6 Ways How to Deal With Erectile Dysfunction In A Relationship!

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Your Partner Has ED – Here’s How to Deal!

ED abbreviated as Erectile Dysfunction, commonly known as impotence, can be disturbing, even shattering, to a man.

But it can be equally troubling or upsetting for his partner as well as Kathy (one of those facing such situation) found out.

Our relationship experts spoke with Kathy (who recently broke off an engagement with a man who suffers from ED) to find out the things that affect her sexual bond.

Take a look at what she said….

“It really undermines a relationship and makes the things more difficult when the man blames his partner for this.” (As her fiancé did)

She further added…

“Even though my fiancé has always had the difficulties with the erections, but then he always blamed me for this saying that it was my fault. After you hear that enough, you start to believe it which as a result badly affect your self-esteem.”

According to Karen Donahey, Ph.D. (director of the Sex and Marital Therapy Program at Northwestern University Medical Center in Chicago),

“That’s not unusual. A woman may struggle with the belief that she’s no longer attractive to her man.”

“Even if the man assures her partner it’s not true, there’s still worry there.” – He added.

The stronger a women’s pride is, the less threatened she’ll feel by her partner’s erectile dysfunction and the more understanding she’ll be able to be.  – Donahey stated.

If you’re reading this article, your man suffers from ED (Erectile Dysfunction), and you are looking for the solution…

How to deal with erectile dysfunction in a relationship?


Husband has ED how do I cope?


My boyfriend has erectile dysfunction what should I do?

First of all, I want you to know that in a relationship, Erectile Dysfunction is a very common issue. It’s something the majority of men over the age of 25 struggle with, at least intermittently.

This shit isn’t easy for men. Having a partner who responds with all lover and support plus looking for positive strategies is sincerely a remarkable gift.

So, how can you do things differently?

In other words, what steps can you make to support your partner dealing with erectile dysfunction?

Without further ado, here are 6 tips for how to help impotent partner/ helping your man through erectile dysfunction.


What To Do When Your Partner Is Dealing With Erectile Dysfunction?

#1: Always Be Loving and Supportive

Sympathy is the most important tool that you can deploy here. If he can’t get hard, respond with your understanding, patience, and affection.

At that moment, deep down he’s secretly worried about upsetting you and negatively affecting what you think of him.

Your partner might fear that you dislike him and are not satisfied with him.

Also that you’re thinking of leaving him for someone who satisfies all your sexual needs.

You can combat that knee-jerk emotional reflex by gradually expressing your unconditional love to your partner.

In this situation, very few men met with total positivity and acceptance.

And even when they are, they may have trouble actually feeling it and receiving it.

The most sensitive and vulnerable moments of men are the chances for deep healing.

And this would undoubtedly be one of them. Also being loved or cared through his erectile issues may even help your partner solve the problem.

At the very least, your care and affection towards your partner will massively lessen any sense of insecurity and concern around the issue.

So be king and chill out with him for a minute.

Also instead of trying to fix or repair something, switch it up from a place of exploration and love.


#2: Find other ways to be with your partner at the moment

As we know ‘SEX’ is a primary way by which a man connect with their partner emotionally.

Feeling like that means of connection has been demoralized or sabotaged can be incredibly frustrating.

This can bring up anger and/or sadness for the Erectile Dysfunction sufferer.

Although an erection is an essential part of sex, however, it’s definitely not everything.

There’re other ways out there by which you can connect with your partner.

For example:

  • Lay on him and softly touch his chest and arms
  • Kiss
  • Cuddle

Do oral not in an attempt to make it hard, but to let your partner feel some pleasure and receive your energy.

Do some of the exercises, techniques or tips or ask him to go down on you for a while.


#3: Don’t take it personally

It’s not about you. Don’t stress yourself worrying about what you did wrong, or whether or not you tried to help impotent partner.

