34 Truths About Male & Female Orgasm | 5 Sex Positions For Cumming

Male & Female Orgasm

How well do you know your own body? The following list will prove it not as much as you imagined.


Cum: The Orgasm

What exactly is cumming?

Is it really the height of pleasure?

About what happens and how it feels…

Cumshot is a discharge of sexual tension in your body. To get orgasm you have to have sex and make sure you get excited enough. You have to be open to sexual stimuli, as it were. Some people get excited by seeing (parts of) a beautiful body, kissing or licking other people and others by caressing or an erotic fantasy. The sight of erotic photographs and films can also give excitement. If you are excited this can strengthen the excitement again. At some point, you get a little intoxicated and you can let go of control over your body.

Feeling Differs Per Person And Per Time

Cumming is a special feeling that can vary per person and at a time. For one person the ground begins to shake and for the other, it is a fleeting feeling, just like sneezing. Sometimes there is a tickle through you or you get a throbbing feeling at the bottom of your stomach, sometimes you glow from head to toe, another time it’s over before you know it. One has an intense languid feeling after Cumming and should not think of more than that, someone else wants to move on to the next orgasm.

If you doubt whether or not you have had an orgasm, then you probably have not had it. With an orgasm, your body takes over. You then have the feeling that you cannot go back and you let it come over you.

 Let’s Know The Difference Between Male & Female Orgasm! 

The Male Orgasm

How does it work?

When a man gets excited, blood flows to his penis. The penis then becomes larger and hard; this is called an erection or rigid. The size and shape differ per man. Physically, an erection works as follows: the swelling bodies that are in the penis fill with blood. At the same time, less blood is drained through the blood vessels and the penis becomes larger and stiff. The foreskin pulls slightly backward and the glans is exposed. Stimulating the glans again gives rise to the excitement.

At some point, you feel that you are about to finish, there is no way back (point-of-no-return). Sperm collects in the urethra and after a few seconds the sperm comes out. You can also cum without sperm coming out (a so-called dry orgasm). Some men find that they cum too quickly. What is “too fast” is personal and sometimes also depends on your partner. Often, the cumshot is characterized as being too fast within 1 minute of penetration.

If It Does Not Work: Causes

45% of the men sometimes have difficulty with cumshot (i.e. no or very difficult orgasm can get). In principle, this does not have to be a problem. When you and your partner are satisfied, nothing is wrong. Sometimes it is a temporary problem (for example due to stress, alcohol or fatigue), but it can also be long-lasting.

Physical factors

In some diseases, men may have problems with cumshot. Think for example of ‘dry cumshot’ or a delayed or less powerful ejaculation in case of diabetes. Premature ejaculation can also occur in a number of physical illnesses, such as kidney disease, diabetes, cardiovascular disease or lung problems.

Psychic factors

Long-term stress or tension can cause you to become insufficiently excited. In addition, some men struggle to let go, do they want to keep control, or feel uncomfortable with their partner. Other causes of difficulty getting ready are, for example, lack of knowledge (you do not know what turns you on) or you know it but find it difficult to say this to your partner.

In addition, certain medications can have an orgasm-delaying effect (for example some antidepressants). When you find that you come too quickly, there is often also a psychological cause. Just as with difficulty getting ready, stress and stress play a major role. The fear of getting ready too early can ensure that it does happen.

What To Do For Better Male Orgasm?

In case of difficulty being able to cum:

Performance pressure and performance anxiety increase the problem. Realize that all men sometimes have trouble getting ready. Try to take the pressure off the boiler. Seek relaxation in your relationship and/or during sex, but also outside of it. Solve any conflicts that you are dealing with or seek help with them. Try to find out what personally stimulates you sexually; what are you excited about? If necessary, provide more powerful incentives or use lubricant, which can make the feeling more intense. Share your concerns with your partner so that you feel more at ease. Tell your partner what you like.

In case of cumulative cumulation:

If you come too quickly for your feeling, you can do a number of things. It is possible that you learn to feel when you are about to come. You can, for example, gain this experience by masturbating. Just before you come, stop and take your rest. Then you continue. In this way, you adjust the orgasm. You can then apply this when you have sex with your partner. In addition, it is possible to influence your excitement by thinking about other things or by making less exciting touches. You can also take more time for foreplay. Focus less on your own orgasm and more on that of your partner.

