Does Having Sex Increase T-Levels In Men Naturally? [Shocking Facts]

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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Testosterone?

Macho men?

Well, and this has a lot to do with sex drive.

But, do you know what Testosterone actually is?

Testosterone- popularly known as the “sex hormone” that refers to the masculinizing effect, responsible for its libido-boosting effect. It increases sex drive even if you grow older, but only when you have an optimum level of it.

And, since you’re here this is a clear indication that your sex drive is pretty low. This is the result of the decline of T-Level.

The problem is not only with you but the majority of the men fall under your category.

However, the reverse is possible but you need to do something to boost your test level at least to optimum.

But, sex is something, the more you have the more you want it; the t-Level issue is entirely different.

Are you getting confused between the relationship of sex and testosterone?

Don’t worry!

If “Does Sex Boost Testosterone Levels” is all you want to know be with us through the blog to know all the insights.

We’re going to represent the data that research shows….


Effects of Sexual Activity on Testosterone Levels in Men

Sex Drive Boost Testosterone

When it comes to sexual activity your first obvious question would be “Does Being Sexually Active Increase Testosterone?“.


Sex does have an effect on increasing male testosterone level but the revelation is not something new.

Believing you’re a man gives men a testosterone boost and promiscuous disposition.

Back in 1970, a study suggested that sex increases testosterone levels. Furthermore, another research shows that both testosterone and dihydrotestosterone have the potential for facial hair growth.

Obviously, this is not the bulletproof evidence that sex increases testosterone. However, there are studies that ensure a boost in testosterone levels after intercourse.

Testosterone is a significant component that increases sperm production. Sex increases testosterone, and testosterone increases sperm, which increases sexual arousal.

Research suggests sexual arousal alone is enough to boost t-levels. In a study, men who go for sex club can jump their testosterone by 11% even if you don’t have sex or do masturbate.

In the same study, men were found to skyrocket their t-level by 72% while engaging in intercourse with a woman.

Testosterone levels will spike to peak about an hour after orgasm. Moreover, it shows a slight increase in testosterone in women as well.


What about Masturbation, Does Sex Increases Testosterone?

Masturbation for Men

Yes, it does!

It is pretty much according to the evidence and anecdotal accounts of men that give men a feeling of more vigor and vitality.

But, what about those men who rely on masturbation and adult movies to satisfy their sexual needs?

And if you’re thinking that masturbation has the same testosterone boosting effect than probably you’re wrong.

According to studies, self-ejaculation doesn’t have any noticeable effect on testosterone levels. Another study shows, refraining from masturbation for 7 days may even lead o mild testosterone increase.

Masturbation has short-term effects on the t-level and it affects other factors like sex drive.

It doesn’t typically pose a threat to any other aspect of men’s physical health.

Now, if you want to know if sex drive increases testosterone levels or depletes it then read the next section.


Does Too Much Sex Deplete Testosterone?

Too Much Sex Boost Testosterone

There have been concerns among men that too much sex or masturbation may cause a dip in testosterone.

As there is belief with ejaculation you drain your testes of its sperm and some testosterone in the process.

However, it’s true that a small amount of testosterone recedes, but that amount would be negligible enough to restock quickly.

The same thing goes for the body’s reserve of minerals and nutrients (e.x. zinc and magnesium) responsible to produce T.


How Does Sex Increase Testosterone?

During sexual activity what exactly takes place at the anatomical level?

Well, orgasms cause an increase in serotonin and nitric oxide. This in return provides aid in the contraction in the pelvic and penile region.

More sex increases testosterone and stimulates gonadotrophin secretion that is essential in T production.

Furthermore, nitric oxide also inhibits the stress hormone cortisol.

Whereas sexual arousal floods the blood to the penis that helps your penis to become hard and stiff while intercourse.

The more blood flows the more nutrients will be transferred to the penis. This helps your hormone to produce more testosterone and sperm motility.

So, regular sex increases testosterone in men and to some extent in women as well.


Does Sex Increases Testosterone Levels?

Do you still have the same question- “how to Increase testosterone”?

The answer is simple- SEX!!

Having a lot of sex make your t-level surge higher than the one who doesn’t get physical to her partner.

Although it sounds quite conceivable, actually it’s not quite true.

According to the studies, sex increases testosterone levels, but its effect on testosterone level is almost negligible.

However, the fact is if a man has higher t-levels he wants to have more sex.

So, if your libido begins to fail, you must look for some kind of supplementation to surge your testosterone level to optimum.

Now, you’ll want to know what is the role of testosterone in men’s life… So, here we go….


What Testosterone Really Does for a Man?


Adrenal glands produce testosterone- the hormone that makes a man a man. At puberty, its production dramatically increases. The level of testosterone will be at a peak in the teenage boy.

Testosterone increases facial hair growth, deepens the voice, grows muscle mass, and on top of that sexual desire. This is exactly what makes you a man.

If you don’t know, testosterone is extremely important to your sex life. Eventually, there is no sex if you don’t have a higher level of testosterone.

But do you really know what it does for a man… in the next part, we’re going to discuss the same.

What Sex Does for A Man?

Despite sex boost testosterone levels pretty fewer, it contributes to your overall health in a slightly diverse, long-term way.

Regular sex counteracts many of the common causes of a non-age related decline in T-levels, including:

  • High-Stress Level
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Lack of Exercise

Regular sex is always good for mental well-being. His way you can fit some exercise into your day with active sex life.

And to have more sex you need to care for your general health.

As the more fit, you’ll be the more you can enjoy sex.

And the most important part we are going to discuss is how to keep t-level surging to stay healthy.


3 Simple Measures to Keep T-Levels Surging

If you would like to maintain your testosterone levels to optimum, you gotta stay as healthy as possible.

  • Keep Stress at Bay– Any kind of stress will cause an increase in stress hormone (cortisol). Many studies say that Cortisol has been associated with low testosterone levels.

In short, if your body is in stress, mentally or physically, it’ll first deal with the stress before increasing testosterone levels.

Having a positive relationship is always a good starting point.

A good sex-life with life-partner happens to be the great way to stay happy.

  • Eat Well– Being on fad diet and maintain your weight is another great move to surge your testosterone levels. If you’re flabby and obese, especially in the middle-age, you’re going to struggle a lot- for sure. If you have flab around your love handles, increasing testosterone levels will become hard for you.
  • Get Out There (or Stay inside) and Move Your Body- If you want to increase your testosterone levels it would always be a good idea to do an intensive workout. These exercises can be anything from a 3-mile jog, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), to bedroom Olympics. The exercise can be a good way to make your body healthy!

So, if your testosterone level does not increase by sex, you can acquire these measures to maintain optimum levels of testosterone.

Whether sex increases testosterone or not it won’t affect you till you’re following upper points.


More Sex Is a Good Thing No Matter How You Look at It

Sex may not sex increases testosterone, but is it vital to have great sex.

As we all know a man with a good sex life is the happiest man on the earth. He is not happy alone but he makes his partner happy.

So, for the sake of your overall health, wellbeing, and enjoyment of your life, have sex more often. By doing so you’ll avoid male menopause syndrome.


Conclusion: Does Sex Boost Testosterone Levels

According to several studies, sex increases testosterone levels naturally.

It is another form of producing t-level naturally aside from testosterone boosting foods, exercise, and natural supplements.

A higher level of testosterone simply means a boost in mood, confidence, and libido of course.

So, if you don’t have sex more often, start doing it from today and get fit to make your partner happier.

However, an optimum level of testosterone is necessary for both men and women.

Checking testosterone levels is as easy as having a blood test. The difficult part is interpreting the result.


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