SizeGenetics vs Quick Extender Pro: Comparing The Best Penis Extender!


Quick Extender Pro vs SizeGenetics – Wondering which penis extender device should you buy!

If you’ve spent at least some time browsing for best penis extenders you probably know the most powerful and top-rated penis enlargement devices today – Quick Extender Pro and SizeGenetics

These two penis traction devices are the solution for penis enlargement and penile curvature correction, which is why it’s so important to know which is the best!

In this blog, I’ve put together the side by side comparison review of Quick Extender Pro and SizeGenetics device so that you could see which one is better for you.

In fact, after reading this blog you’ll have a clear winner.

So without further ado, let’s start the comparison with a short summary of both the product…


Meanwhile, you may visit…

Quick Extender Pro Official Website

SizeGenetics Official Website


About Quick Extender Pro

Quick Extender Pro Traction Device

The Quick Extender Pro is a penis extender device designed and manufactured by Innovatech Designs based on New York, United States.

This top-rated penis enlargement system is the go-to choice for countless men worldwide.

Quick Extender Pro is the best solution for both penile curvature correction and penis enlargement.

According to a study conducted at the University of Turin by Dr. Paolo Gontero (urologist and a senior lecturer) documented the efficacy of penile traction in penis enlargement by 32% is just a few short months.

Quick Extender Pro has become a complete solution for penis enlargement and penile curvature correction after years of research and development.

It’s the only non-surgical solution that uses a DSS (Double Strap Support) system.

This comfortable and unique penis enlargement system has been manufactured to offer maximum tension along the tip and entire shaft of the penis.

The result is maximizing your possible gains while increasing your comfort level.

If you’re looking for permanent growth of your penis or correct penile curvature, Quick Extender Pro is the best penis extender you can go for.

And you know what!

It is done safely and confidentially from the comfort of your home.

Here my point is, Quick Extender Pro is a safe, natural penis enlargement device that will help you increase penis size.

You can count on Quick Extender Pro to deliver the following results…

  • 5-inch erect penis with a girth of 4 1/2 inches (results do vary on an individual basis)
  • Quickly correct both penile curvature and Peyronies disease
  • Larger And Harder Erection

Unlike penis enlargement pills or penis pumps, this device follows a different scientific approach in order to achieve faster and permanent results without any adverse effects.

It’s a one-time investment backed by a lifetime warranty and a money-back guarantee.


Increase The Size Of Your Penis By 32% In Just A Few Short Months


So, this was a short Quick Extender Pro review that gave you a summary of the penis extender.

Now let’s move to the next best penis extender device which is highly recommended by many of the satisfied users.


About SizeGenetics

SizeGenetics Penis Traction Device

SizeGenetics penis extender is the most powerful penis traction device that is clinically proven and medically endorsed.

The device is widely used by penis enlargement surgeons to assist in the treatment of penile issues and also permanently increase the penis size (length + girth) without any signs of adverse side effects.

SizeGenetics is a user-friendly penis enlargement device for men looking to boost their dick size and confidence.

Moreover, the device guarantees up to 29% permanent growth as it used a method that is clinically and medically documented.

The traction device is exhaustively tested and is one of the most technically advanced penis extender devices available in the market!

If you’re suffering from curvature of the penis, weaker erections, shortening of the penis or lack of sexual desire SizeGenetics can help you!

The best part!

SizeGenetics is rated by thousands of satisfied users as the easiest and fastest solution to help Peyronie’s Disease and/or correct penile curvatures.

In fact, this penis traction device was originally manufactured by DanaMedic ApS (a company based in Denmark) precisely to serve this purpose.

The device ensures the quickest and permanent results in the shortest possible time.

SizeGenetics penis extender will help you to…

  • Extend your penis by multiple inches
  • Straighten your penis
  • Improve or correct a penis curvature caused by Peyronies
  • Boost sexual desire
  • Achieve bigger, harder erections

All in all, SizeGenetics is a penis enlargement device used by medical experts to help men straighten their penis, making them look thicker, longer, and straighter.

The product comes with a 100% money-back guarantee and so you have nothing to lose but so much to gain.


