All You Need To Know About LIBIDO – A Sexual Desire!


What is libido?

A Sexual Desire…!
This is the Latin word (lĭbīdo), which translates unambiguously: lust, desire, and passion. Violation of libido in men and women leads to mental disorders since sexual attraction is the basis of human behavior leading to pleasure.
The truly popular term “libido” was made by Sigmund Freud, who took it as one of the basic concepts of his psychoanalysis.

With the help of this word, psychoanalysts of past centuries described various manifestations of sexuality. Soon this term began to be used in official medicine, and above all – in the arsenal of urologists, sexopathologists, psychologists, and psychiatrists.

Libido & Potency – Difference & Similarities

If the potency can be defined as the word “can”, then the libido is “want”. Libido is the sudden onset of sexual desire, passion, and is determined by the activity of producing the male hormone testosterone. The increase in libido in men is not necessarily associated with the contemplation of young sexy girls, the development of the hormone is influenced by many factors, not the least role in which the hereditary predisposition plays.

Libido is associated with potency, but often there is a situation where a person “wants”, but not “can” because of the dysfunctionality of the genital organs. Synchronous correlation of libido and potency determines the normal course of sexual life.

However, it happens that the libido of a man is “muffled”, he does not want to have sex, almost does not feel the craving for the opposite sex. Women, companions of such husbands, suffer from inattention, try to understand how to raise libido in men, what to do to increase the potency or libido.


Causes of Decreased LIBIDO in MEN

couple - less sexual desire libido


Psychological reasons

It can be various stresses, prolonged depression or anxiety for anything. Reducing libido can be associated with sexual disorders, when a man loses confidence in himself as in a male, along with this inhibits the libido. Libido can be oppressed by multiple failures in sexual life.

Insufficient level of sex hormones

Libido, like potency, is directly related to the level of the male sex hormone testosterone. The higher the level of sex hormones in a man, the more pronounced his libido, and vice versa. The level of testosterone begins to decrease slightly after 25 years and to 40-45 years to some extent androgen deficiency appears.

Unbalanced Nutrition

For the proper functioning of all the functions of the body, it is necessary to supply it with nutrients. With meager nutrition, the body does not receive the necessary vitamins and minerals for the male body and cannot function properly.

Constant or frequent use of narcotic substances and alcoholic beverages!

For example, with prolonged use of marijuana, the size and density of the testicles decrease, which leads to the suppression of their functions in the production of sex hormones and spermatozoa.

Chronic Fatigue, Lack of Sleep

When the body needs rest, there can be no talk of libido, since maintaining libido is not the main function of the body, but only an additional one.

Age of the Man

By 60-70 years there is a natural decrease in the level of sex hormones in the blood, which is the reason for the weak potency.


How to Increase Libido With Essential Oils



Want to learn how to increase libido in men and women with essential oils?

Whatever you try: sandalwood oil, roses, jasmine and ylang-ylang, all of them are able to raise libido in men and women in a natural way. They act like natural aphrodisiacs, which increase mood and change for a better outlook on life.

Sandalwood oil is especially useful for both sexes since it balances hormones and increases libido. It is considered a natural aphrodisiac, so it is often used in the production of colognes and perfumes.

Cinnamon oil is another effective and natural remedy for increasing libido and potency.

Men with a low level of testosterone can add a few drops of oil in a deodorant or lotion. It will not only help you with pleasant smell but also for stabilizing hormones and improving sexual desire.


A complex of Physical Exercises for Increasing Libido in Men

exercise to boost libido

Before starting a set of exercises, it is worthwhile to know that only regular exercises and dosed physical exercise can bring the desired result.

Doing sports must necessarily include such exercises to increase libido:

  • Squats

The person assumes the standing position, legs are on the width of shoulders, and hands along the trunk. Next, half-squatting. During the exercise, you need to tighten the buttocks as much as possible. Then it performs a slow relaxation and rises.

  • Slopes 

Keeps your feet shoulder-width apart. Then we make the slopes forward, and with your hands, try to touch the floor. During the exercise, the legs should be straight and not bend at the knees. This exercise improves blood circulation and well strengthens the muscles of the back.

