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late periods reasons - why my period is late

Why My Period(Mensuration) is Late?

Hi Guys, I Harry Devin writing this article in reply to the many questions I have got from many people around the globe. Male and female both were worried about this same issues i.e. “Late Mensuration”.

I have got many emails, calls and a few people have asked such questions by visiting my clinic and meeting me. so I thought to write this blog and make people aware of all the truth and facts about late periods. At the end of the blog you will also get idea about how to verify pregrancy and what are the solution of it.

“Here Are A Few Questions Asked by People”

Question #1:

I need your advice, especially those that have already had experience, I am very curious and somewhat traumatized, that is, worried.

Recently I had my first sex with my boyfriend, I am 22 years old. Well, we were very careful so much that he did not even finish with condoms. For the second time on the same day, I think it did not break until I made it inflate it after the act ….

still, I have a week of menstrual delay. I know many girls after their first-time sex, whose menstruation got ahead or delayed, some for a week others for a month …

As I said, I’m worried and today in the morning I did a test and went negative, ah! and for about 5 days more I have pains in my belly, pain in lower back

Please, I would love you very much if you told me what I can do because this is my first time … Thank you for everything and I await your reply.


Question #2:

Hello! I am 23 years old and my first time was at 18, I want to tell you that it was a fright because my period was delayed 2 weeks, I went to the gynecologist and everything, he explained that by having the first relationship your body uses substances that never before used therefore it is normal that there is an imbalance, if you used protection you should not worry, and more if the test went negative, sometimes stress and worry can also slow you down, so relax can serve.

Well, I have got many questions like given above. And here I am dealing with the possible truth and facts about late periods.

The late mensuration issue Generally occurs after first sex, but it’s not always necessary, it may come in any age as well. The delay of the rules can be caused by a multitude of things. It is not necessarily a pregnancy. Indeed, stress, hormonal changes or weight loss can be the cause. So do not panic! No need to run right away buy a pregnancy test at all.

Here are 8 reasons that can explain a delay of the periods. But before that let’s discuss what is menstruation cycle.


What is the Menstrual Cycle (MC)?

The menstrual cycle is the way the body prepares for the possibility of a pregnancy. The cycle of a girl is the period necessary for her body to go through the process of releasing an egg and preparing the uterus to accommodate a fertilized egg. In cases where fertilization does not take place, the sex hormone level (progesterone) drops sharply and the superficial layer of the uterine lining, filled with blood, is eliminated through the vagina. These are the rules.

How does the menstrual cycle work?

A cycle usually lasts about 28 days, but may be shorter or longer. The length of a cycle varies from one woman to another and from one cycle to another

A cycle begins on the first day of the rules and continues until the first day of the following rules. For example, if the rules start the first of the month, run for five days, and the following rules start on the 30th of the month, then you will have had a 29-day cycle.

In the days following the onset of bleeding, the lining of the uterus begins to recover, as a result of increased estrogen production. The hormonal system regulates the menstrual cycle. In other words, the changes in your body, such as cramps, your periods, … can be caused by changes in the levels of hormones circulating in your system.

When menstruation occurs in a young woman, her menstrual cycle may take a few years to become regular. It is normal that his cycle is not fully developed in the first few years.

Your period is a few days late and you start to panic. You are already convinced of being pregnant! Yet you have not had sex for several months …

No matter, you go to the pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test . This article could save you stress and money.


8 Reasons of Late Periods

#1. Medication

The delay of the rules is often due to the drugs and in particular to the pill. The body can sometimes take a few months to adjust to this new contraceptive. Other medications can affect your menstrual cycles, such as antidepressants or antipsychotics.

#2. Too much sport

Playing sports is of course very good for you, but like everything, do not overdo it. Indeed, if you push your body too much, it can get tired and not produce enough estrogen. Result: the menstrual cycle does not work and you do not have your period.

Great athletes, dancers, gymnasts are more prone to this phenomenon. Some even suffer from amenorrhea: an absence of rules of at least three months.

#3. A sickness

A simple cold can keep you from having your period. When you are sick, your body prioritizes.

He decides that the most important thing is to heal yourself. It sacrifices your menstrual cycle to best fight the infection and keeps you as healthy as possible.

#4. A great loss or weight gain

Great importance to the menstrual cycle also has the weight of a woman. Excess weight can change the hormones in a woman, which as a result will later affect menstruation.

