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VigRX Plus – Clinically Proven Male Enhancement Pills For BIGGER, HARDER, LONGER LASTING ERECTIONS

User Reviews Say Vigrx Plus Results Are Permanent & 100% Assured?

Before And After Pictures, Testimonial, benefits & More… Find Out Here!

VigRX Plus before and after pictures tell you that it’s no doubt that the results of Triple Blind Clinical Trial reveal VigRX Plus significantly increase penis size, quality of orgasms, the ability to penetrate a partner, sexual intercourse & satisfaction and overall sex drive & desire.

It’s a natural penis enlargement pills that increase your penis size and improve your overall sexual performance.

It is basically a medical treatment for most men with sexual problems.

VigRX Plus claims it’s the best-selling male enlargement pills to Give You Bigger, Harder, and Longer-Lasting Erections.

In this blog, I’m going to find out if this product can really back up the claims. Meanwhile, take a quick look at the supplement review given below:



Brief Vigrx Plus Reviews

Rank#1 (From 17 Years)
Success rate91% (Results in 30 Days)
Number of clients & Reviews1 200 000 (12 000+ reviews on forums)
Recommended byDr Steven Lamm
Ingredients100% herbal
BenefitsPenis enlargement in length and girth, Erection Firmness, Ability to maintain an Erection after Penetration, Improvement in erectile dysfunction, Stamina enhancement and more…
ManufacturerLeading Edge Health (USA)
Clinical TestTriple Blind Clinical Trial
Refund Policy67 – Days


Featured in Maxim magazine, VigRX Plus natural male enhancement pills are dominating the health industry with their phenomenal before and after results.


Tune Up Your Sex Life And Become the Sexual Powerhouse Your Woman Deserves


VigRX Plus Results After 1 Month

With just one month of using VigRX Plus, you’ll enjoy an increase in your penis size of 1 – 3 inches!

This male enhancer uses the only doctor recommended ingredients for effective, fast and safe penis enlargement.

VigRX Plus is the number one formula and has been on the market now for over 17 years and there’re thousands of satisfied customers worldwide who justify this statement.

The powerful formulation of this male enhancement pills works exactly as advertised.


Take a look at the VigRX Plus before and after photos to understand clearly about its results. It’s clinically proven natural male enhancement supplement that works for sure.

In this VigRx Plus reviews before and after, you’ll get the most important facts.

So stay connected and keep reading…


VigRX Plus Before and After Pics

VigRX plus before and after pics

VigRX Plus Results Before and After pictures show you how obtainable it is to have a BIGGER penis.

The images are the proof that it’s possible, and you don’t need to go into scary surgery and worry that you’ll limp out of the surgery with a penis that can’t get erect.

VigRX Plus is an all-natural penis enlargement solution that transforms your boring sex life into a daily vigorous activity to satisfy you and your partner all night.

This new male enlargement pill also increases your stamina and boost energy during and after sex.

It satisfies your sexual needs completely and keeps you going hard. And the best part is that you’re always in control of your orgasms and erections.

Moreover, many doctors have recommended this product after completing clinically studied for size gains.

This is actually one of the reasons that make this penis enlargement pills the best in the market.

VigRX Plus results can vary to some extent from man to man, but generally speaking, there’re some verified results that have been seen in clinical studies of these male enlargement pills.


Supercharge Your Sexual Stamina With Enhanced Penis Size


VigRX Plus Results Before And After

The Vedic Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd holds pride in completing the clinical studies of VixRX Plus Pills.

It was basically a Triple Blind Clinical Trial, which means nobody involved in evaluating results for example – researchers, doctors, etc knew whether participants were taking placebo or VigRX Plus.

The scientific trial ran for 84 days, with assessment visits taking place on Day 28, Day 56, and Day 84.

International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF) has confirmed the result for this supplement.

This system of assessment is well-appreciated throughout the International community and has demonstrated consistent treatment responsiveness n studies in Asia, the US, and Europe.

It measures:

  • Erection firmness
  • The frequency of partner penetration
  • Erection frequency
  • Confidence in Achieving and Maintaining An Erection
  • Capability to sustain an erection to completion of intercourse
  • The frequency of maintaining an erection after penetration

Profile Of The Men Who Participated In This Clinical Test

The 75 men who participated in this VigRX Plus clinical trial were between the ages of 25 and 50, in monogamous, heterosexual relationships.

