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max performer vs vigrx plus

Is VigRX Plus Better Than Max Performer?

Which one is the Best Male Enhancement Pills?

Hey fellas! Are you looking for the answer to such kind of questions!

Well, you’ve landed on the right page. Here I’ve shared a complete comparison review of Max Performer VS VigRX Plus.

At the end of this blog, you’ll be able to decide which one is the best Sex Enhancement Pills.

With such a diversity of ED (Erectile Dysfunction) treatments available today at the market, choosing the right supplement can be a baffling problem.

You might be wondering why I dare to lug the supreme forces into this question!

Pretty simple! Because even experienced sexual health specialists don’t know what drugs combat impotence better!

Therefore, through this blog, I’m going to shed some light on this topic.

Can you guess how?

Yes, by comparing two widely different yet similarly most popular brands in the male enhancement industry called VigRX Plus and Max Performer.

When you visit VigRX Plus Official Website or Max Performer Official Website, you won’t get much information about these products and customer reviews.

As a result, you won’t be able to decide which one is better for you.

That’s why I have decided to write the actual truths and facts (based on researches) about these erection pills for you.



Max Performer VS VigRX Plus

But before I start the discussion, I would like to mention some short but important points…

VigRX Plus is similar to Max Performer in several ways. In fact, both male enhancement pills are considered best in their league.

However, there’re slight differences in terms of Market Presence like:

  • The VigRX Plus is an old proven formula whereas Max Performer has been recently launched in the market.
  • The VigRX Plus formulation is the work of 17 years of research in the field of men’s sexual health whereas Max Performer is a newer brand.
  • VigRX Plus has captured the sexual health market as one of the longest-running male enhancement supplement, on the other hand, Max Performer is gaining a lot of popularity these days.

Hence, if you’re looking for something with a prolonged market existence, perhaps VigRX Plus male enlargement pills could be great for you.

But hold on for a second!

If you’re one of those who are truly convinced to give VigRX Plus a try but at the same time willing to know the similarities and distinctive traits it shares with Max Performer, then let us help you!

Below you can find essential facts with quick reviews about both male enhancement supplements.



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Max Performer VS VigRX Plus Reviews And Comparison in Detail

It’s a bit tough and time taking a process to review and compare two amazing male enhancement pills and pick the best of them.

But for your convenience and save your valuable time…

I have done complete research by draining almost all search engines and contacting several users.

Majority of men are enjoying their sex life because of their increased erection strength, boosted sexual desire and supercharged sexual stamina.


Here I’m going to discuss two popular brands VigRX Plus and Max Performer to analyze their effectiveness and the level of satisfaction among the users.

Take a look…

VigRX Plus

vigrx-plus single box

Manufacturer (Company Details)

  • Leading Edge Health is a leading company in the natural health space dedicated to formulating, testing and sourcing the highest quality of natural products, proven to help prevent, reduce, and even reverse many of the issues a man faces at a young age.
  • All products are manufactured in cGMP certified facilities in the USA using high-quality ingredients since 2001.
  • Leading Edge Health offers an exclusive collection of natural male enhancement supplements that come with extremely high satisfaction rates, which typically linger over 95%.



Max Performer

max performer single box

Manufacturer (Company Details)

  • Silver Blade Nutrition Limited is a London, UK based company that has been operating since 2015. As a relatively new business to the industry, the company designs its supplement based on the latest and most up to date research.
  • Max Performer is the only supplement they currently sell. This also works for the customer as research is almost guaranteed to have highly focused on developing an effective and result-oriented supplement.
  • The knowledge base of the company completely focus on just 7 main active ingredients, so understanding is likely to be very in-depth.



VigRX Plus

Clinical Study Results

  • A 58.97% RISE In Ability To Penetrate Partner!
  • A 62.82 INCREASE in the ability to maintain an erection
  • A 22.49% GROWTH in the quality of orgasms!
  • A 61% BOOST in overall sexual performance and desire!

