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Bigger. Harder. Longer. – These three words describe Male Extra in a complete manner.

Male Extra – a male enhancement supplement that claims to “supercharge your sex life” and “increase your bedroom performance” with “no side effects”.

Who doesn’t want that!

Big words aside, how does it work to get you a bigger, harder, longer-lasting erections plus more intense orgasms?

In this Male Extra reviews, we’ll talk about the ingredients used in Male Extra and look at some of the research which states the effectiveness of this male enhancement supplement – so you can decide if it’s right for you.

But first, let’s find out why this male enhancer product is the most potent male enhancement pill on the market!

Well, male extra has hit headlines because of it….

 Increases your sexual confidence as well as performance in the bedroom.
 Ideally works to deal with erectile dysfunction
 Said to have used safe natural ingredients backed by clinical studies
 Adds masculinity to your appearance
 Intensify your sex drive that may have reduced due to a number of reasons.
 Ignites sexual energy and stamina during sex.
 Can help you extend as much as 2.8” in the size of the penis
 Promises a bigger, harder and longer erections for men that struggle with “soft” erections.

Now let’s dive into the powerful and effective ingredients of male extra that really work to give you 100% guaranteed results.



There are plenty of male enhancement pills available on the market today, and they have various rates of success depending on the quality that varies dramatically.

Thanks to the advancements in modern science, there are now more effective non-prescription supplements than ever.

However, there is also an unfavorable amount of low-quality supplements that make big claims but end up offering little in the way of results.

Have you ever wondered why many people still hesitate about using the most effective male enhancement supplement?

It might be, because of their anxieties about its side effects, contradictions, and complications.

Today, in this blog we will be discussing Male Extra Ingredents & side effects.  Find the truth behind the claims made by its manufacturer.

Male Extra is one of the most popular penis enlargement supplement that has become very popular among men all over the world in very less time.

So, without further ado, let’s take a deeper look into Male Extra, their manufacturer, does it work, dosage and possible side effects.


Let’s first know about the makers of this male enhancement supplement…

Who Manufactured Male Extra?

Nowadays, markets are flooded with a number of fake and illegal drug products and knowing as well as trusting the origin of such supplements you consume is critical for your health.

Thus, to avoid putting your health at risk, it’s essential to buy male enhancement or other health supplements only from a trusted and reputable manufacturer.

Vobue Limited is the company that manufactures the Male Extra penis enlargement pills. The company is based in the United Kingdom with several branches across the globe and is a trusted name in the health supplement industry.

All of its products have created using highly potent and natural ingredients that are approved by the FDA.
Besides this, the company also offers a 100% money-back guarantee on all of their products just to add extra security for their valued customer.

Additionally, they have a transparent website ( and ordering process for Male Extra, containing detailed information about the ingredients, dosage informationmanufacturing process and more.

Furthermore, they are backed with scientific data that supports their manufacturing claims, male extra reviews, testimonials from previous customers that does a brilliant job of addressing all of the potential questions that a customer may have about this pill.


male extra in stores


Male Extra Ingredients Listed On Official Website

So far, we’ve gathered a handful of some effective and powerful ingredients on the official store of this penis enlargement pills. They include:

  1. Pomegranate 40% Ellagic Acid 500mg
  2. MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) 100mg
  3. L-Arginine HCL 600mg
  4. Zinc (as Citrate) 14mg
  5. L-Methionine 100mg
  6. Niacin 18mg (vitamin B3)
  7. Cordyceps 25mg





Male Extra contains the following ingredients based on its product label which we have discussed here in a detailed way.

Take a look…

#1: Pomegranate 40% Ellagic Acid 500mg

Pomegranate contains huge sums of antioxidant-rich ellagic acid, which is very effective at boosting blood circulation.

A study was done on people drinking pomegranate juice daily, which showed a 17% increase in blood flow in just 90 days.

In the same way, men in another study reported experiencing better erections, after eight weeks of drinking pomegranate juice.

While yet another study discovered that pomegranate is not only good at increasing blood flow but also delays fatigue during physical exercise.

What’s more?

The antioxidants found in pomegranate have been known to protect nitric oxide from free radical damage, which essentially improves its effects on blood flow!

Furthermore, a daily serving of Male Extra – male enhancement supplement gives you a substantial 500mg of pure pomegranate 40% ellagic acid, helping you experience bigger, harder, better and long-lasting erections thereby giving all night staying power that you need to really make an impression in the bedroom.

