How To Avoid Penile Yeast Infection (Candidal Balanitis) in Men ?

Penile Yeast Infection

Yeast infections, called thrush are often associated with women. But, those days are gone when it’s limited only to women. Now, men are not also untouched with this health issue.

In Research, it’s found that nearly 75% of all women have had this health issue at least once in their lifetime.

Though a yeast infection is common in women that causes vaginal candidiasis in the female vagina, it’s less common in men. But, anyone can get affected by this health problem regardless of gender or age.

Yeast infection in males can be called candidal balanitis or balanitis thrush, causes soreness on the tip of the dick. In some cases, this can also affect the foreskin and that would be called candida balanoposthitis.

Candida yeasts are responsible for up to 35% of all cases of balanitis. But, male yeast infections have not been studied enough and researchers are unsure how many men are affected yearly.

Since this infection is not pretty harmful, but if not treated, can lead to a wide range of painful, uncomfortable, and possibly embarrassing symptoms. Thrush can lead to a serious issue if the infection spreads into your bloodstreams.

You may want to know Male Yeast Infection Treatment, but first, we’ll get to know what this health issue is.


What Is Yeast Infection?

Male Yeast Infection

Yeast infection is one of the most common health annoyances. This can happen in men by having unprotected sex with a woman with candida vaginitis.

This often appears as small white spots, redness, or a dry, peeling rash on the dick accompanied by itching, irritation, or burning. Men who have not been circumcised are at a greater risk.

Male Yeast Infection can be of 3 types:

  1. Jock itch – A red rash that spread out from the penis to inner thighs, anal area and buttocks.
  2. Vaginal Yeast Infection – Most common in women age 20-40, linked to the use of antibiotics or birth control. Risk is also involved if you get hormonal changes from your period, pregnancy, or high blood sugar.
  3. Penile Inflammation – This involves swelling and redness of the head of the penis.

Infants and children can also get yeast infections. A diaper rash in infants and toddlers is a greater risk for yeast infection.

The rash in toddlers and infants can be controlled by frequent changing and, if needed, by using medicated powders.


Male Yeast Infection Symptoms

Unlike women, men don’t often experience any symptoms of yeast infection. However, sometimes men do experience symptoms for this health issue.

And the early symptoms for Male Yeast infection can be a red rash and sometimes white, shiny patches on the penis.

When you get infected the skin of the penis may get moist.  You can also find a thick substance under the foreskin or other folds of the skin.

There are numbers of Male Yeast Infection Symptoms Pictures available on the internet which you can analyze.

When men experience yeast infection symptoms, they might cause extreme discomfort and pain.

Symptoms of Male Yeast Infection include:

  • Burning and itching around the head of the penis with urination, worsen after having sex
  • Redness and inflammation on the head of the penis
  • Small, rash-like bumps called papules that may contain pus

However, if you are affected by candida balanoposthitis, you may also have:

  • A white, thick, and lumpy discharge under the foreskin- smells like discharge
  • An unpleasant odor of the foreskin
  • Difficulty pulling back your foreskin
  • Sores on the foreskin of the penis

Men who are suffering from diabetes can experience even more severe symptoms. That can include fluid buildup and ulceration of the penis and fissuring of the foreskin as well.

The complication of the yeast infections are rare but may include an inability to retract the foreskin, cellulitis, and a narrowing of the urethra that makes urinating problematic.


Causes for Penile Yeast Infection

Causes for Penile Yeast Infection

The term “yeast” is generally referred to as infection caused by fungi called candida. A small amount of candida will always be present on the body.

And the candida can overgrow to develop a yeast infection. For candida, a moist environment is an ideal condition to grow.

One of the most common reasons for Male Yeast Infection is unprotected sexual intercourse with a yeast infected woman.

Candida albicans is the most likely cause. Though this health problem can affect millions of people, if you’re healthy, yeast infection would not be a major health problem for you.

