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Modern men should be able to take care of their health. There are many tips on how to maintain your body in tone, starting with proper nutrition, ending with annual examinations of doctors.

But what about the more intimate part of our life?

Sexual health: Yes this is a very important aspect for any man. Is it as difficult to care for it as it is for physical health? In fact, no, you will be helped by 10 simple tips below.


10 Men’s Sexual Health Improvement Tips

#1. Use Condoms

“What about without them!”

– Using a condom is a guarantee of your sexual health, it is he who prevents sexual transmission by 99%. Use quality condoms, and quality

#2. Proper nutrition

– Seriously, diet?

– It is enough to reduce the number of fats in your diet and increase the daily intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. This is quite enough to maintain good sexual health and tone of the body as a whole.

#3. Less alcohol!

– A wine for romance?

– Of course, a glass of wine, and even on a date, does not affect your sexual health. But this should be confined. Alcohol in large quantities has a detrimental effect on the whole of your body. Okay just to fall asleep at the very moment, and if you forget about the condom? It will be awkward!

#4. Smoking is harmful!

– Thanks, and so on every corner shout, I smoke and anything!

– The fact is that smoking affects not only the human respiratory system but also the correct operation of blood vessels. Do you know this feeling when the blood flows to the bottom of your body, ecstasy? And the excitation itself? It is for these things that your blood vessels respond. Whether you smoke or not depends on your sexual health and potency, not to mention your stamina and the smell from your mouth.

#5. Exercise stress

“It’s so lazy!”

– Here everything is simple, it is not necessary to exhaust your body with pudgy dumbbells and Spartak marathons, which without proper preparation can cause irreparable damage. However, physical stress is necessary, and not only for physical health, but also for sexual health, and is the main criterion for this. You just need to spend a bit of your time hiking daily, and in summer, for example, you can replace bike rides, in winter skates or skis. It’s simple!

#6. Be optimistic, avoid stress

– Everybody has black stripes.

– Problems in sexual health often arise because of yourself. It is because of you, think less about your cockroaches, avoid stressful situations, solve problems, and do not wind yourself any negative. A healthy spirit has a healthy body! And a healthy body, healthy … Well, you understand what I mean.

#7. Kegel Exercises

– Stop, this is for women? Fuck you!

– Well, initially these exercises to disperse blood in the pelvic organs. Yes, indeed, they are mostly used by women to support sexual health, but for men’s sexual health these exercises can be beneficial. Do you want to, for example, increase the time of sexual intercourse or the quality of orgasm without using any medications? Then these exercises are for you! It’s like pumping a bicep. Kegel exercises strengthen the muscles that connect the coccyx to the base of the penis, to rock them easily. Just strain these muscles for a few seconds, like when you finish urinating, and then relax and then try again. By the way, this can be done anywhere and anytime, no one will notice.

#8. Use lubricating lubricants

– Oh, well enough.

– Many men over the years reduce the sensitivity of the penis. To restore the former speed and sensation, the doctors of sexologists recommend using grease. It will simplify your movements during sexual intercourse and increase your perception during sex. Of course, you need to use certified intimate lubricants, and not an alternative “lubricants”.

#9. Do not use questionable drugs

“You mean the potency?”

– It’s about them. In theory, they should just help, but they are medicines and should be prescribed by a doctor as a sexologist, who correctly selects the drug for your body. Do not engage in self-medication, it can lead to a cancerous mistake for life, and you will remain without sexual health in principle.

#10. Every year, see a doctor!

– Everything is fine! I’ll go when it hurts!

– So it’s hard to devote half the day to your health? We often spend our time on meaningless things and go to the doctor laziness. Many diseases associated with the sexual health of a man can flow imperceptibly to the body, and a timely trip to the doctor can prevent more serious problems and save you money and nerves.


How To Sexually Satisfy a Woman?

Are you sure know how to satisfy a woman in bed? Here are some tips on what you need to do to drive is crazy!

Women find it hard to reach orgasm, not only do they have to penetrate, they have to be stimulated. It is practically a fact that many men still do not know, but calm, because we bring a short guide of steps that will help them get out of the routine and know how to satisfy a woman.

I will say it in a simple way, so you do not get lost and you can start, of course, to put into practice these tips to be good in bed.

  1. Take care of the environment A dim light and romantic music is the perfect setting to make love, but if it is not possible, at least try not to do it in the bathroom of a fish store, for example. If what they are looking for are not “quickies”, it is preferable to have sex in the car and not in places that smell bad or in which they have some time.
  2. A very important factor to sexually satisfy a woman is to dedicate enough time to foreplay and sexual games, oral sex will be a good weapon. Before sex you should make her feel that it is important and, that you not only use it to fulfill your sexual fantasies.
  3. Removing the clothes very quickly will only make you feel that you can not hold the desire, it is better to caress them over the clothes and take them off slowly, to gradually increase the excitement in both.
  4. Enamour her ear and seduces her body with your hanEnamorncrease libido. Touch every inch of her bare skin and kiss her erogenous zones to stimulate her.
  5. Leave her breasts and genital area for last, so that when you get there, the experience will be even better. Lick and suck the nipples gently and do not stop stimulating them, until she tells you she wants more. Then it is your turn to stimulate the clitoris, but you must do it with care and delicacy.
  6. To sexually satisfy a woman, there is no better thing than having an orgasm. For this, this technique is infallible: Use the vaginal fluid to lubricate the clitoris and pay attention to their movements and moans, which will indicate the pace and intensity that she wants. If you notice that she is reaching orgasm, do not stop stimulating her because she will lose her excitement and feel very frustrated. At the right moment, penetrate her vagina and make her live a unique sexual experience that she does not forget. At the moment of sex it is important that you demonstrate what you know,w to do in bed. Practice with her the Kamasutra and take the initiative to use sex toys and try new things. They say that men want to be good with women when having sex, and that we are a bit selfish in that aspect, something that seems very true to me.

For this reason, you can satisfy her if you offer her something new that she can enjoy. Not all men manage to sexually satisfy a woman, so if you do not want to lose her, you better start putting these tips into practice. Luck!

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