  • Rotations 

Do a half-squat, stretch out our arms, then strain the muscles of the anus and make slow rotations with the basin from side to side. Initially, the duration of the training is about one minute. With time, the duration of the rotational movements can be increased to several minutes.

  • Rotating movements of the pelvis 

The starting position is standing, the legs are shoulder-width apart, and the arms rest on the sides. The first time without preparation, you can make up to 20 rotational movements. Over time, their number can be increased. Rotational movements must be done slowly, without excessive haste.

  • Pelvic lift 

Laying our backs on a hard surface we have hands along the trunk, palms down. At the same time, the legs are bent at the knees and the feet are firmly pressed to the floor. In this position, you must try to slowly and as high as possible to raise the pelvis, and then slowly lower it. At the same time, care should be taken to ensure that the feet and scapula do not come off the surface.

  • Raising your legs 

Keep the back straight. In this case, the hands are along the trunk. Then start to walk and try to raise the knee to the level of the chest.

  • Muscle Tension 

Fits on the back, bend the legs in the knees, and feet rest on the floor. In this position, the tension is alternated and the perineal muscles relax.

Those who want to be handsome in the bedroom with a loved one, physical exercises are also useful for harder sex poses, which we talked about in our article Sexual Exercise.

To maintain your body in tone, you must adhere to the elementary rules:

In addition to special physical exercises, patients are recommended to increase the overall level of physical activity in everyday life. Some of them are:

  • Daily engage in jogging or fast walking. To achieve the effect, a person a day must overcome a distance of at least 3 kilometers.
  • Engage in strength training. Men are recommended to practice weightlifting. As there is an increase in the production of testosterone. If you do not have the opportunity to go to the gym, then it will be enough to have regular push-ups and sit-ups.
  • Observe the optimal sleep and wakefulness.
  • Avoid nerve and physical strain.
  • Eat healthy food and avoid excessive consumption of sweets.


FOODS That Helps to Increase LIBIDO in MEN


Here are 25 products that increase the LIBIDO in men instantly or in a minimal period of time. All of them contain a certain complex of necessary vitamins.

#1.  Some species of marine fish

-> Mackerel in the boiled form (increased attraction, male hormones, it has phosphorus).
-> Flounder (used in many forms, except fried, positively affects the combat readiness of the body);

Note: It will be better to go for sea fish, rather than a river because the sea is richer in useful substances and minerals.


 -> Blueberries – increases libido, improves blood flow and develops the combat readiness of dignity.
-> Raspberry – improves endurance in bed, promotes testosterone production, advised in the treatment of infertility.

#3. Turnip

-> Have useful amino acids;
-> The seeds of the vegetable themselves improve libido and attraction.

Note: Only it is not recommended for people with diseases of the nervous system or hepatitis.

#4. Quail Eggs

-> Contain phosphorus and amino acids;
-> Increases the level of libido and desire;
-> Improvement of erectile function of organs.
-> Quail eggs can also be eaten raw, they have no harm.
-> Also, you can also make an omelet with seasonings from greens.
-> It greatly affects the potency of men in a positive way.

#5. Lemon and Orange

-> Fruits of yellow and orange colors have lutein, which increases the level of testosterone in the blood along with increasing male libido.

#6. Oysters


-> This product activates the production of testosterone;
-> Helps to delay a quick finish in bed;
-> Strengthens men’s health;
-> Increases libido.

Note: It is not recommended for people suffering from gastritis or diabetes.

#7. Mussels

-> contains a large amount of zinc, which is necessary for strong sex.

#8. Bananas

-> Positive impact on the combat readiness of the body;
-> Improvement of reproductive functions.

#9. Honey

-> Contains a large amount of protein necessary for a rich intimate life;
-> Improves the flow of blood into man’s dignity, normalizes blood flow;
-> Contain fructose and glucose;
-> Helps in the production of testosterone.

Note: Contraindicated for people suffering from cancer, grave disease.

