Causes, Symptoms, & Solutions of Itching and Redness in The Penis

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Attention Men! If You Have Itching, Redness, and inflammation in the PENIS!

Redness and itching of the glans penis is a symptom that men of different ages often encounter. This sign may indicate both minor and major problems, for example, to insufficient hygiene, and to serious diseases of the genitourinary system.

The head of the penis is covered with skin – thin and delicate, not like the rest of the body. In the head are multiple nerve endings, which even with minor damage and irritation of the skin give a signal to the brain. This causes the man to experience severe discomfort in the genital area.

Synonyms and Related Terms of Itching in Penis

  1. Balanitis (inflammation of the skin of the glans penis)
  2. Postitis (inflammation of the foreskin, often from the inside)
  3. Combination: balanoposthitis


The most common causes for irritation and redness of the penis

There are many reasons why the skin of the penis can look dry, irritated and reddened, these problems can appear both in the body of the penis, as in the part of the glans, around the scrotum or in the anal area. Many times these symptoms are harmless and easy to treat, but you have to be vigilant and if the symptoms do not disappear or get worse in a few days you have to go without excuses to see your doctor.

  • Dry Skin

The masturbation or continuous sexual intercourse can cause the skin of our penis show symptoms of dryness and redness.

In this case, the solution is simple, we can find a quick relief using moisturizers that are of natural origin and do not use any type of chemical. These creams help the quick healing and give a quick relief.

  • Bacterial or fungal infections

There are numerous types of bacterial and fungal infections that can affect the health of the penis. Infections that cause redness, painful rashes, irritations, itching, and burning. Dry skin allows the bacteria found on the surface of the skin to penetrate the outer skin layer, leading to think in many cases that we are suffering from some type of venereal disease.

In addition, candidiasis infections, the candida fungus that often also causes infections in women, tinea skin and cause red welts and rashes, itching and peeling skin.

The treatment of these conditions depends on the type of infection, the best option is to use natural moisturizers.

  • Allergic reactions

Common products such as shower gels, perfumes, skin creams, deodorants, lubricants and latex condoms are in most cases the cause of allergies in sensitive skin, causing itching and a strong burning sensation.

  • Psoriasis

This problem usually appears to suffer from this disease, since Psoriasis can manifest in any part of the body. Its effects are clear, itching and peeling. It usually causes great discomfort during sex or masturbation.

The Serious solution to use natural products that contain a large amount of vitamin A, these types of products are those commonly used in psoriasis treatments.

  • Sexually transmitted diseases

Certain sexually transmitted diseases, including HPV and herpes, can cause red welts, which are very bothersome during sex. It is important that any man who is exposed to a Sexually Transmitted Infection refrain from having sexual intercourse until he visits his doctor and solves the problem.

  • Lack of hygiene

A poor personal hygiene can cause very unpleasant symptoms of smell and skin problems, including of course the part of the penis, especially in uncircumcised men.

To avoid this problem, it is important to take a regular shower and wash every day. Meanwhile, what you can do is take a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle, in addition to exercising regularly. Limit the consumption of alcohol and tobacco. It is also important to be selective in choosing your partner and maintain proper hygiene.

  • Pubic lice

This type of lice causes irritation of the skin of the intimate region resulting in a constant and intense itching sensation in the penis. Pubic lice can be transmitted by intimate contact or by sharing towels, sheets, underwear or other objects that come into direct contact with the intimate region.

The best way to eliminate pubic lice is to shave or pluck the pubic hair since the lice cling to the hairs and not to the skin. However, there is also the option to perform a treatment with own sprays and lotions such as malathion or Permethrin cream, which may be prescribed by the dermatologist.

  • Chlamydia

Although almost all sexually transmitted diseases can cause itching and discomfort in the penis, chlamydia is most often itching as an early warning, not accompanied by any other symptoms.

In this way, men who have unprotected sex should perform tests constantly to identify if they are infected with a Sexually transmitted disease start treatment.

You should take an antibiotic prescribed by the urologist for 7 days.

What else can you do?

If you experience the above symptoms, you are strongly advised to contact the urologist immediately to begin treatment as soon as possible.

Since the inflammation of the glans penis may spread further down the urethra, there is the possibility of additional inflammation of the urethra (urethritis), inflammation of the bladder (cystitis) and inflammation of the prostate gland (prostatitis).

In addition, toxic inflammation of the appendages (epididymitis) is also possible, so it is strongly recommended that an early examination and appropriate treatment be performed.

Help of specialists

If you have problems in the genital area, you will be consulted by a urologist. Men from the age of 50 are recommended to undergo regular examinations regardless of the symptomatology.

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