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Quick Extender Pro Traction Device

Quick Extender Pro Penis Extender – Based The Proven Science of Penis Traction

The Penile Traction Process is Not Painful By Any Means Now – Safe, Natural, Satisfaction Guaranteed!

The Quick Extender Pro has become one of the best penis extender devices because it works fast, effective and safe.

This penis stretching device is the go-to choice for a number of men across the world. It’s a top-rated solution for both penile curvature correction and penis enlargement that can be right for you.

And YES, you can count on Quick Extender Pro to deliver maximizing and fast results.

If you’re unsure whether to buy Quick Extender Pro or not, then by the end of this blog, you’ll be able to make a decision of getting this product for sure.

We have collected Quick Extender Pro results, read customer reviews with their real-life before and after pictures, benefits of using this penis enlargement device, where to buy and more for you… Keep scrolling and reading!


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Before I provide you all the details, take a quick overview of this penis extender.

Quick Extender Pro Review – At A Glance

  • Manufacturer: Innovatech Designs (USA)
  • Years on the market: 10+
  • Success rate: 95 %
  • First/max results: 30 days (6%)/180 days (36%)
  • Materials: 100% medical
  • Approved by: Dr. Eric K. Miller
  • Expert rating: 10/10
  • Discreet packaging: Yes
  • Customer Support Service: 24/7
  • Money back: 6 Months
  • International shipping: FREE USA shipping, International Shipping Available (Standard INTL 1-2 Weeks Free $9.99, Express INTL 4-5 Days $39.99)
  • Ordering method: Online From Official Website only
  • Price: $119.93 (Value Edition), $179.93 (Deluxe Standard Edition), $349.93 (Deluxe Limited Edition)
  • Official site: quickextenderpro.com


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According to a recent study (conducted at the University of Turin by Dr. Paolo Gontero, a urologist and senior lecturer), a penile traction device is effective in increasing the size of the penis by 32% within just a few months.

After years of research and development, the scientists and experts have made a conclusion that Quick Extender Pro is a complete solution to permanently enlarge your penis or correct penile curvature.

The best part!

All of this is done safely from the comfort of your home.

Backed by thousands of positive customer reviews and testimonials [with Quick Extender Pro before and after pictures], this system takes penis enlargement to the next level of comfort, quality, and of course the results.



Quick Extender Pro Results: What to Expect After Using For 3 Months

quick extender pro results

Developed by Innovatec Designs, the Quick Extender Pro is a fully upgraded penis extender device that can easily be worn throughout most daily activity.

This penis enlargement system is supported by a 6-month money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty. The only penis extender which incorporates a DSS system featuring two medical grade silicon tubes to safely secure the penis shaft and head.

The Patented DSS system is designed for absolute comfort, effectiveness, and safety.

It allows you to wear your Quick Extender Pro penis enlargement device for longer time periods throughout the day.

This results in quicker gains when compared to other penis extenders available in the market.

Below you can see a graph showing the average Quick Extender Pro results by real users. Keep in mind that this is an average outcome based on customer’s data.

Men who have used it daily for longer time periods got quicker results. On the other hand, those who used the device for even a couple of hours daily noticed extremely positive results.



Now take a look at typical Quick Extender Pro results – monthly report.

Quick Extender Pro Results

Here’s a breakdown of the average results on the basis of the monthly use of this penis enlargement device. An average user obtained a 5-inch erect penis with a girth of 4 1/2 inches over a 6 month time period.


First Month

Your order of Quick Extender Pro will arrive at your mailing address pre-assembled. All you have to do is set up the parts to fit your length.

After wearing the device for a couple of days, you’ll feel a light tension on your penis. But due to its unique DSS (Double Strap Support) system, you not feel uncomfortable.

Your penile tissue will shift from an inactive state to a growing state within the first month.

During this phase, to enter into growth mode, your body will begin to prepare the penis receptors. After that, you’ll notice that your erections will become firmer, stronger and fuller.

