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Healthy Vagina

Nowadays everyone seems to be talking about vaginas, from gossip columnists to celebrities and everyone in between.

Keeping your vagina clean and healthy is essential. All women should be concerned about their vaginal health.

But do you know…

What necessary steps you should take to keep your vagina healthy? In this blog, you’ll learn about 8 essential tips to make your vagina happy and healthy.

So, continue reading… 


#1: Maintain a Healthy Diet 

YES, following a nutritious, balanced diet and drinking plenty of water are essential for both reproductive and vaginal health.

In fact, there’re some great fruits that are considered to be effective in treating vaginal health problems. Foods like yogurt can potentially help in the vaginal treatment and prevent yeast infections. It’s highly rich in probiotics, especially when it’s plain Greek yogurt.

So if a woman is suffering from yeast infections, eating plain Greek yogurt every day can be very helpful.

According to research published in July 2012 in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine, if you’re prone to urinary tract infections, it may be helpful to take a cranberry supplement daily.


#2: Do Not Shave Your Pubes

It’s ok to remove hair or do a bit trimming of your lower part of the abdomen along your swimsuit line.

Well, it’s not rowdy – although you should grow it however you want! But you are suggested to keep your pubic hair. There’re many reasons behind this…

Pubic hair protects your vagina from extra bacteria, and it also reduces sweating or friction-related issues.

Also, less hair removal means less desire, as the hair grows back with fewer scrapes, cuts, and ingrown hairs. Try to use natural shaving gels and creams, if you really want to shave or landscape your pubic hair.

There’re a number of vegan shaving creams available in the market that are fantastic for trimming up down there.


#3: Use Lubricant

Using lube in your vagina instead of petroleum jelly is an essential part of intercourse. Without it, the vagina skin can become chafed and irritated.

Usually, vaginal lubrication naturally occurs in women during arousal however some women fail to produce enough natural lubricants.

In this case, they are suggested to use an artificial lubricant to enhance pleasure and to reduce friction.

According to a health expert, if you’re trying to get pregnant, certain lubes can delay the sperm release and make it difficult to conceive.

In this instance, you’re recommended to use a pH-balanced product.

However, if you’re not trying to get pregnant, oil-based, water-based and silicone-based lubricants are fine, depending on your needs.

And in case you require a small amount of lubricant, then water-based is great. Consider using oil-based or silicone-based, if you’re experiencing more dryness.

One thing you should keep in mind that, do not use an oil-based lubricant if an oil-based lubricant, as it may cause the latex in condoms to break down.

Another main thing, never put baby oil or petroleum jelly inside your vagina as it may cause infection.


#4: Use Sex Toys

Do you often wonder how the heck sex toys work? Well, you’re not alone. Research suggests that not all sex toys are safe for whom they have been designed for, instead, they take unnecessary space in a drawer. The sex toys manufactured from certain materials are safe. Some of them include…

  • Silicone
  • Stone
  • Stainless steel
  • Ceramic
  • A type of plastic called ABS
  • Glass
  • Wood

According to sexual health experts, sex toys need to be medically proven and pure – or even made from food-grade materials.

Generally, you want to avoid buying sex toys online. Since it’s a bit difficult to find out what these adult/sex toys are made of and make sure they weren’t used before. That’s said, there’re a lot of brands or organizations from where you can buy sex toys.


#5: Do Safer Sex

One of the easiest and best things you can do to keep your vagina happy and healthy is to practice safer sex. Here I’ve mentioned few tips to staying safe:

  • Use protection during sexual intercourse. This could be a glove, a dental dam, or condom. Don’t get confused, it’s not rocket science. You already know how to do it, so just go for it.
  • Get regularly tested for STIs (sexually transmitted infections). After you exchange genital fluids with your partner, you should get tested on a regular basis.
  • Before using a condom, make sure you check its ingredients. There’re a number of brands that are made with spermicides. Spermicides are a kind of different creams, films, foams, gels that aren’t very healthy for the vagina as they can kill good bacteria in women’s vagina. Women can use other forms of birth control pills to make their vagina healthy and happy.
  • Take care of the activities you do during sex. Going from butt to vaginal play can increase the chances of getting an infection, like UTIs (urinary tract infections) which is really painful. So if anal sex or anal intercourse is your thing, just make sure that you do it after vaginal sex, not before.


#6: Use Condom While Sex

This should be a no-brainer, but according to the sexual health experts, using a condom is the only effective way to protect women against STIs (sexually transmitted diseases).

Moreover, according to a 2013 study in the journal PLoS One, the use of condoms while sex can also help keep your vagina’s pH level steady, and in this way, it helps keep all the good bacteria in a healthy level.

That’s essential because those little bacteria help prevent bacterial vaginosis, UTIs and yeast infections.


#7: Stay Dry

For a happy and healthy vagina, you need to keep it clean and dry. This is because what you wear can affect that. Certain types of tight-fitting clothes or fabrics moist conditions in which the infection occurs.

Therefore, women are suggested to wear breathable cotton underwear. However, change out sweaty workout clothes and wet swimsuits as quickly as possible if you’re prone to yeast infections.

The sexual health experts suggest taking two pairs of underwear every day especially when you go to work or school so that you can change your underwear.

This you have to do when you experience a lot of discharge and dampness during the day. Changing underwear will help prevent infection and make you feel more comfortable.


#8: Treat Vaginal Infections 

There are three types of vaginal infections which are very common: trichomoniasis, yeast infection and bacterial vaginosis.

According to a famous sexual health expert, if you’re susceptible to these infections and you recognize the symptoms, then it’s absolutely fine to self-treat with over-the-counter medication.

But, if the symptoms are still there, then you need to consult your doctor as soon as possible.

While yeast is considered to be a fungal infection, as per medical science, bacterial vaginosis is set off by bacterial overgrowth in the vagina. In addition, Trichomoniasis is an infection basically caused by a parasite and is sexually transmitted.

Treating these vaginal infections is essential as it can lead to painful, unpleasant and serious reproductive health problems. One thing you should keep in mind that if you already have a vaginal infection and are exposed to HIV, you’re more likely prone to becoming infected.

According to recent studies, women who suffer from poor diabetes or are infected with HIV can experience yeast infections.

So if you’re experiencing numerous yeast infections, you’re suggested to consult your doctor and make sure there’s nothing more worrisome going on


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