Those volunteers agreed to take the recommended VigRX Plus dosage – 1 tablet, twice a day with meals for 12 weeks.

Out of 108 participants screened, 78 were recruited for involvement in the trial – and 75 completed the trial.

No participants had a history of heart conditions, major psychiatric disorders, spinal cord injuries, diabetes, HIV/Aids, deformities of the penis, or sexually transmitted diseases.

None were alcoholics, used medications known to causes sexual dysfunction, erection issues caused by low testosterone, had liver or renal dysfunction or had female partners who were pregnant.

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Overview Of The Most Significant Clinical Study Results



#1: 62.82% INCREASE in the ability to maintain an erection during penetration.

#2: 58.97% INCREASE in the ability to penetrate a partner.

#3: 22.49% INCREASE in the number of orgasms

#4: 47.00% INCREASE in sex drive and sexual pleasure

#5: 71.43% INCREASE in intercourse and sexual satisfaction

At the end of the clinical study, none of the participants in the test complained of any adverse side effects of the VigRX Plus on them.

The interesting part is that 90% of those applicants in the study said that they would continue using VigRX Plus male enhancement supplement even after the end of the study.

Hence proved, it is the most potent natural penis enlargement pills on the planet with hundreds of thousands of happy customers across the globe.

But the question is…

What Makes VigRX Plus So Much Better Than Other Male Enhancement?

It’s very simple.

The company behind VigRx Plus has tested and reformulated the supplement over time and even recently added two brand new ingredients to this formula in order to give you a huge boost.

Here’s what’s on the inside of EVERY VigR X Plus Tablet…


VigRX Plus Active Ingredients

ingredients list

Below is a list of the powerful and active ingredients in the composition of VigRx Plus:

Bioperine – This is an effective and totally safe ingredient that has been also categorized as the strongest dietary supplement. It’ll enhance your virility instantly after you take it.

Ginkgo Biloba – It’s a well-known ancient Chinese herb that contains very strong antioxidant properties and improves the function of nerve cells by boosting blood flow to the nervous system and brain. This blood flow enrichment helps to increase the quality of your erection.

Saw Palmetto – Saw palmetto is basically a fan palm native to North America. It has been used for hundreds of years as a treatment for sexual inadequacies. In research, this ingredient has been proven as a powerful player in the formulation of VigRX Plus.

Boost Your Sexual Power Now With VigRX Plus!

Catuaba Bark Extract – Catuaba belongs to Peru and Brazil and is normally used by men to increase sex drive and appetite. Primarily it contains 3 alkaloids called “catuabine A, B and C” that essentially work within the nervous system to encourage better sleep, reduce fatigue, and eliminate nervousness, all of which enhance sexual function

Hawthorn Berry – This VigRX Plus ingredient has some vital properties in order to contribute to your improved sexual health. They’re extremely beneficial to lowering cholesterol levels, strengthening blood vessels, cardiovascular health, and even supporting the heart muscle itself. They are filled with bioflavonoids and antioxidants which help stimulate blood flow to the penis and maintain and extend erections!

Muira Pauma Bark Extract – Popularly known as “erection root”. This component has been used by tribes in Brazil for thousands of years, particularly for its aphrodisiac qualities.

Asian Red Ginseng It is also known as the Panax Ginseng that has the potential to do a lot for desirable sexual performance. This ingredient has become a substitute for the hard and long-lasting erections.

Natural Ingredients – No Side Effects

Epimedium Leaf Extract – In a clinical study, it has been proven that the extract obtained from the Epimedium leaves have similar effects as Viagra has. The extract itself provides an enormously strong PDE-5 inhibitor, which develops the nitric oxide. It relaxes and smooths the corpus cavemosum muscles. As a result, it increases blood circulation and therefore the much-needed erection.

Damiana – It is a low-growing plant with yellow flowers and fragrant leaves, also known as Turneradiffusa Damiana. It’s been used as medicine from centuries as an aphrodisiac and bladder tonic because it increases blood flow and it promotes oxygen supply and boosts nerve impulses to your penis.

The manufacturers of VigRX Plus have strictly used natural and herbal ingredients in their appropriate proportions.

Powerful and high-quality natural ingredients allow better performance and provide an appropriate alternative for those who don’t want to use synthetic male enlargement pills.