#2: MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) 100mg

MSM is an organic form of sulfur which is essential for your cell and tissue health – including your penis cells.

Lack of MSM can weak your cells thus your body cannot build healthy and strong new cells.

MSM which is a great source of sulfur in Male Extra encourages the growth of your penis by stimulating the growth of new healthy, flexible cells that can hold more blood, helping you attain firmer, bigger erections.

#3: L-Arginine HCL 600mg

It is an amino acid that gets converted into nitric acid in your body for aiding cell health.

Numerous studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of amino acid on male sexual performance and erection quality.

Recently, in one study, 37% of men who were suffering from erectile dysfunction experienced a great improvement in their ability to maintain and gain an erection after daily serving of l-arginine for just over a month.

In another study, 31% of men with having the same erectile problems reported experiencing significant improvement in both their erections and sexual performance after taking a regular dosage of l-arginine for six weeks and you what’s shocking; their nitric oxide levels doubled too.

So, it has been concluded that, with a massive 600mg of l-arginine daily serving, you’ll definitely experience reliable, solid erections that stay harder for a long time.


#4: Zinc (as Citrate) 14mg

Zinc is an essential mineral that plays a key role in testosterone production.

In research, the experts found testosterone levels in men on a low zinc diet dropped by a whopping 75% after 20 weeks.

The same research showed testosterone levels almost doubled after increasing the ingestion of zinc in a different group of men.

The lower level of testosterone can cause havoc with your erections and your libido, yet most men don’t get enough Zinc in their diet. Not getting enough Zinc can diminish your sense of smell and can truly reduce your libido.

The Zinc in Male Extra not only helps protect you against Zinc insufficiency but also helps keep your testosterone at healthy levels and your libido firing.

Moreover, the makers of this penis enlargement pills have used Zinc as Citrate in the formula, because it’s clinically proven to be better absorbed than other Zinc sources.


#5: L-Methionine 100mg

L-methionine contains a high amount of amino acid that works by blocking the conversion of histidine into the hormone histamine.

Histamine plays a significant role in achieving a great result; high amounts of this element are likely to ejaculate, which is why high levels of histamine have been allied to premature ejaculation.

By reducing your histamine levels, L-methionine can aid you in getting firmer and last longer erections and enjoyment in bed by delaying ejaculation.

#6: Niacin 18mg (vitamin B3)

Niacin is also called vitamin B3, research has shown that niacin encourages blood flow by helping blood vessels expand and relax.

In one study, over half of the volunteers with erectile dysfunction experienced a significant improvement in their ability to maintain an erection when taking a regular dosage of niacin.

On the other hand, those taking another male enhancement pill experienced no difference at all to their erections.

Niacin is also known for reducing fatigue and tiredness, which means more stamina in the bedroom!


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#7: Cordyceps 25mg

Cordyceps have been using in Chinese medicine for thousands of years as a natural aphrodisiac.

The experts have done numerous studies that are enough for proving the powerful ability of this type of fungus to enhance sex drive and sexual function.

According to the scientists, this is all because of the two chemicals present in cordyceps named deoxyadenosine and cordycepic acid, which appears to have a direct influence on the part of our brain responsible for controlling sexual desire.

In one study, men reported an upsurge in their sex drive after consuming cordyceps, while in another study, 64% of men reported an improvement in their erections after taking it.

As you can see these pharmaceutical-grade herbs and compounds is making the product’s quality undeniable and trustworthy.

The male extra ingredients have been used for hundreds of years for their male enhancement properties.

Furthermore, these potent constituents would definitely contribute to better sex drive and long-lasting erections. Combining them together gives you immense sexual pleasure and you’ll be performing like a porn-star in very less time.


After being aware of Male Extra ingredients and its amazing benefits if you still have the mind-boggling question like…Does Male Extra Really work or it’s just a hype, then continue reading after the next section! It’ll help you get an accurate answer to this question…


male extra works

Does Male Extra Really Work?

One word answer: Absolutely.

Basically, it works by chemically activating a number of key biological processes.

It’s a potent circulatory aid that has been shown to dramatically increase the blood flow to the penis. This is essential for maintaining and achieving quality erections.

Additionally, some of the Male Extra ingredients work in order to upsurge the men’s production of testosterone – a crucial hormone to kick off the male sexual responses.