Max Performer

Clinical Study Results

  • Boost your sexual desire
  • Increase your self-confidence
  • Helps increase your size plus erection strength
  • Sexually satisfy your partner…. Every time
  • Last longer in bed with supercharged sexual stamina

VigRX Plus

Active Ingredients

  • Damiana
  • Epimedium Leaf Extract
  • Asian Red Ginseng
  • Muira Pauma Bark Extract
  • Hawthorn Berry
  • Catuaba Bark Extract
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Bioperine

Max Performer

Active Ingredients

  • Horny Goats Weed
  • Maca
  • Red Korean Ginseng
  • Cordyceps
  • Bioperine
  • Selenium
  • Zinc

VigRX Plus

Benefits (Notable Features)

  • Renewed, High-Quality and Natural Ingredients
  • Optimized Dosing
  • Scientifically Designed Formulation
  • Maximum Absorption With Bioperine

Max Performer

Benefits (Notable Features)

  • Bigger, Harder and Stronger Erections
  • Increased Stamina and Sexual Performance
  • Stronger & More Intense Orgasms
  • Increased Sexual Desire

VigRX Plus

Side Effects

  • With its all-natural and organic formulation, VigRX Plus has shown no major side effects!

Max Performer

Side Effects

  • Max Performer ingredients have been clinically tested by real research and backed by science. This proves Max Performer to be 100% safe and side effect free.

VigRX Plus

Who is it not for?

  • Men suffering from some health issues like High Blood Pressure, cardiovascular disease, High Cholesterol Levels Diabetes, or are undergoing some medical treatment.

Max Performer

Who is it not for?

  • Men suffering from some health issues like High Blood Pressure, cardiovascular disease, High Cholesterol Levels Diabetes, or are undergoing some medical treatment.

VigRX Plus

How Fast Will I See Results?

  • Results vary between different people. And with VigRX Plus it takes 30-60 days to see the results.

Max Performer

How Fast Will I See Results?

  • The company recommends taking Max Performer for up to 90 days (daily) to attain the maximum results.

VigRX Plus Availability:

  • Only available at its official website:
  • 1 Month Supply (1 Box) Costs $76.99
  • 67 days Money Back Guarantee
  • 95.3% Positive User Reviews

Max Performer Availability:

  • Only available at its official website:
  • Box Of Max Performer Costs $69
  • 100 days of money back guarantee
  • 92.4%  Positive User Reviews


As you can see, both of the male enhancement supplements have been designed to boost your sexual health in different ways.

In addition, both of the products seem to be getting excellent customer reviews too.


After going through this Max Performer VS VigRX Plus comparison review, most of your questions must have answered.

But still, if you are in some sort of dilemma and a number of questions are popping in your mind.


Does Max Performer Really Work?


Are VigRX Plus Results Permanent?

To answer these questions and clear all your doubts I have decided to pit them against each other and try to work out which one is the best.

I am going to review both the supplements including their ingredients, how they work, benefits, results, and customer reviews.

So peeps! If you do wish to find out a little more bit about Max Performer and VigRX Plus, then continue reading…


Max Performer: Natural Male Enhancement Pills

max performer official website

Max Performer the most popular erection pill is manufactured by Silver Blade Nutrition Ltd, located in London.

It’s a supplement that works to improve your stamina, endurance, and confidence for an overwhelming performance.

Silver Blade Nutrition is actually a UK based company that is classified as a micro company, operating since 2015.

Max Performer claims to deliver 5 results:

  • Increased sexual desire
  • Longer Erections
  • Improved sexual performance and stamina
  • Stronger climax
  • More fulfilling sex-life

This male enhancement supplement is formulated with scientifically backed ingredients that aim to deliver this promise in a potent punch.

Moreover, regarding the penis size, they have their question on their Max Performer Official Site FAQs page:

Will this supplement make my penis bigger?

Max Performer can offer long-lasting improvements and can make your penis look bigger if used daily.

By boosting blood flow levels, this can cause the cells in your penis to naturally split and replicate resulting in increased cell mass that is added to the thickness and length of your penis.

While this is true, a pill should have ingredients that influence HGH, for the hormonal mechanism to trigger and really enhanced size.



VigRX Plus: Best Male Enhancement Supplement

Does VigRX Plus Work

VigRX Plus is a natural male enhancement pill that has been science-backed and clinically tested plus proven to increase erection quality and size.

The independent clinical study of this product has been published in leading medical journals.

