SizeGenetics Reviews: Here’s my results [With Pics] after 6 months!

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My SizeGenetics Review: I Achieved Almost 2 Inches In Less Than 6 Months!

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I’ve been using the SizeGenetics penis extender for a full 6 months!Now I’m sharing my personal SizeGenetics review results documented with my before and after pictures through this blog.

Hi, I am Iyaan Awang From Malaysia. I’m a consumer of SizeGenetics Extender and today I want to reveal everything. I want to share my 6 months SizeGenetics results with before and after pics to my readers. A number of people are interested and want to know the credibility of SizeGenetics.

So here it is…

disclaimer icon Disclaimer: This SizeGenetics review is my personal experience. This penis stretcher device or my experience is NOT intended to cure or treat any medical problem or an adequate substitute for medical advice from a medical doctor. So it is advised, do not use this device in order to treat or self-diagnose any health related issue. SizeGenetics is only meant to be used by healthy adult males.



Now, let’s start the review…


Welcome to My Personal SizeGenetics Review

I never thought I’d be writing about my personal reviews on SizeGenetics or even sharing pics of my penis on the Internet but that’s exactly what I’ll be doing in this post.

So many times I’ve been called reluctant and I remained at distance from girls. I found it embarrassing to call some girl for a night stay. You may think that this used to happen because I was shy in nature.

But that’s not the truth. Actually from the beginning I always wanted to be cheerful and a partying guy with many female friends who would love me.

I avoided to be in bed with a women because I feared of their thoughts about my penis size of 4 inches.

The thought of this discomfiture made me recoil back and avoid getting involve with the opposite gender whom I felt so attracted.

At an age of 22, it was giving me nightmares. These thoughts haunted me so much that I had zero social life and I became a lone wolf. No pleasure, no real entertainment and no life.

In simple words, I didn’t know what life meant. Some people say that size does not matter whereas some say IT REALLY DOES! Seriously mark my words, size matters a lot!

As I mentioned earlier, at the age of 22 I had ceased all my outings and social activity completely. I was getting overwhelmed with loneliness, isolation and sadness.

Just think of a man in his twenties who is full of youth and energies. What if he is on his own and working even on weekends instead of enjoying an exciting, pleasant and colourful weekend with his pretty women or girlfriend?

Just because of the size of his penis? And that man felt really ashamed to spend some lovely time with a women? Oh that’s really painful.

I’ve never been happy with the size of my penis. Surgery was an option but I just couldn’t afford it.

And to be honest I heard that surgery is very risky and I also read about many suffers of surgery awaking and complaining about the effects of surgery.

So even if I could afford it I’m not sure I would take the risk. Hence the decision about surgery was a clear No!I had almost accepted defeat and was about ready to call it quits but then I read a post about the SizeGenetics device on a website.

 I had almost accepted defeat and was about ready to call it quits but then I read a post about the SizeGenetics device on a website. 


And what’s that? Let’s know…


SizeGenetics Experimental Study

I kept on searching and one day I found a website with an article about a research called “Tractive Elongation of the Penis by Means of Stretching”.

This experiment was conducted in the year 1998. 18 men participated in this research and their age were between 23 and 47. The research made these volunteers wear a device.

This device stretched out the penis for long time periods.

The experiment lasted for 24 weeks and within this time period, the subjects regularly wore the device for 12 hours a day.

After the given time period, each one noticed an increase in their penis size.

The average increase in size reported was 0.75 inch flaccid and 1.1 inches erection length.

The results that came out after this research proved that the stretching of the penis over long periods of time results in permanent increase in length.[Source…]

Sounds really great! But the question is how?

Actually this process works similarly like bodybuilding. Initially the stretching causes the muscles to create small tears.

Later they are healed and body remains pitched for a long time.

In the same manner stretching of penis also causes the tissue to create micro tears. Natural healing process begins and these tears are tuned by multiplying of living cells.

In medical terms this multiplication of cells is known as cell division and it mainly occurs in almost every tissue, every organ of the human body.

This was the data about the whole experiment and the author of the article recommended SizeGenetics.

According to the article, this is the stretching device and a modified version of the original device used in the experiment. The more you know, the more it’s better.

Therefore I spent some more time searching for this method. I also went through many other articles and SizeGenetics customer reviews from people all over the world.

Most of them had experienced great results and were satisfied with the product.

After a lot of research I decided to buy this product. And then I ordered SizeGenetics Ultimate System from its official website. Now I am writing this SizeGenetics reviews.

And to publish my story, I was looking for some of the best penis enlargement blog list or a review website.

The one I found the most suitable was with lots of information stuffed on natural penis enlargement, male enhancement supplement, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

So I wrote an email to its team to publish my own experienced SizeGenetics results.


my sizegenetics reviews


After lots of follow-up emails, I got the confirmation regarding the request I sent via mail.

Thanks MaleX Pills! The role you played in making my story live was significant.

So let’s start…



SizeGenetics Delivery and First Impressions


SizeGenetics Ultimate System


SizeGenetics got delivered to my house through a professional courier service in a complete anonymous box which was completely plain.