With Male Extra male enhancement pills, you’ll experience greater blood circulation to and through your penis improving the ability to have a bigger, harder and firmer erection plus larger ejaculations leading to more intense orgasms.

The use of this penis enlargement pills also increases stamina to help you satisfy your partner for as long as she wants even it’s all night and achieve an erection faster and have a long-lasting erection than ever before.


Nothing speaks louder than those Male Extra customer reviews available on the Internet.

Thousands of customers have made the decision to give this male enlargement pills a try and obtained the benefits that this powerful supplement has to offer.

Further, the testosterone impacts performance by increasing stamina both physically & sexually, libido and erectile quality.

It makes your brain more sensitive to testosterone levels, to improve the mental and physical factors. To improve blood sugar and insulin interactions that result in a healthy erection and equally satisfying sex for both partners.

Male Extra also helps prevent premature, erectile dysfunction and when orgasms do occur they tend to be more intense and produce a high-quality volume of better quality sperm.

All in all this male enhancement supplement has the potential to improve the quality of life for many individuals who suffer when it comes to performing in the bedroom.

And this is what all men want to improve – not just their sexual performance but overall sexual health.


If you decide to buy Male Extra penis enlargement pills for yourself, you would be making a sensible choice. This product will give you the most of your money compared to other natural male enhancement pills available on the market.




With such an amazing sex pill for men, what more you could ask for?

Probably the negative effects of Male Extra!

So, in the next section, we have discussed the side effects associated with this dick pill which will help you to decide if this is the right supplement for you.

Take a look…

Are there any side effects of using Male Extra?

Know the Whole Truth before You Buy It!

Being a pure form of natural ingredients, male extra DO NOT cause any side effects. The product has never rooted severe complications for even a single person who has used this product.

The statement can be vindicated by the fact that the male extra ingredients used are not just scientifically researched and clinically tested, but are also approved by the FDA.

Although there are no side effects of this pill. But if you have an allergy or you are already suffering from other dangerous diseases then you may face followings. (These male extra side effects may vary from person to person)

Male Extra Possible Side Effects

  • Increased Heart Rate
  • Nausea / Vomiting
  • Headache
  • Prolonged Erection

Now let’s discuss them in great detail…

1. Increased Heart Rate – Rapid Heartbeat

fast heart rate

The most common side effects that a man can experience from these capsules are increased blood pressure and heart rate.

Since this product contains stimulants, it’s only normal and most healthy males should have no problem with this.
Basically, the problem lies with men that already have a faster or irregular heartbeat and pre-existing conditions. Taking any kind of stimulant when suffering from such health problems is a recipe for disaster, and most men know this.

However, many of them don’t realize they have a pre-existing condition. It may be further ignorant of the fact that a product contains a stimulant could be potentially harmful.

2. Nausea/Vomiting


This is probably the scariest male extra side effect. Frankly speaking, this side effect subsides fairly quickly, but it can be distressing for a few hours.

Some of its ingredients can make you feel very uncomfortable at times. To avoid this side effect, it’s better to consume a small amount of an ingredient in your body. Make sure you take the product on a full stomach.

When the stomach is empty, capsules break apart and digest more quickly, thereby giving you a quick burst of whatever it is you are taking.  Taking the pills after the meal could help to lower the potential for side effects.

3. Headache


A headache is probably the most common side effect in male extra penis enlargement pills.
However, you can prevent a headache by drinking plenty of water.

Usually, the headache is preceded or followed by irritability and anxiety, which caused typically due to some of the ingredients used in this product.

4. Prolonged Erection

We have gone through a few reviews from guys that shared their male extra results. According to them, they have experienced prolonged erections.

In medical terms, a prolonged erection is termed as “Priaprism” which affects less than 2% of men and is defined as an erection lasting more than a few hours.

However, those male extra side effects are tending to be both RARE and MILD. There are no accounts experiencing side effects found anywhere online.

Note: You don’t have to worry about these above-mentioned side effects as they are very rare and are found in the first few days only or generally it’s not found. The male extra side effects can be eradicated by taa king a sufficient amount of water.

There are certain doses and directions by its manufacturers; if you follow them properly you will get the better result with no side effects.