It’s the only male enhancement supplement that’s recommended by leading medical doctors in the USA.

In fact, these penis enlargement pills are even recommended by Dr. Steven Lamm M.D. who is the Director of NYU Men’s Health Center.

VigRX was first launched in 2002 and after 4 years of extensive testing, the formula further updated and improved, then released as VigRX Plus.

The supplement is designed to improve men’s sexual performance with bigger, harder, longer lasting erections.

Whether you’re suffering from erectile dysfunction or just need to put a little more lead in your dick and boost your libido, VigRX Plus may be the answer you’re looking for.

Now check out the following VigRX Plus Results that is the outcome of numerous clinical studies:

  • 22.49% GROWTH in the quality of orgasms
  • 47.00% INCREASE in overall sexual performance and desire
  • 62.82% RISE in the ability to maintain an erection
  • 71.43% INCREASE in intercourse satisfaction
  • 58.97% BOOST in the ability to penetrate the partner

Here the bottom line is: VigRX Plus has the proof of its claims and that really goes a long way when doctors are recommending this product.



Max Performer VS VigRX Plus: Ingredients



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Horny Goats Weed

This ingredient is highly enhanced in lacariin. According to neurologists, this composition can help to slow down the release PDE5 which is liable for reducing blood flow, thus enabling your penis to benefit from bolstered testosterone levels; increased circulation; heightened sexual function and arousal and improved nerve stimulation. 



Known as a powerful aphrodisiac. This Max Performer ingredient has been used for centuries to increase strength, stamina and endurance by joining macenes, photochemicals and macamides – to improve your sperm counts and mobility, boost your strength, and restore your hormone levels. 


Red Korean Ginseng

Red Korean Ginseng is actually known for its ability to improve performance and reduce stress. This ingredient is believed to utilize its strong levels of Ginsenosides in order to expand levels of concentration and alertness, bolstering sexual desire and endurance and at the same time easing anxiety. 



Cordyceps is a mushroom extract that helps to assist cell communication by increasing your oxygen uptake. This ingredient is clinically proven to boost blood flow levels to your sexual organs. This max performer has also been known to enhance testosterone, produce stronger and more intensely powerful erections as well as increase blood levels and sperm count. 



Bioperine is a natural chemical compound derived from long and black pepper plants which are reputed to increase your body’s ability to captivate powerful and active ingredients; improve blood flow, stimulate cellular energy and boost stamina. 



Selenium is an antioxidant that helps to reduce damage caused by oxidative stress on your cells, allowing your penile tissue to relax, your blood flow to increase and reduce the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. 



Zinc is essential for the maintenance of a healthy body and lifestyle plus it can boost your body cell recovery and increase sperm volume and mobility, ensuring your enjoy longer ejaculations and more potent orgasms. 



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Damiana has been used as medicine since ancient times. It helps promote oxygen supply and increases nerve impulses and blood flow to your penis which is a very good thing. 


Epimedium Leaf Extract 

Epimedium Leaf Extract is also very popular as “Horny Goat Weed” for good reason. This ingredient helps the body in carrying Nitric oxide that stimulates your body to increase testosterone production!


Asian Red Ginseng 

Asian Red Ginseng recorded as an aphrodisiac. This composition is actually designed to give you a warm and sexually pleasurable feeling.


Muira Pauma Bark Extract 

Muira Pauma Bark Extract is also known as erection root. This ingredient extract has been used by Brazilian tribes for thousands of years. 


Hawthorn Berry 

Hawthorn berries are basically filled with bioflavonoids and antioxidants which help stimulate blood flow to the penile area and help maintain and prolong erections!


Catuaba Bark Extract

Catuaba is indigenous to the countries like Brazil and Peru and is generally used by men there to suppress appetite and increase sexual drive. 


Saw Palmetto 

Saw Palmetto gives a hormonal impact which primarily affects testosterone pathways and it has been used for hundreds of years as a medication for sexual inadequacies. 


Ginkgo Biloba 

Ginkgo Biloba helps increases the blood flow and at the same time improves the quality of your erections. According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, using Ginkgo Biloba can help fight issues in the bedroom.



