Male Edge Results: Does It Really Work, Before and After Pictures

Male Edge Extender

Would you like to get a bigger penis to give your partner a deeper vaginal stimulation?

Well, now you can chuck those sad times with a small penis.

In a study published in BJUI, it was found that 55% of men weren’t satisfied with their penis size. The size statistics reported in another study updates that the average human penis size is about 13.12 cm when erected with a girth of 9.16 cms while the respective flaccid measurements are 9.16 cm and 9.31 cm.

However, men often feel overwhelmed by what they see in adult films.

A large penis makes you feel more secure, gain self-confidence, excel in bed and try different sex positions.

Although increasing penis size can be challenging, you need to stick with a penis extender with a good reputation and well-established manufacturer.

Male Edge has everything you need to grow your penis continuously with no limitations!

According to manufacturer claims, this penis extender can your penis grow 28% in length and 19% in girth.

This Male EDGE Review will tell you everything you need to know about this classic extender.



What Is Male Edge?

Male Edge Penis Extender

Male Edge happens to be a 2nd generation world-class penis extender device.  It works on the same principle of traction for increasing dick size.

Several studies suggest applying tension or stretch to penis tissue to increase its stature over time.

Male EDGE is an amazing biomedical device from the house of DanaLife ApS to heal Peyronie’s disease (unusual penis curvature). And the growth of the penis adds another positive point about the device.

You might be familiar with the manufacturer but with another popular name, the mighty ‘Jes Extender’. This device was a one-word answer to the penis enlargement back in the day.

Male EDGE is slightly different from the competition and even from Jes Extender due to its unique designing part. All thanks to their 20+ years of experience to make seamless design.

The penis extender device is compact, lightweight, and easy to maintain and it’s superior ergonomic makes it ideal to use several hours each day with all body types.

This penis extender device is available in 3 different varieties, for beginners, for intermediate users, and for unconventional users.

These diverse varieties bestow users to get maximum benefits according to their level.

After using this penis extender one can see a size difference of about 2 inches. The increment in the size of penis length and girth is directly proportional to the hours you spend wearing it.

This is all about the penis extender. Moving further, we’ll get to know how does it work to help extend your penis naturally.


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How Does Male EDGE work?

Male EDGE works on the same principle as other penis extenders do- traction. This stretches your penis but without causing any pain or discomfort in it.

Penis tissue cells break down and divide into smaller cells. These breakages divide inside cells and multiply forming new cells. It creates microfiber that repairs the damage and let the penis grow.

It helps to make the penis longer and thicker the same way you build body in the gym by lifting weight regularly.

However, at the initial stage, you may feel little discomfort wearing it longer on the penis. But, for advanced users, it is their normal daily routine to stretch the penis for hours.

Evidently, one can see the results in just 3 months in a flaccid and erection state as well.

The increase in the penis length and girth through this extender would be permanent.

If you are likely to add more inches to your penis, wear it for a longer period.

Wearing it on a regular basis leads to good results. Penis extender uses no chemical and unlike pills that may harm your health in the future.

If you’re thinking about Male EDGE side effects, you should sit chillax as this high-quality penis extender poses no complications. Male EDGE is a pretty safe and effective alternative to extend the penis with no pain or discomfort.

Male EDGE is pretty much cheaper than surgery and quite efficient than male enhancement pills.

This extender helps you grow your penis with no risk, unlike other methods.

You got to know the working mechanism of this penis extender. But, does this penis extender meets your expectation or fulfill its claims?

Let’s see in the next section…


Does Male Edge Really Work?

Do you want a bigger penis?

Get documented, permanent growth with Male Edge!

Being a newer penis extender available on the market, it’s incredibly popular.

Do you know why?

The prime reason behind this is a production from the same company as Jes Extender. This was the very first penis extender ever manufactured.

Another great thing about this extender is it is pretty comfortable to wear and provides no pain or discomfort. One can wear the whole night long to increase their penis real quick.

But, do you really know how you can use this device to get maximum results?