#10. Chocolate

-> Contains a special chemical that causes a feeling of love in a person.
-> Improves blood circulation.
-> Increases the desire, the level of testosterone.
-> It is better to take dark chocolate (the percentage of cocoa is not less than 70), and most often it is bitter. White or milk chocolate is not so beneficial.

#11. Seafood

-> Like squid; cancers; shrimp; the meat of stingrays or sharks.
-> Improve male power, attraction to the opposite sex; contribute to the production of seed;
-> contain zinc and selenium, improving endurance with your beloved.

#12. Pumpkin seeds

-> Rich in zinc enhances the reproductive function and strength of men;
-> Improves the hormonal background; affects the normal synthesis of testosterone.

#13. Avocado

avocado for better libido and sexual power


-> Regulates the secretion of hormones;
-> contains folic acid – the amplifier of sexual desire.
-> It helps a lot in increasing the potency of men of instantaneous action. The effect will be just not all at once. Everything takes time.

#14. Watermelon

-> dilates the blood vessels, which improves the combat readiness of the organ;
-> Amino acids are activated in the body;
-> Prophylaxis of prostate cancer; recommend from impotence and from menopause, which comes in the stronger sex with age

#15. Meat

-> Like of bovine or lamb eggs (exotic dishes); horsemeat; rabbit; turkey; beef; a hen.
-> The excitability of the peasant increases;
-> High protein content.

#16. Dried dates

-> Increase long-term coition with a woman;
-> Increase the efficiency of male organs.

#17. Koumiss

-> Mare’s milk improves reproductive capacity;
-> Improvement of activity in bed, strengthening of immunity;
-> Increases the body’s ability to sexual intimacy.

Note: It is not recommended for people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

#18. Nuts

->Like Muscat Nut; cedar; peanut; walnuts.
-> increased combat readiness;
-> Improvement of the erectile functions of the organ
-> You can combine the use of nuts along with honey, meat, or dried fruits, which will only enhance the effect.

#19. Dairy products

-> Like Kefir, Milk, Cottage cheese, drizzle, Sour cream.
-> They also improve the production of the seed, the reproductive function. Increase the duration of coition.
-> Therefore, milk and sour milk products are good products that are useful for the potency of men.

#20. Fresh juices from some vegetables and fruits

-> Like of Pomegranate juice (improves blood circulation in the pelvis).
-> Pumpkin juice (rich in zinc, useful for the efficiency of the reproductive system).
-> Juice from the root of celery (strengthens the level of testosterone in the body at times).
-> Other juices with rich content of vitamin E.

#21. Figs

-> Fig improves the ability to reproduce;
-> strengthens the circulatory system;
-> It is considered as a good aphrodisiac.

#22. Greens

->, For example, celery, parsley, greenery, dill, spinach, and lettuce leaves.

#23. Grapes

-> Improves blood circulation.
-> Contains a lot of magnesium.
-> Treats male infertility.
-> Juice is very useful, especially freshly squeezed.

#24. Some vegetables

-> For example – White cabbage, bulb onions, beet, carrot; garlic, tomatoes.
-> Normalize the hormonal background; increase the attraction.
-> They can be used both separately and as a side dish to other dishes. You can eat raw or cook.

#25. Pomegranate

-> Improves the flow of blood into man’s dignity.
-> The pomegranate dilates the blood vessels.
-> It is used as a prophylaxis for prostate cancer. If you drink pomegranate juice for a month for 200 ml, the effect in bed will already be noticeable.


What is it worth to avoid for better Libido & Potency in Men

things to avoid for better libido
-> Beer (contains female hormones);
-> Alcohol;
-> Smoke;
-> Coffee;
-> Excessive consumption of sugar or salt;
-> Avoid very high intake of coriander (in small doses is harmless);
-> Fast food;
-> Soy products like Soy contains an abundance of female hormones;
-> Acute and fatty foods;
-> Food with high cholesterol
-> Yeast white bread.




Precautionary measures

If you are not getting the results from all these home and folk remedies to raise sexual desire and potency at home, then you can go for certain medications.

There is a reasonable question, which medications should I use?

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