But, you don’t have to worry as these mild male extra side effects are very rare and are found. In the first few days of use only plus can be eliminated just by taking a sufficient amount of water.


order male extra from official


How To Take Male Extra – Dosage Recommendation

 1 bottle [90 pills] = 1 Month Supply 

Generally speaking, according to the manufacturers, the recommendation is 3 Male Extra pills every day.

The regular use of this natural penis enhancement pills for 3 to 6 months will enable you to increase your penis size by 0.8 to 2.6 inches thereby giving you bigger, harder erections and super-charged sex life!

There is no strict diet with this medication. You can have your favorite food and can have sex with great pleasure.

When I am talking about first visible results, you’ll be able to see improvements or rather changes after only a few weeks!

There’re a number of benefits of using this supplement!

It’s no secret that older erotic performance with older sexual performance with older men usually drops with their age and in some, it may lead to erectile dysfunction.


Contraindications of Male Extra

There are some cases when you should not take the Male Extra male enhancement supplement.

These include:

  • Male Extra is only for healthy bodies and thus men who are diagnosed with high blood pressure, heart diseases, etc. are suggested to avoid its usage until and unless being permitted by a doctor.
  • To gain maximum male extra results, follow the recommended dosage (how to take male extra); it must not be exceeded by oneself.
  • The supplement is not intended for young boys (under the age of 18). The supplement can be used only by men suffering from sexual problems like erectile dysfunction or sex drive.
  • Consult your doctor before using male extra capsules, if you have undergone penis enlargement surgery.
  • The supplement should not be used in combination with prescribed medicines. If so, discuss it with your physician first.

You Have Nothing to Lose, and Everything to Gain!



Where to Find Male Extra – Buy Online?

Male Extra is only available at Male Extra Official Store – with 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee and Free Worldwide Shipping!

Yes, that’s true!

Purchasing the male enhancement supplement will ensure that you will receive a 100% genuine product.

Buying online via the official website, you’re getting a guarantee of quality; there is no chance to get any duplicate or counterfeit supplement.

The manufacturer of this penis enlargement does not allow any other shopping website like Amazon, eBay or third-party stores like Amazon, Walmart, and Walgreens to sell their product.

However, if you buy it somewhere apart from the official store, it is either a fake supplement or someone is trying to scam you.

Guys looking for Male Extra GNC deals on any other shopping websites instead of the reliable official website will likely to be ripped off.


Male Extra Price: How much does it cost?

On the Official Website, you can get Male Extra in three different packages of 1 Month Supply. 4 Month Supply and 6 Month Supply.



Free Trial



Your Text

Your Text

Your Text



Savings: $10.00

Retail: $74.95

Price per day: $2.17

One Bottle

For 1 Month

100-Days Money Back Gurantee

Fast & Free Shipping



Savings: $194.80

Retail: $374.75

Price per day: $1.50

3 Bottles + 1 Free

For 4 Months

1 FREE Erection Gel Tube

100-Days Money Back Gurantee

Fast & Free Shipping



Savings: $349.70

Retail: $599.65

Price per day: $1.39

4 Bottles + 2 Free

For 6 Months

2 Erections Gel Tube For Free

100-Days Money Back Gurantee

Fast & Free Shipping




Savings: $803.30

Retail: $1199.25

Price per day: $1.10

12 Bottles 

For 12 Months

4 Erections Gel Tube For Free

100-Days Money Back Gurantee

Fast & Free Shipping


For the maker, customer’s satisfaction is their utmost priority and that’s why Male Extra has a 100% money-back guarantee.

In Case of less satisfaction, you can the unused bottle of male extra or contact the makers within 60 days. You’ll get a full refund and entire purchase price, excluding any shipping charges.

It’s as simple as that.

So, what are you waiting for?

Buy Male Extra online today and get a balanced dosage of each of these powerful ingredients for the exact results you need right now!



Male Extra comes with a diverse nutritional profile that affects the human body in a variety of positive ways. The supplement has even received incredibly great remarks from previous users, scientists alike. There have been no issues with side effects reported by previous real customers, who have posted positive things about their experiences with the male enhancement pills.

Our final thoughts concluded that Male Extra is one of the top male enhancement products. It works to improve your overall sexual performance.


Male Extra


Size Growth






Longer Erections





  • Bigger, Harder & Stronger Penis
  • Increases Blood Flow in Penis
  • Safe & Natural Ingredients
  • Proven To Work Quickly
  • Longer Erections


  • Available On Official Website Only
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