By supplementing Bioperine to this powerful mixture of sexually enhancing compounds and herbs, your body will process up to 40% MORE of it thereby giving you the long term BOOST you’ll need to regain your stamina and sexual power. 




Both Max Performer and VigRX Plus are 100% natural male enhancement products. While you may notice some slight variations in the formula of the two. However, there’s nothing to worry about it.

Both supplements have used natural ingredients that are clinically proven to help when it comes to sexual health. In my research, I found that neither of these products seems to use any filler ingredients; only natural.

Each and every ingredient that they formulated into their supplement is going to benefit you in some way or another.

Since both the male enhancement supplements have similarities, I am going to have to call it a draw for the first round. Both products are truly amazing from the formula point of view.


Max Performer VS VigRX Plus: Working Mechanism

How Does Max Performer Work?

Max Performer male enhancement pill works by supplementing the lacking nutrients required in boosting male sexual metabolic rate.

Luckily this sex pills for male packs nearly 13 natural and potent ingredients, all of which play a crucial role in supplementing various metabolical cascades.

One major mode of action is by increasing the levels of testosterone which helps males stay in their prime.

Higher testosterone products can lead to dual benefits, one in the male sexual improvement and one in bodybuilding.

With a lot of male sex hormone raging in the blood, a man will feel the vigor and heat for sex, which in fact is the key to pleasurable sex.

Another working mechanism includes vasodilation or widening of the blood vessels in order to carry more blood into the penis thus it has an adequate amount of blood to maintain your erection.

At the same time, penis muscles are relaxed by the brain in order to accommodate the blood rush which fills the penile area to sustain an erection.

Some of the active components in Max Performer pills will give you the surplus supply of vital nutrients like riboflavin, folates, and other vitamins required for boosting endurance and stamina.



How Does VigRX Plus Work?

Any good male enhancement product works mainly by increasing the blood flow to the penis. Just put in a simple way, the more blood that flows to the penis, the bigger, harder and longer the erections.

If your erection just isn’t as hard as it used to be or if you’re suffering from erectile dysfunction, this means the corpora cavernosa chambers in your penis are not getting enough blood flow or the penile tissues are not expanding for long enough.

Fortunately VigRX Plus male enhancement pill has been formulated and clinically proven to solve BOTH of these problems.

In addition, VigRX Plus pills work wonders and actually increases your sex drive and libido. No prescription required!

VigRX Plus is one of the few natural male enhancement supplements that has been through clinical studies.


These sex pills for males might be a bit more expensive compared to other male enhancement products but trust me, it’s the quality you pay for.



Choosing Max Performer Vs VigRX Plus

If you have to choose between Max Performer and VigRX Plus after their reviews, I will suggest you choose VigRX Plus.

First of all, it is the oldest of the two natural male enhancement supplements, and the company behind are more experienced.

Secondly, VigRX pills have years of clinical studies and testing behind to support their claims. The product is also backed up the 10+ years of client success stories recommended by Dr. Steven Lamm.

If you take a closer look at VigRX Plus ingredients and proprietary blend, it has changed a lot over the years.

This is because the manufacturer of this male enhancement supplement has always wanted to keep improving their product quality.

I am not saying that you should leave out Max Performer at all, especially not if you’re willing to choose Max Performer. But Max Performer is a newer supplement and does not have the same scientific path behind as the older VigRX Plus.


Final Thoughts – VigRX Plus Vs Max Performer

Both the male enhancement supplements are unique in their own way as they live up to all their claims of transforming the way you perform in the sack.

By enriching your body with essential nutrients, it boosts your nitric oxide and natural testosterone production and ensures that you achieve harder, stronger and thicker erections.

Also, it increases your stamina level to keep your partner satisfied all night long.

As per my opinion, whichever male enhancement supplement you choose to buy, you can feel confident that both can provide you with good, lasting and memorable results.

Max Performer – they may be a newer brand in the male enhancement market; however, this particular product can easily supply you with outstanding results and affordable prices on their smaller packages.



VigRX Plus – the more established brand (10+ years). VigRX Plus penis enlargement pills can similarly provide powerful results and give you the confidence to satisfy your partner. Certainly, they are the most expensive product available in the market, yet you can find great savings with their 12-month package deal.



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