood flow to improve your erection.

Male Extra male enlargement pills also contain other natural ingredients which have been clinically tested and used over the years in enhancing sexual health in various traditional medicines.

There’re numerous positive Male Extra reviews from users that you can read online.

However, most customers claim that this Erectile Dysfunction (ED) pill works best in promoting strong erection when taken a few hours before sex.

Male Extra is an organic and herbal medicine that resolves all kinds of Men’s sexual health issues and offers you a herder and bigger penis having longer erectile power and better sex life.

So if you want to fix erectile dysfunction in the quickest way possible, try Male Extra pills.

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Remember, that it is easier to prevent illness than to treat it. So, you should always take a closer look at your health and Be healthy!


Erectile Dysfunction: Myths, Causes, Age Effects, & Best Treatments
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