6 Things Women Want in Bed But Will Never Tell You

women's secret

Fantasies, positions, foreplay, secrets of women finally revealed!

Since the evolution of humanity, men have worked their brains to understand the fair sex.

Decoding women and their thoughts are one of the greatest indeed mysteries of all time. In addition, when it comes to what women want in bed, the discussion becomes all the more unexplainable.

So, let us help and talk to you guys about a few things that most women want in bed, but will never tell you. Well, maybe she’s too shy or she just wants to help you understand them better. Just dive into the blog!


6 Things Women Want in Bed – Men’s Must Read

#1. Compliments during love, she finds it exciting!

Compliments during love

She wants to know during this precise moment what she makes you feel concrete. And wait for you to express it in the form of words.

For example,

You drive me crazy!
You are too good!
I love when you do this to me,
I especially like your lips, your breasts …

The compliments allow her to be at ease. After doing the first good thing “say awesome things about her!”,
Prerequisites are very important for women. It increases their pleasure and raises their senses. Well, if you go for that, think beyond the obvious. Giving your full attention to these unexplored areas of his body, such as her neck, behind his ears or ankles.

#2: Surprise her With Good Things

Surprise her

All women like to be surprised, not only in everyday life but also in bed. If you are in the habit of making love all the time at the same time, place and position, you are assured that bringing a little change will be a great pleasure. If you are forced to plan everything you will do to him, it loses some of his interest and especially its effect and intensity.

Sometimes doing it quickly and spontaneously in an unexpected place or at an unusual time can be absolutely exciting for both of you. While sometimes she may want you to take your time, at other times some unexpected sex is exactly what you need.

Do you want her suddenly, while you’re having dinner or lunch?

Break up everything, kiss it and stroke it. Or, make love to her directly on the couch or vanity in the bathroom, if that’s where you are! And finally, if a new position comes to mind while you’re in action, why not try it, or at least offer it to try? A man who knows how to get a girl out of the routine and who is able to take it by surprise, the girls ask for it!

#3: Dominate While Having Sex

Dominate While Having Sex

Tenderness is good… The affection too!

Except that sometimes, women literally want to give you their body so that you take control. And really, there are a million ways to do it.

Every woman loves to be pampered. Well, if you do not know that, then you definitely need our help. The best thing you can do for her in bed is to make her feel special. You must not only take care of her physically but also emotionally. A woman likes to feel sensually caressed by her man. When in bed, you have to congratulate or do something special for her. You should praise her beauty, her nature and the way she makes you feel.

You are simply told to make a man of you, to make her understand that it’s a moment of a few minutes, it is you who decide and it is you who have the control. It’s a winning formula, almost every time.

#4. Make it Wild

Make it Wild

About half of the women surveyed use porn during foreplay or sexual intercourse. And among those who have not tried, 74% say they are ready to do it. “Porn is the psychological equivalent of using a vibrator”.

In addition, according to a research, watching porn together can improve your relationship. One in four women surveyed said it helped her in her sex life.

Addressing the subject makes you feel uncomfortable. Do not use the word “porn”. You can say like “Do you want to look at something nice and sexy?

#5. Take your time

Take your time

It is you who are always in a hurry. Be a little romantic. Add tenderness. Let the temperature rise gradually. Act expertly and not like a rooster.

Just like men, women also love when things are done quickly and spontaneously! But each situation has a different attitude and the quick shot is not necessarily the answer every time. Sometimes you have all night in front of you, so why hurry?

Undress her gently, take the time to explore each and every patch of her skin. No need to hurry and get down to business without conditioning. It may leave her unsatisfied and make her believe that you are not thinking of anyone but yourself. So take more time and let the temperature rise slowly.

#6. The Merit of a Big Penis

penile size matters to women

Have you ever been concerned about the size of the glans or penis?

“Women’s satisfying dick” is a matter that many men would like to worry about.

There are many merits in sex with ladies if the penis is large. It can expand the vagina and push up the uterus, so the pleasure is many times different. It also leads to confidence as a man.

If you really want to enlarge your penis … an enlarged penis, the male enhancement supplement that works or exercises are essential.


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