In any case, talk to your partner. Speak to your partner about certain expectations. Maybe it’s no problem for your partner at all.

The Female Orgasm

How does it work?

A feeling of excitement can arise through different stimuli. When you become sexually excited, the blood literally flows faster. Your muscles are stretching. As the excitement increases, your vagina will become moister. The inner labia swell and the clitoris (a swelling body between the labia) comes forward and becomes stiff. Some women get warm and start breathing faster. Also, in some women, the nipples and breasts swell and the skin becomes more sensitive. Just before the cumshot, you are sometimes in a different state of consciousness, where you can let go of your body. When the voltage is at its peak, the discharge follows the orgasm. The vagina and uterus contract a number of times. How often and how heavily differs each time and per woman. Then comes a feeling of relaxation.

If it fails: Causes

Physical factors

It is also possible that physical factors make the orgasm fail as you would like. Some women have pain during sex, so they cannot reach orgasm. Diseases and the use of medicines can also prevent orgasm. A physical disability can influence or even prevent orgasm.

Mental factors

There are women who are unable to get ready. This can have various causes, such as feelings of shame and guilt, a bad sexual experience or relationship. Other psychic factors that complicate or prevent orgasm are fear of loss of control, sexual ignorance, fear of intimacy, inadequate contact with bodily sensations, difficulty with sexual pleasure, little or no sexual fantasies and little involvement with one’s own body.

What Can You Do for Better Female Orgasm?

Say what you like. If you know how your body responds and what makes you cum, you can make this clear to your partner. The free pleasure can be increased by telling which spots are stimulating for you, and by asking your partner what he or she likes. Talking about your wishes is especially important when you make love with someone you just know and where you still have to discover each other. Most women get ready by caressing – directly or indirectly – the clitoris. Only a penis or one or more fingers in the vagina is usually not sufficient. By trying out different ways and attitudes, you can find out together what is both exciting and satisfying for both. It is important that you trust each other so that you dare to make each other clear what you want.

Take the time to learn

How an orgasm feels and how you can achieve that is a matter of learning. Take the time for this.


If you are having two, it is important that you take your time and that at a certain moment you can concentrate completely on yourself to get an orgasm. Simultaneous cumshot with a partner can be complicated: while you are free, you have to focus your attention on your own body to get an orgasm. In addition, one time requires a lot of time and effort to achieve orgasm, while at other times it is very easy. If you cannot take the time to focus on yourself, talk about it with your partner. Tell each other what you like, what thoughts you have about sex and what habits you have. Search together for a way of making love that is pleasant for both.

If you have or continue to have problems with getting an orgasm and you want to do something about it, possibly together with your partner, try better sex positions for the better orgasm.

The 5 Best Positions for Better Female Orgasm

From the rider to the side by side, here are the 5 best positions for female orgasm and how to use them to achieve pleasure.

Knowing the best positions for female orgasm can be helpful because even if the understanding in bed is perfect, it is not always easy for a woman to achieve pleasure.

Without going too far on the complicated, and without hot contortions from Kamasutra “acrobatic”, in fact, there are particular positions that make it easier for a woman to reach the peak of pleasure, both because they allow her to move with more freedom and then go to stimulate the right points both because they offer the partner the opportunity to increase pleasure with the help of hands or mouth.

Here are 5 positions to try to reach orgasm more easily.


Female orgasm: the obstacles that prevent it

Amazon – The position where the man is lying and the woman is astride him. It is one of the most recommended positions to favor female pleasure because it allows women a wide freedom of movement: in this way, the clitoris is also stimulated, that is the “simplest” way towards pleasure.

Pecorina – The woman is on all fours and the man penetrates her from behind. One of the positions preferred by men, but also recommended for reaching female orgasm. The penetration is in fact very deep and at the same time, the man has the possibility to stimulate with his fingers the clitoris, increasing the pleasure of the partner.