Want an Enormous Sex Appeal? Try VigRX Plus And INCREASE Your Sexual Desire


Does VigRX Plus Really Work?

Does VigRX Plus Work

YES, it really works.

A group of qualified medical experts has developed the unique active formula of VigRX Plus pills to help in boosting complete sexual drive.

Their extensive experience in the field of sexual health enabled them to create a safe and effective medication that consists of nothing but 100% natural herbal components.

The product’s primary work is to eliminate all symptoms of sexual dysfunction.

The active ingredients improve blood flow to the penis, which as a result gives you stronger erections and enhanced potency. Natural aphrodisiacs provide amplify endurance, libido boost, and sexual vigour.

In addition to effectively eradicating all sexual health issues, VigRX plus has a positive effect on the nervous system, boosting its stress resistance.

In turn, this contributes to the man’s sexual pleasure and relaxation during intercourse.


Where To Buy VigRX Plus?

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VigRX Plus is only available directly from its Official Website. The company behind this supplement has kept it this way so they can control the standard, quality and customer support service, and also offer a 67-day cash back guarantee to all their valued customers.

VigRX Plus will cost you $76.99 for a month’s supply (on which you can save $13.00). They are providing FAST and FREE shipping.

There are some great offers for larger orders…. I personally recommend the Ultimate Supply as best buy.








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VigRX Plus is a safe male enhancement supplement that takes effect through the combination of its herbal and natural active ingredients according to the customer reviews and before and after results.

If you thoroughly examine the composition of this penis enlargement pills, you’ll see no fake components.

The safety and effectiveness of the medication have been repeatedly tested in the labs and confirmed, which is proven by the corresponding quality certificates.

The product’s ease of use, affordable price, and virtually zero number of contraindications have ensured the high popularity of the VigRX Plus nutritional supplement among consumers all over the world.

Thanks to this biological product, sexual syndromes apparent through weak erections and diminished potency will no longer bother you.

This pill is a complete package of treatment that’ll eliminate all symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

All in all VigRX Plus before and after pics of real customers are proof of the effectiveness of the product and YES The Results Are Outstanding!

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VigRX Plus FAQ

#1: Is there any VigRX Plus discount code to get more offers?

The company who manufactured this male enhancement supplement reward their customers who buy VigRX Plus in bulk straight from the Official Website. Hence, the more you buy, the more you can save.

When you order the product, the company apply this discount offer automatically at checkout time.

Besides this, when you click on their blog and choose to read one, at the end of the article hover the mouse over the black button on your browser, and you’ll see a popup box where you can easily get a FLAT 25% discount coupon.

The company will only ask for your email in order to send you the VigRX Plus discount code.

Customer’s privacy is their first priority and thus they never disclose your email to any third party. In addition, you can unsubscribe them at any time.


#2: Is VigRX Plus Safe?

The short answer is YES! This erection pill is 100% natural and safe since it contains a blend of high-quality herbal ingredients.

This powerful formulation has been developed on the basis of numerous scientific researches and lots of studies.

Also, a group of scientists and doctors have approved this product.

Moreover, thousands of customers (from all around the world) are using the product today. You can find numerous VigRX Plus testimonials, reviews, and comments on the Internet.


#3: How Soon Will I See Results From VigRX Plus Pills?

The majority of men take VigRX Plus once a day. And while you may not notice any differences in results after the first and second dose, the effects can be seen very quickly.

Most likely, you’ll notice a significant improvement in your sexual desire and your ability to get attain rock hard erections comes after.

Some people have also reported morning erections, just after a few weeks of use.

However, according to VigRX Plus Official Website,

The product takes approx. 30 to 45 days to deliver promising results. While many people choose to give up using the supplement only after a few days and weeks (when they don’t see the results after using it for a week).

Nevertheless, the company recommends trying this product for about 45 consecutive days to get bigger, harder and thicker erections.


VigRX Plus

Erection Quality 10.0
SEXUAL Health Improvement 9.5
Huge Size Growth 10.0
Libido, Potency Growth 9.5


  • Bigger And Stronger And Much Harder Erections
  • Control When You Cum
  • More Powerful And Enjoyable Orgasms
  • Up To 30% Longer Penis During Erection
  • Increases Libido, Potency & Cures ED


  • Available on Official Only
  • Less Offer in 1 Month Supply
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