Read on to know….


Grow Your Dick Bigger Without Surgery Or Pills With Male Edge


How to Use Male EDGE?

Male Edge Use

Male EDGE is fully assembled that makes you go effortlessly with the extender.

The way this penis extender works is quite intuitive and there is no room for accidental mistakes.

All you gotta do is wear the device and you’re done!

So, what are the steps you’re going to follow to use this penis extender device?

Here’re those….

  1. Measure the penis length that you wanna see in future for checking the results
  2. Adjust the extender as per your penis length. You need to separate the front pieces from the existing rods of the device. Adjust the extender by moving it in a clockwise direction.
  3. Put the ring of the extender to the base of the penis and apply the strap in anticlockwise for getting the perfect fit. You can hear a double click sound when it’s perfectly locked. You’ll need to wear the device for 4-6 hours each day for the best results.
  4. Once you’re comfortable with the extender to adjust the traction to apply a gentle stretch on your penis. Don’t make it tighter thinking to get maximum results in a shorter period.
  5. Remove the extender after 4-6 hours from your penis to avoid an uncomfortable sensation.

It is indeed necessary to let your penis rest at least one day in a week. Remove the extender after 4-6 hours to get the best Male EDGE Results. However, if you would like to maximum Male EDGE Results Before and After, you should read the instruction manual carefully.

Feeling confused?

You may find wearing the extender complicated in the beginning but after wearing it for one or two times you’ll feel a bit more comfortable wearing in.

You’ll get better results which in turn will boost your confidence by several manifolds.

The tool is full of positiveness and Male EDGE has to offer you more than you think….Here are some


Male Edge Benefits

Benefits Of Male Edge

  • Male EDGE is comfortable to wear and lightweight too.
  • Permanent results if you follow the correct pattern of usage by putting time and effort.
  • This penis extender helps to straighten the curvy penis. It improves the curvature by up to 90% within six months.
  • Easy to adjust the traction.
  • The penis extender can yield you the permanent result of 1.5-2 inches growth in the penis length. According to the manufacturer, the Male EDGE increases the length of the penis by 28% in just 6 months.
  • The extender also helps to increase penis girth by up to 19%.
  • It doesn’t only increase the length and girth of the penis but the quality of an erection.
  • A plastic product that is not as bulky as its predecessor.
  • This penis extender is affordable for everyone and yields long-lasting and permanent results.
  • Your confidence level increases as you grow inches to your penis to make it more than the original size.
  • The results Male EDGE provides are proven by the researchers and are not marketing gimmicks.
  • You get a money-back guarantee if the product doesn’t add inches to your penis. The manufacturer would give you double the money you have invested in buying this tool.

Prefer going for six months with this penis extender to see the visible results. The longer period you’d use the extender the permanent the results will be.


Extend Your Penis By Inches with This Medically Proven Penis Extender


If you use the extender for a shorter period, you’d get no permanent results.

Results don’t come overnight so you gotta use patiently for almost 6 months to see visible results.

Using Male EDGE regularly may lessen the pain by Peyronie’s and gives permanent results.

The tool provides one with permanent results but you should also have an idea about the side effects of Male EDGE.


Male Edge Side Effects

The product has no ingredients so there are no side-effects. And in general, penis extenders are the only scientifically proven and medically accredited penis extenders today.

However, you may feel mild or insignificant side effects if you have sensitive skin.

Male EDGE is a hard plastic product thus you can be free from fears of using this extender.

But remember one thing….

Being extra careful and following the instruction carefully helps you to increase penis length and girth with no pain. If you use the extender carefully, you get a safer experience.

Heading further in this Male Edge Before and After Results blog to see Before and After Pictures of Male EDGE.


Male EDGE Before and After 

Male Edge Gains

Alike other penis extenders, Male Extender Real Results are permanent. The device is made up of high-quality plastic material that poses no side-effects.

This results in a result you would be expecting from this extender.