Let’s see other causes and risk factors for Male Yeast Infection include:

  • Poor hygiene, especially if a man is not circumcised
  • Being uncircumcised
  • Men with diabetes, type-1 or type-2 diabetes, as yeasts thrive more easily in a higher level of blood sugar. A higher amount of sugar in urine promotes the growth of yeasts
  • Prolonged use of antibiotics, which lower probiotic counts and upset the balance of normal microbial flora, allowing for the growth of candida
  • Taking medications that suppress the immune system, such as chemotherapy or corticosteroids. Illness and chronic health condition also weakens the immune system, allows candida to spread
  • Use bath foam, soaps, shower gels, lubricants, and other products, which can irritate and damage the skin of the penis, leaving it open to infection
  • Wearing tight-fitting underclothing or wet clothing. The fungus can thrive in warm or moist conditions
  • Hot, moist environments
  • Condoms that contain lubricants
  • Using spermicides
  • Overweightness or obesity
  • Consuming poor diet

Apart from these risk factors, there are some other infections that are called secondary or opportunistic. The reason for these kinds of fungi is long staying in the hospital. This can also happen to patients who use catheters for a long time.

According to a study published in the Journal of European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology found that candidal balanitis was strongly associated with men over 40 years and diabetes mellitus.

Men older than 60 are more likely to have Candida colonization.

Opportunistic infections can also happen from environmental fungi like aspergilla and Cryptococcus.


How Long Does a Penile Yeast Infection Last?

Yeast Infection In Men

Do you have a question such as “How to Get Rid of a Yeast Infection in 24 Hours?”

Read to know how you can do…

But, if you treat it early by a good antifungal medication then you can clear it up within 1-7 days. However, if you’re sexually active, your partner too needs to be treated for a yeast infection to avoid later re-infection.

Your lady must be treated regardless of whether or not she gets a yeast infection from you.

If you’re getting a recurrent yeast infection, you should rule out hygiene and sexual contact and talk to your doctor for possible causes. Your underlying health condition like diabetes can be a reason for recurring.

Men are less likely to have a yeast infection as compared to women, but recognizing the symptoms is important.

So, if there is a problem, there would be a solution too. You might have a question now that “How to Get Rid of a male Yeast infection?”


How to Treat Male Yeast Infection?

Most of the time yeast infections are not harmful and they don’t need any kind of treatment. However, you can get rid of the infection by using antifungal (Male Yeast Infection Cream) cream or oral medications.

These kinds of medications are generally available over-the-counter or with a doctor’s prescription.

You can help prevent Male Yeast Infection by avoiding having sex with a yeast infected partner.

To Avoid Getting a Yeast Infection or Passing One Along, do the following:

  • Wear a condom while having sex
  • Practice sexual monogamy
  • Go for good hygiene and keep your penis clean and dry
  • If you are uncircumcised, clean under the penis foreskin with soap and water, and return your foreskin to its usual position after you’ve sexual intercourse

Most of you would have a question “How to Treat Male Yeast Infection At home?”

To know that, read the subsection….


How to Cure Yeast Infection At Home Fast?

You can beat penile yeast infection if you have good hygiene.

Tips for good hygiene:

  • Washing the penis with warm water
  • Avoid using perfumed shower gels or soaps on the penis
  • Dry the penis carefully after washing
  • Wear loose cotton underclothes to help keep the genital area dry and cool

Avoiding shower gel and soaps can be Male Yeast Infection Home Ready reason. Men with yeast infection are likely to pass this infection to their female partners if they have sex.


The Bottom Line

This health problem can not only affect women but men. In men, it can lead to a condition known as candida balanitis. Generally, you would get no symptoms or mild symptoms and as you see symptoms you should treat them soon.

Penile Yeast infection symptoms can last only a few days if you address them as soon as you recognize them. If it stays for a longer period of time, it would be a cause for concern.

The longer infection can be treated well with prescribed medication or an over-the-counter treatment. But, proper diagnosis is pretty important.

However, if you are hygienic and have protected sex, chances of getting Penile yeast infection are negligible. You should consult with your doctor if the symptoms are severe.


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