The box felt a little heavier than I expected, but since I got the SizeGenetics Ultimate System I knew that all the bonuses inside were going to add up a little bit of weight.

The package I got doesn’t say anywhere that it’s a penis extender. The only details you can read on top of the package are: your name and your shipping address.

In fact, there’s a little invoice stuck on top of the box and when I opened it I was expecting to find the word “penis extender” inside it. But surprisingly instead the invoice said: “Training Equipment”, that’s it.


Using the SizeGenetics Penis Extender

SizeGenetics Traction Device

Well, I started off with the device at first it looked a little tricky but I managed to wear it and went through easily in no time. The appearance was not an issue.

Even if you were wearing a tight pant or trousers, still no one would know that you were wearing some device under your pants.

This penis extender is well designed and sturdy and I’m sure it will last long.

From the very first day I make sure to use this device as recommended. No excuses, no laziness; and I used it routinely for 6 months. I was very much excited about the results during this time period.

I knew that SizeGenetics was delivered to me with a long 6 month money back guarantee.

If I do not get desired results, I can get a full money-refund from the manufacturers and they’ll not even take back the device.

So putting all my faith in SizeGenetics penis stretcher I ensured regular use over the recommended time periods.

Initially the goal was to gain at least more than an inch.

So, let’s see how much I gained in these 6 months using SizeGenetics.

Here I want to mention that my initial penis length was about 4 inches.


order sizegenetics from officials


My SizeGenetics Results after 6 Months

SizeGenetics really surprised me with the results. One of the things I liked the most about it is its comfort and adaptability especially when compared with other extenders.

For the past 6 months I’ve been using this device and have been keeping my figures crossed and hoping for the best.

Well I think I got what I wanted… see my results here.


After 1 Month [4 Weeks]

Measuring the penis length daily or weekly was a stupid act.

Therefore, I decided to see the SizeGenetics gains at least after 1 month. After one month I couldn’t see an appreciable increase in the length and girth of the penis.

I convinced myself thinking that it was just the start.

After 3 Months [12 Weeks]

It happens so many times that you start a program and do not get results after a few days. In such case people get disappointed and quit. But I wasn’t one of them.

Many people may have concluded the same about this product. In my opinion they should really stick to the device before any conclusions. After 3 months I noticed that I had increased my length from 4 inches to 4.9 inches.

This was comforting. Finally SizeGenetics started delivering amazing results. I was quite excited now and my inner self was pumping me to continue using this device.

The increase was nearly an inch. Wow! If you do remember, that one inch increase was achieved back in 1998 when the experiment of penis extender device was conducted.

And the time period was 6 months. But you know what, I got this much increase in penis length in the half time. You may guess what I felt with the results in these 3 months. Yeah I was hell excited and dreaming of the cheerful life waiting for me ahead.

My confidence was again being boosted and now I could feel the real sense of manhood ready to lure himself in the beautiful and glamorous side of life.

After 6 Months [24 Weeks]

Enchanted and boosted with the new meaning of confidence in myself, 6 months of time didn’t feel at all. These 6 months flew like a flash and at the end I was standing completely amazed by the imagination of myself standing as a man with no fear or complexes.

From the 4 inches in the beginning, this ride increased my penis length to 5.9 inches! That’s really a huge difference. My desire of having a long penis made the 24 weeks’ time period a blessed one.

Not only had it gifted me with the opportunity to achieve my youthful desires but also rewarded confidence and sense of manhood.

Trust me, the SizeGenetics results takes you to the moons you never experienced, when you’ve been so small for the entire life.

Summing up my results, I started with 4 inches and ended up with 5.9 inches and that also within just 6 months. For me it feels like my perception about life has been revolutionized.


  • My penis girth has also increased noticeably.
  • I’ve no issues in erections as they have become much harder at the times.
  • I’m enjoying the company of many girls and never get complains regarding my size.
  • My confidence is now what I always wanted of once.
  • The control over premature ejaculation is now much better.

I am very impressed and satisfied by SizeGenetics Results. It has delivered much better results than I expected. If you’re looking for a way to increase your penis length and increase your bedroom confidence, I would surely recommend this penis extender device to you.

Instead of using male enhancement supplement bearing loads of side effects, this is the best and safest way to increase the length and girth of your penis.

You can order this device from their official site:


My Final Verdict on SizeGenetics

You now know that there’s no need to give up very soon. Be patient and wait for the right time. If you stick to the device and wait for the results, this effort will be worth it.

Personally I’ve decided to try this penis extender device for another 6 months.

This device is worth trying and I think I can gain up to 7 inches easily. This is my perception because it really works. If I achieve this much I will be the happiest man on Earth, really!

I will surely update you guys in future about my SizeGenetics results. After 6 months I’ll be sharing the rest of my story with you and I am sure you’ll be surprised to know that I get what I desired for.

Let’s hope for the best.

My recommendation about the SizeGenetics

I think now it’s clear to you whether you should buy this device or not. I highly recommend this device to all the readers who are concerned about their penis length.

Put your faith and stick with this penis extender device for 6 months. I can bet that you’ll see the SizeGenetics results permanent yourself.



SizeGenetics Reviews: Here’s my results [With Pics] after 6 months!
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