Male EDGE is pretty much comfortable that sits on the pelvic area that holds the penis head in place. These two parts connect each other to give a light amount of tension that leads to a better before and after the results pictures.

The users of this device are quite happy using this product and achieving the results the manufacturer claims for.

This extender also corrects penis curvature apart from enlarging length and girth.

The results pictures from real users would help you have an insight into the results closely.

Moreover, Male EDGE Pro Before and After Results are permanent.

You must know what users have to say about this penis extender before using, have a read.


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Male Edge Customer Reviews

Male EDGE has a good brand reputation and popularity in the penis extender category.

On the whole, people are quite satisfied with the tool and they give it a score of 8.9 out of 10. The customer satisfaction of this device is nearly 90%.

Check out some real testimonials from the users….


I normally don’t like to write reviews, but I had to share my experience with Male Edge. I must admit that I was skeptical when I decided to purchase this product but it really does it work.


Disappointed in the size of your manhood? It is time you try the Male Edge Extender – a product that makes your penis grow longer in a non-surgical way. This product truly works.


Male Edge extender is a one of its kind product designed for men who are looking for a longer erection. I tried it and it certainly works.

These Male Edge Reviews and Testimonials let you have an idea about product effectiveness. These testimonials also give a boost to your mindset of using this penis extender.


Male Edge Refund


Where to Buy Male EDGE?

The one-word answer is the official website!

Male EDGE is only available on the official website that is This is the only trusted source to buy this penis extender and no other source provides the authentic tool.

The manufacturer does not allow any third-party to sell this product so if they claim to sell the product that would assuredly be counterfeit. So, you shouldn’t buy from third-party and rather visit the manufacturer website to place the order.

Third-parties sell a product that would be pretty similar to the original but with low-quality material.

If you go for those tools to extend your little big buy, chances are high you’ll end up hurting your penis.

And when you buy this product from the official website, you enjoy all the perks that this tool has.

You’ll be eligible for double refund-guarantee, discreet shipping, and many more.

Thus you have no excuse to buy this penis extender from other sources leaving an authentic one.


Male Edge Packages and Price

Male Edge Price

There are three packages of Male Edge to choose from. However, these packages are only available on the official website-

Let’s dive deep to know the difference between these 3 packages.

Male Edge Basic: This is the leanest package available for the best possible result. The product is made up of high-quality material. The package contains 1 penis enlarger, 1 ruler, 1 product box, 1 travel bag, 1 brochure, and 2 rubber straps.

You get a 1-year warranty as well. If you don’t get satisfaction with the product, you can get your money back.

Note: The price of this package is $149.99

Male Edge Extra: This is the most selling penis extender. This is again made up of high-quality materials. The package contains 1 penis enlarger, 1 ruler, 1 product box, 1 travel bag, 1 brochure, 3 rubber straps, and 1 protection pad.

The product comes with a money-back guarantee that motivates you to try the device with nothing to lose.

Note: The price of this package is $174.99

Male Edge Pro: This is the ultimate penis extender. This package comes with most accessories and contains 1 penis enlarger, 1 ruler, 1 product box, 1 travel bag, 1 brochure, 5 rubber straps, 2 protection pad, and 1 cohesive gauze.

Male Edge Pro Results are incredible as this lets you have a bigger dick with no discomfort. This package comes with a money-back guarantee to give it a try fearlessly.

Note: The price of this package is $199.99


The Bottom Line

Some men might be apprehensive about using the product as they need to wear it for a longer period to see visible results.

But, it has a lot to offer in return including a bigger penis, powerful orgasms, and a happy sex life.

Do you think it’s a miracle penis extender device?

This device is no overnight remedy for a tiny dick. You should have patience and keenness to follow the process if you desire to have a bigger penis.

Male EDGE is a sound investment and it is worth every dollar you spend to buy!

So, you’ll prefer devoting a couple of months of your life to grow your penis.

You’ll never want to become the butt of everyone joke. Moreover, you’ll want to give your partner happiness back with this amazing device.

Start Your Journey Today!

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