The fact is that in subcutaneous fat in a small amount there is a production of female hormones – estrogen, which regulate a large number of processes in the body, including the menstrual cycle. Accordingly, the more this layer, the more hormone production occurs.

Healthy Body Performs Well!

The reason for the delay of menstruation may also be an underweight woman. Some women, who have a low weight, suffer from problems such as amenorrhea (lack of menstruation) and cannot conceive a child for a long time.

#5. Polycystic ovary syndrome

The polycystic ovary syndrome is a hormonal disorder that affects between 6 and 10% of women.

The symptoms often begin at the beginning of the menstrual cycle, but sometimes they appear in their twenties or thirties.

PCOS is characterized by an unusual increase in the production of androgens (male hormones) in the ovaries, which disrupts egg production.

Instead of being released at the time of ovulation, the eggs turn into cysts, small pockets filled with fluid.

These cysts accumulate in the ovaries and sometimes increase in volume. The rules are then infrequent or absent.

#6. A change in life

When you move, change work schedules, get up earlier or later, your body needs to adapt.

Again, the stress comes in, as well as changing your internal clock. You cannot have your period for a month.

As soon as your body adapts to your new lifestyle, everything should be in order.

#7. Early menopause

For 1 in 100 women, early menopause or ovarian failure occurs before the age of 40. It is manifested by a stop of the rules.

It is due to premature depletion of the ovaries. In 80% of cases, the origin of early menopause is unknown.

But it can also be:

  • Autoimmune (the ovaries are destroyed by antibodies)
  • Viral (as a result of an infection that has affected the ovaries)
  • Genetics (family cases, genetic disease)
  • Toxic (following the taking of certain drugs received for example during a chemo)

#8. Stress acts on the body

If you are under intense stress, you risk functional hypothalamic amenorrhea.

It is when in a part of your brain hormones that regulate your rules do not work well anymore. The menstrual cycle is disrupted and your periods are delayed.

Stress has a real impact on the body and therefore on the menstrual cycle.


Is a delay in the period normal after your first sexual relationship with the condom?

One of the most memorable events in the life of every girl is the first sexual experience because it provokes not only new bright emotions and impressions but also causes changes in the nervous system, physiology, and functioning of the genitals. Most often there is a delay of menstruation after the first time and a change in their nature. The reasons for such changes may be different, therefore, they require careful observation in order to prevent possible complications.

>> Do not panic right away when you have a late period and when in doubt, always consult a doctor!

You had sex and you think you’re pregnant but you’re not sure? In short, the uncertainty persists? Only one way to know if you’re pregnant or not: do a pregnancy test urine or blood.

What are these tests and when to practice them?

It is a question of measuring the amount of beta-HGH hormones contained in blood, urine or saliva. In principle, it is better to wait ten days after the first delay found in your rules. Practiced too soon, the result is not reliable.

The blood test: There are two types, the qualitative, simple, or quantitative that will accurately measure the hormone levels and estimate the date of fertilization. It is performed in the laboratory and is by far the most reliable and the cheapest. You can do a blood test with your gynecologist, a doctor in a family planning center, or in a medical testing laboratory.

The urine test: these are the tests sold in pharmacies. They come in the form of sticks or cards that contain antibodies reacting in the presence of the hormone HCG. Depending on the color taken by the stick or the card, you will know if you are, yes or no, pregnant. Pregnancy tests are freely available in pharmacy, family planning center or supermarket.

Salivary test : still little practiced, it detects the hormone beta-hCG in saliva. However, this test has not yet received authorization to be sold in pharmacies, only available via the WEB.

The urine test will give you the first indication of a possible pregnancy. You will be able to perform a blood pregnancy test that will allow you to have a 100% reliable result.

If you test is negative then, no need to worry at all. Sometime your period can be delayed by 1 week to 4 weeks from the actual date of periods.

What if you got the positive result of these all tests?

Cheers! That you are pregnant…

In Case, if you don’t wish to have this and want to period just right away then you have to consult a doctor or take abortion pills.


What Are The Abortion Pills Or Period Pills?

These are the pills which open your uterus and bring your period within 24 to 48 hours. There are several brands which are making these all pills which might be available over the counter as well as online stores. The availability of the pills of the counter or online may depend on your current living location.

The ingredients of the pills are mifepristone and misoprostol which you may take. Although Mifepristone is taken at night and then from next morning you need to take misoprostol after every 6 or 12 hours until you got your period. But we strongly recommend you to consult a doctor because pills and doses may vary according to the person and situation.


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