It happens because the Quick Extender Pro system opens up your penis to a constant stretch; allowing more blood to enter the penile area by improving the circulation.

The more blood the penis chamber (Corpora Cavernosa) fills, the harder and larger your erection will be.

If you consistently use Quick Extender Pro for a month, you will visually see the increased penis size which can be easily noticed and measured.

Summary: Quick Extender Pro results between a quarter-inch to half an inch in both length and girth – as per reported by the users.



Second Month

After using the penis extender device, your body has now adapted to the physical influence. At this stage, effortless and painless microscopic tears will begin to occur within the penis tissue.

It will be visually unnoticeable and cannot be felt along the surface of the penis.

Within week 5 to week 7 your body will naturally sense the breaches within the penile tissue and activate the process of cell multiplication, “mitosis” where the inner cells of the penis tissue begin to split to fill in the newly created spaces.

At the end of the second month, the noticeable changes can be seen in your penis length and girth.

Summary: For an average user, using Quick Extender Pro can help gain penis length and girth up to half an inch within this short time frame!


Third Month and On

At the start of the 9th week, your penis natural makeup is being re-written at an exponential rate.

The tissue cell of your penis will be thrown into overdrive as it identifies that a gigantic amount of new holes between each cell has to be filled in.

Further, to compensate for empty gases within the corpus cavernosum, the penis cells will rapidly start multiplying.

The new cells will add to the penis tissue mass which will help increase penis length and girth proportionally.

The penis filled with enough blood also helps increase the strength of your erections.

Don’t stop using this penis enlargement device after 6 months, if you really want to enjoy permanent results with the Quick Extender Pro penis extender.

Summary: Users have reported a gain of three quarters to a full inch and a half between the third and sixth months.

Quick Extender Pro is a product that has become very popular on the market in a less time span due to its unique concept.

Note that the penis enlargement results obtained with the use of this penis extender device last permanently. The minimal contradictions have made the product a big hit among men all over the world.


You can find a huge number of Quick Extender Pro forums where the user discusses this penis enlargement device. Most of the reviews posted on the forum sites are positive. Men note that Quick Extender Pro results and manufacture’s specifications correspond to reality.

Many users claim that using this penis extender device has not only improved their mood but also their physical energy and strength. Also, now they have a more intense and pronounced orgasm.



Quick Extender Pro Customer Reviews: Testimonials & Success Stories

Quick Extender Pro Customer Reviews

If you are planning to use a penis extender system or if you want to know whether the penis enlargement device work or not, then feel free to read real customer testimonials.

Testimonials are a great way to help spread the word on a product that works.

Take a look…

Brad, (Via Email, Long Beach, California)

Hey Guys,

A few months ago I ordered Quick Extender Pro and started using it right away. I find it to be easy to wear and have been wearing this penis extender device for around 60 days. The product is really amazing! I gained half an inch in length and girth as well as wearing the Quick Extender Pro only for 2 hours a day. My erections are harder and now I going to continue my usage time to maximize results. Thanks to Quick Extender Pro for changing my life!


S.B. , (Via Email, Long Beach, California)

Dear Quick Extender Pro,

Thank you for providing such an amazing product! I believe it’s one of the best penis extender device on the market, especially for the results. It helped me gain an inch after 2 months (soft), and half an inch (erect). The constant use of this penis enlargement device has given me a whole new level of self-confidence, and even improved my overall sexual performance!


Chris, (via Email, Los Angeles)

Dear Crew,

I purchased Quick Extender Pro a month ago and I am extremely pleased with the results I have gained using the device. With the help of the penis extender, I went from 6 inches to about 6.25 in erect length in only a month!!! Can you really imagine this! Thank you so much for such a great product and keep up the good work.


Derrick, (via email, Houston, Texas)

Dear Quick Extender Pro,

From the past 2 months, I’ve been using the Quick Extender Pro and am extremely pleased with the results so far. I followed the instruction given in the manual. Within 2 months my penis size increased from 6.2 inches to 6.7 inches. Also, my erections are harder and firmer than they used to be. I am really thankful for Quick Extender Pro. I’m going to continue the usage until I get my 8 inches! Thank you!