It’s normal to hear the voices in your mind something like:

“He’s not attracted/into me…”

“I’m not sexy enough for him…”

“He’s bored with me…”

This situation rarely happens. If your partner is with you, he’s is definitely with you for a reason.

In fact, sometimes it’s more often the case that he so badly gets attracted to you. This intention of your partner overshadows his ability to relax and be in his body.

In short, if he belongs to the age 20-60, irregular erectile dysfunction usually comes down to high-stress levels and/or cardiovascular issues.

Pandering in your own anxieties, while he’s is very much involved in his, creates two triggered people who silently get caught up in their stories.

And making each other wrong by lashing out at each other to mask their pain.

This sets up a volatile situation where a person fails to hold space for the other, usually resulting in mutually hurting feelings and disconnection.

Whether it’s right or wrong, but a man usually invests so much personal stock in his ability to please his woman and perform in the bedroom.

Since sexuality is the most intimate arena of a man’s lives, erectile dysfunction is an issue that trips their deepest core wounds around self- worth and lovability.

Also, they get very sensitive, melancholy, or even defensive when this issue comes up.

So try your best to remember this at the moment and get curious about his thoughts and feelings.


#4: Formulate A Plan

Ask your partner what he wants if it happens again in the future.

What you can do to make him feel good and at ease about the situation?

Some men might want to talk about this issue, while others might want to just emphasis on pleasing you.

And rest may want to exchange messages for a while.

Every man will be different. But it’s only them who can speak up for themselves.

Although it’s possible your man won’t have any ideas but feel a bit lose at the same moment.

Just lay with your partner and ask if you can experiment a little bit.

Let him know that you’re always open to trying something, and it would make you even happier to know if there’s anything you can do.

In the end, make him understand that you’re not alone and he is an amazing partner.

Millions of couples around the world suffer from Erectile Dysfunction every single day.

So, if you are the one, stay open and be patient. The solutions will fall into place in time.


#5: Talk About The Issue

If you take initiatives, then its commendable and trying creative solution is really great.

But, it’s usually best for both, you and your partner, if you don’t play any type of guessing games.

Ask your partner if he needs anything from you, or think of any idea on how you can help him relax.

He may just want to distract or cuddle himself from sex a little altogether.

If you’re having feelings of frustration in response to him not getting it up, then it might be the best decision of yours to save that conversation for another time.

The most important thing most men feels in this situation is embarrassment/shame. It’s a very sensitive place to be.

This is the time when you can help him work his way out of it, instead of pushing him further into it.

In such a situation, your partner might tend to make your message mean by saying that he’s a burden on you, because of this issue.

If he’s worried about that, he won’t have the potential to give the conversation the attention and fully hear you out.

To broach the voice and subject of your feelings, it is suggested to use some non-sexual leisure time.

Don’t point the finger, simply say what you really feel and ask for support.

Perhaps you want your partner to be your side in order to consider a mutual solution or maybe you need him to assure you that he loves you.


#6: Encourage Your Partner To Be Proactive With His Health

There’re a number of factors by which Erectile Dysfunction can be created. These dynamics include unhealthy habits like eating high processed foods, smoking, lack of exercise, or drinking alcohol.

Excessive drinking or smoking can strain a relationship.

So if your partner drinks or smokes, encourage him to quit these habits.

If your boyfriend/husband never exercises or rarely workouts, start sharing regular physical workouts together.

At last, the things that are good for his heart health, undoubtedly good for his penile health.

And ultimately, what is good for his health, best for your sexual life.

Besides, if your man is carrying excess stress in his body, regular exercise will not only make his mind healthier but also make his overall health better.

In other words, he’ll be less likely to get worried about performing in the first place.

And when his penis doesn’t get up at the moment, he’ll be less likely to get down on himself. This is because at that time your partner’s mind will be more relaxed, to begin with.

Hope you have found the solution for ED. If you have any further question or queries, you can comment below or can text us on our FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/malexpill


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