Start Extending Your Penis And Get Your Confidence Back In The Bedroom


Next moving further in the SizeGenetics vs Quick Extender Pro to see which penis extender works best to deliver mind-blowing results.


Quick Extender Pro vs SizeGenetics: Mode of action 

How Does Quick Extender Pro Work?

Quick Extender Pro uses a penis traction method to enlarge your penis precisely.

As your muscles become big by lifting heavy weight on a regular basis, the extender works in a pretty similar way.

Below is the process your body will go through while the penile enlargement program.

Important Points on how the Quick Extender Pro Works:

  • Based on the Science of Penis Traction
  • Promotes Cellular Growth
  • Proportional Growth in Both Length and Girth
  • Painless Natural Gains
  • Exclusive DSS Enhanced Comfort Technology

The Penis Enlargement Process Works in 3 Simple and Easy Steps

Step #1: Wear your Penile Traction Device

The penis enlarges when a penis extender applies a constant light stretch on a daily basis!

This kind of stretching action is called “Penis Traction”; it’s the science behind the Quick Extender Pro device. Through this process neither you’ll get any discomfort nor does it affect normal penis function.

Step #2: Microscopic Tears

As your penis gets exposed to constant traction, microscopic tears begin to form along the shaft. But, the process is completely comfortable.

The microscopic tears will be visible through magnification and not the naked eye. This kind of tears will occur on a regular basis thus your body recognizes the gap created in the penis tissue.

But, your penis repairs it itself by going through a process- mitosis followed by cytokinesis

Step #3: Healing Process: Mitosis & Cytokenesis

When your penis tissue cell divide one into two (cellular division) Mitosis start occurring. The cell divides to fill the tears that occurred through the traction process. However, you can analyze the result in penis length and girth.

In a nutshell, first, the nucleus of the cell divides within itself and splits in two. Both of the cells will be a mirror image to each other. The splitting is something we call Cytokenesis. This is the final stage of division and tissue growth.

Over the course of the treatment, cell s will rapidly divide. This way your penis creates tissue that lets it become larger and stay longer.

Final Result: Natural Penis Enlargement

The penile traction is not uncomfortable even when it consists of a little tension over time!

Being a Quick Extender Pro user, you’d be able to set the tension to your penis and manage traction hours.

Though the official website recommends the different programs in the instructions manual, you may modify the program according to your needs.

Quick Extender Pro Order Online


How Does SizeGenetics Work?

Imagine a weight trainer lifting heavier weights progressively to trains and stretches the muscles!

This causes cell duplication and small micro-tears to occur besides the muscle.

And as the muscle tissue heals, it becomes firmer, larger, and bigger to hold more blood.

A penis traction device works in the same way.

By attaching SizeGenetics penile traction device to your penis, it supplies a secure, gentle and constant stretch along the Corpora Cavernosa (a pair of sponge-like regions of erectile tissue that holds blood during erections).

The painless and gentle penis stretching causes the cells within the Corpora Cavernosa to pull away and torn apart.

Just like muscle building, healthy new cells are created during the cell healing process allowing your penis to become bigger.

Therefore, your penis can hold more blood within a bigger Corpora Cavernosa.

This means you’ll also enjoy bigger, harder, and long-lasting erections!

Remember! The bigger and quicker result is directly associated with higher traction.

The higher the traction a device can give, the bigger and quicker your results.

According to the official website, the SizeGenetics penis enlargement device gives a massive 2,800 grams of traction tension that helps you enlarge your penis size faster and with better than any other device.

The SizeGenetics traction device is 100% safe, completely painless and results are permanent!

buy sizegenetics extender


Quick Extender Pro vs SizeGenetics – Conclusion

If the idea is only to increase your penis length and girth, then whatever product you choose you can not go wrong.

However, if you want an ultimate solution for your penis growth, penile curvature correction, and weaker erection then Quick Extender Pro is the best penis extender you can ever have.

It’s cheaper, more comfortable (because of the Double Strap Support system), and offers amazing results than SizeGenetics.

I hope my Quick Extender Pro vs SizeGenetics comparison review would help you to decide the best penis enlargement device.

Feel free to share your own views and feedback in the comments section below.



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