Why Should I Choose Quick Extender Pro?

how does quick pro extender works

Here I have discussed the top 5 reasons why Quick Extender Pro has become the number one choice for hundreds of men.

  • The device has the potential to increase your penis girth by up to 20% and length by up to 28%. You’ll get the result within 6 months of use!
  • It’s an excellent product that helps you deal with Premature Ejaculation! In addition, it also significantly improves the frequency and quality of your erections!
  • Quick Extender Pro can also help in treating sexual dysfunction!
  • The penis enlargement device is made from aluminum and 100% hypoallergenic medical grade synthetics. Durable and lightweight, the penis extender offers a worry-free experience for life and requires zero maintenance.
  • Last, but not the least, using the penis extender is NOT a painful method. In fact, it’s the comfortable and easiest way to enlarge your penis size and make your erection bigger, harder, and long-lasting!

What’s more?

The list of Quick Extender Pro benefits does not end here. One of the actual problems comes with the most penis extenders that they are not very comfortable or easy to wear – some of them even cause severe discomfort and pain.

This creates an even bigger concern for men because most of the penis enlarging system relies on the constant use of the product in order to get results permanent.

However, the manufacturer of Quick Extender Pro has addressed and solved this issue for you!

The device features a one-of-a-kind Dual Strap support system (DSS), which makes this only penis enlargement device of its kind in the market to be so comfortable and easy to wear!

If you have already used a penis extender before, then this one is similar in operation.

But if you’re using it for the first time, then no worries, you’ll get to know how does Quick Extender Pro really works in no time.


Quick Extender Pro How To Use?

What we all like the best about this penis extender device is how easy it is to use.

The presence of its DSS (Double Strap Support) system ensures that you can safely strip the device on your dick and apply traction without worrying about your penis slipping out.

Similarly, the high-grade comfort pads of the Quick Extender Pro deluxe edition make it incredibly comfortable to wear.

Another benefit of using this penis enlargement device is that you can control how much traction/tension you want to use on your dick.

Simply strap your penis into the device and gradually increase the amount of tension you want to apply.

Slowly and steadily you’ll get familiar to this continuous daily stretch.

For the first couple of days, you’ll only be able to feel the stretch and after wearing the device for 6-8 hours every day you’ll barely notice the stretch.

You can even wear Quick Extender Pro while you sleep.

Now let’s take a look at Quick Extender Pro curvature correction instruction in detail…

Quick Extender Pro Instructions To Use:

  1. Press the Quick Extender Pro’s front headpiece onto elongation bars
  2. Place the head of your penis into the device and adjust it until you feel a slight stretch.
  3. Leave it in this condition for at least 6-8 hours a day.
  4. To feel a light stretch over your penis, adjust the tension daily. This will gradually increase the tension that’ll further help your penis to grow.

According to a number of studies you can achieve the results within 2-3 weeks when using any penis extender for up to 6-8 hours daily.

The Quick Extender Pro results depend on total time worn, it doesn’t’ count the daily usage. You can even take off the penis extender device if you need to.

You can use this device following your daily normal routines.


Quick Extender Pro Buy


Quick Extender Pro


Growth In Both Length And Girth


Painless Natural Gains


Extends Penis By 40%


Comfort Straps


Curved Penis Treatment



  • Fully Upgraded Penis Extender Device
  • Double Strap Support "Dss" System
  • Next Generation In Penis Extenders
  • Peyronies Disease And Curved Penis Treatment
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction Or Your Money Back


  • Bit Costly
  • Available on Official Website Only
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    Growth In Both Length And Girth


    Painless Natural Gains


    Extends Penis By 40%


    Comfort Straps


    Curved Penis Treatment


    Best and working penile size extender and curvature curation device.

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