The Penetration of The Side – It may seem strange but even lying side by side you can reach maximum pleasure. As long as the woman lifts a leg to allow penetration, it can also be very deep. A very engaging position because the partners look into each other’s eyes and the body to body contact is absolute.

The 69 Positions – Usually this position is practiced as a preliminary but it is absolutely recommended to amplify the pleasure and to reach orgasm simultaneously. Man and woman are lying on top of each other but so that her mouth can stimulate her penis and clitoris and vagina. The important thing is to let go and not focus exclusively on the pleasure of the other.

When Seated – Finally, to facilitate the female orgasm, freeway also to the sitting position, with him under and above her. As in the case of the Amazon, the woman can indeed manage her pleasure to the fullest and also have the opportunity to count on the stimulation of the clitoris.

Check out 34 truths about the body and orgasm of women:

Curiosities about orgasm

  1. The likelihood of a woman having orgasm increases as she ages.
  2. Your breasts can swell up to 25% of normal size when you are aroused, making them extensible.
  3. According to studies, 14% of women have experienced orgasm caused by stimulation in other parts of the body other than the breasts and vagina.
  4. Getting pregnant during the menstrual period can ease colic.
  5. Sex can strengthen your immune system.
  6. The more masculine a face looks, the more times you’ll reach orgasm.
  7. For women, the best mode of sex to achieve orgasm is masturbation. Second comes oral sex, followed by penetration.
  8. Putting a little salt on your tongue before oral sex will lessen the vomiting and regurgitation that many women feel.
  9. Most young people in their twenties have sex 112 times a year.
  10. When you kiss someone, your bodies exchange hormonal and health information. It is nature’s way of evaluating the other if you identify yourself sexually.
  11. Getting praise in bed increases your chances of orgasm.
  12. “When a man touches you, the temperature of your body increases three times more than when a woman touches you.
  13. In a recent study, 51% of women reported having had an orgasm during abdominal exercises.
  14. In addition, 20% said they already had an orgasm while practicing yoga.
  15. When it touches your chest or face is when your body temperature more increases, as opposed to the touch on the arms and hands.
  16. Do not hold your breath during sex: the more oxygen is to your genitals, the more excited you will become.
  17. Before sex, the underside of your vagina narrows to increase grip on the penis.
  18. You are more likely to be distracted during sex at the 2 to the 3-minute mark.
  19. Your climax may be more intense if you lightly lift your hips and contract your pelvic muscles before orgasm. Practice in yoga!
  20. Women think about sex about 10 times a day. The men, 19.
  21. The nerve endings of the clitoris extend to the pubic mound (also known popularly as ‘hood of fusca’). That’s why rubbing this region on the partner’s body is so pleasurable.
  22. Besides being a great sensation, orgasm offers other benefits for you. It releases endorphins, which are natural painkillers, and oxytocin, which makes you feel connected to your partner.
  23. Stimulation of the nipples activates the same part of the brain that touches the clitoris, vagina, and cervical. Exploring all these areas at the same time can enhance the sensations.
  24. In a survey, women said that if they had to choose a food to replace sex, it would be sushi, chocolate and beef fillet.
  25. Other research has shown that 62% of people have pretended orgasm.
  26. A study done has shown that having sex often leaves happy as earning $ 100,000 more a year.
  27. Doing the sex movements (pushing the hip back and forth) flexes the pelvic floor muscles, which triggers spasms.
  28. “And he keeps growing.” At age 32, he will be 4 times bigger than at puberty.
  29. “Women can also enjoy sleeping. This occurs during the REM sleep cycle (about 90 minutes after falling asleep) when blood flow to the vagina increases.
  30. “You’re more likely to enjoy it if your feet are warm.”
  31. The female orgasm lasts, on average, 25 seconds.
  32. “The upper part of the breast is the most sensitive, and the bottom is the least.
  33. “The clitoris has about 8,000 nerve endings.
  34. A quick way to get into the mood is to hug your partner for 30 seconds. The act releases oxytocin (the hormone that makes you feel connected to your partner) and increases libido.

If you have or continue to have problems with getting an orgasm and you want to do something about it, possibly together with your partner, you can comment us below.


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